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Judith Miller
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Let us face up to reality. In a year or two or five Iran will have a deliverable nuclear weapon. They will use it on Israel. The problem will be moot.
Great reporting. Just one critique: instead of writing about the "62 year-old conflict", it would be more appropriate and more faithful to history to talk about the "90 year-old conflict."

Then, everyone would understand what the real goals of the so-called "Palestinians" are and, most importantly, what the legal rights of Israel are since they were recognized in international law in 1920 at the Conference of San Remo (
This article summarises the situation
The Arab states through the so called PA have not & will not recognise the State of Israel.They went to war in 1947 to prevent Israel being established.They want it dead .
They will do anything not to recognise Israel,so there will never be peace.Every other argument is superfelous -do this do that for PEACE.In a peacful situation the Middle East would outstrip China & India in 20years.
Interesting ideas and proposals that Miller has rounded up as possibilities - if not probabilities. Israel's number one concern is the integrity of its borders and the safety of its citizens. Of course, it's also dependent on the military support of the USA. I look forward to Obama's being out of office & out of the picture - he's the biggest impediment to peace bec. he is so damn weak! We need a very pro-Israeli POTUS who, like Teddy Roosevelt once famously said, "Walk softly but carry a big stick!" We need someone at OUR helm who inspires confidence in ALL parties to the peace talks - not as a "war hawk," but someone very serious about protecting Israel but not abandonning the Arabs (or, "the Palestinians," as they've called themselves since that oily, rotten character Arafat started the whole terrorist-inspired war footing for the hapless Arabs - who have definitely believed their own publicity for way too long!).

What happen to the "Roadmap to Peace" that President Bush and the Republicans said would solve the issus between the two sides?
To solve the enigma, Oh! Oracle, what must we do?

Annex! Transfer! And be done with it.
The Palestinians are too dumb to realize that a Middle East Peace would benefit them dramatically but give Israel very little....except peace. However, continued conflict allows the arab leaders to stuff their swiss bank accounts. We should just abandon the make believe country of Palestine.
Israel paid ransom for the release of Ethiopean Jews many years back. Why not offer Syria, Lebanon, Eqypt and Jordan money to accept Palestinians from the 'territories' and abandon the idea of a Palestinian state that will inevitably fail?
Mr. Wilson, the simple and obvious fact that Ms. Miller is writing for City is DUE to her having been fired from that liberal rag, the NYT. How can you exercise such a lapse of logic to be shocked and indignant to find her incisive, exacting and factually well-grounded point of view on this site?

And I see you have a blind eye toward the rockets and suicide bombers who have plagued Israel recently, not to mention the 3 front wars Israel has had to fight during her history, all successfully. Nothing indiscriminate about Hamas' or Fatah's assaults, or those of any other Arab nation in the Middle East, now, is there?

For you to disassociate yourself from Netanyahu's policies demonstrates a remarkable suspension of consideration of what Israel faces, being surrounded as she is by, gratefully, an internecine force of millions so far too confused about their own "theology" and too busy killing each other to really step up to the plate and wipe out Israel.

Just the way God planned it. Sweet, isn't it?
Why do you have someone like this writing on your staff? Don't you understand that the stakes are escalating and that Israel is now alienating both European and American support?

Judy Miller was fired from NYT for being a hired gun for Cheyney and now she is just another voice for Marty Peretz at the New Republic.

I understand the escalating Palestinian population problem for Israel, but the indiscriminate use of military force as in the bombings of schools and hospitals in both Lebanon and Gaza is revolting to many otherwise sympathetic people.

For America to be tied to the policies of Netanyahu is a dreadfully unrewarding choice for our country. Does Israel have no further vision of the future than this short-sighted bullying notion that "We will devastate your people in return,"?
There is no permanent peace to be had with Muslims. They cannot be trusted because their holy book, the Koran, tells them to lie to gain advantage. They lie to one another. They lie about one another. The only way that there is peace for a time is for the Muslims to be scared to death of what might happen to them if they attacked. Look at how Saddam Hussein kept the peace.
What then is the cause of this failure? Bibi says Jerusalem is not a settlement. True. But then go back to the original declaration of the UN which gave the go ahead for two states. Jerusalem was to be an international city, the not the capital of one or the other new states that would come to exist.
How refreshing to see an honest appraisal of the Arab - Israeli impasse in print.

Most major media, in defiance of reality, seem so stuck on demonizing Israel for creating 'obstacles to peace' by building in its own capital, that one wonders what their true motive is in their reporting on the subject.