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Andrew Klavan
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WONDERFUL article!
An absurd article, concluded with appropriate childish name calling.

Good luck America, you need it.
Mr. Klavan has nailed it. I couldn't agree more.
Well said, sir.

'Tit' is just the phonetic spelling.
What people seem to forget is that in 2004 it was the Democrats who could not win an election, and that was how things had been since 1994. Starting in 2004, the combination of: (1) bad news in Iraq (2) a Bush presidency that through Karl Rove made a just plain stupid decision not to defend its policies, and (3) alienation by Bush of its own base through decisions like supporting amnesty legislation on immigration, (4) not fighting establishment Republicans on spending, that completely turned off the American public to Republicans. However, all of the foregoing were inconsequential in comparison to what really changed things, which was a media that threw off it ever thinner patina of objectivity and pounded away at Bush, starting with Katrina (and the media's lies and distortions on Katrina was a reaction to Republican ever successful post election efforts to African Americans to the party, another untold story - I recall seeing some Republican successes in attracting blacks and wondering what the Democrats would do in response - it didn't take long for Democrats to cynically take advantage of a national disaster in order to beat back Republicans). So, despite an economy that maintained something close to full employment, the media was able to paint a terrible picture of Republicans in general and Bush in particular. (Remember Bush derangement syndrome?). Republicans are still blind to the changes in the media, where there is now a revolving door between the traditional press and the Democrat party. Why did Sarah Palin feel the need to be interviewed by Katie Couric? Why are Republican politicians still agreeing to talk to the New York Times? And why will Republicans still agree to fund public broadcasting which is and always has been a mouthpiece for Democrats? It is a story that has yet to be told, the full picture of media bias and how it has changed politics and the culture over the last 75 years. It was the game changer in the years 2004 to present, and it gets no attention at all - to the delight of the national media which to this day attempts to maintain its phony patina of objectivity.
Andrew, you forgot to add self-serving, self-involved, and self-sanctifying to your list of adjectives describing the elitists.
Wonderful piece, with the last sentence being the best line I've seen written yet about the election and changing and growing mindset of the country. Thank you.
Science = global cooling/errr... global warming/errr... AWG/errr... climate change. Patently obvious fax = Obama birth certificate(s). Truth = whatever, man. Sum total: Demagoguery.
Awesome piece! Thank you!
Reaganite Republican November 04, 2010 at 10:55 AM
The squabbling Dems blaming each other for the debacle don't seem to be on board with Obama, Kerry, and Clinton… who all said there must be something wrong with the idiot voters, not Dear Leader or his visionary guidance

Great post Andrew… Linked at RR:
Well said, Andrew. I am well over my seventh decade and I don't think I have ever heard the voting public or the public in general, insulted as often and as appallingly as the Democrats have done lately. Where did they ever get the idea they were so superior to the people who pay their salary? We are a lot smarter that they give us credit and maybe they will see that as the wave of real change washes over them.
"It’s possible that the best-informed populace in history has risen up in a truly spontaneous grassroots movement deeply connected to the nation’s founding principles and prudently given the heave-ho to a bunch of spendthrift, incompetent, supercilious, and self-deceived buffoons..."

Hey Klaven, just wait an election cycle or two. The exact same words apply will apply to the righties.
Just remember it almost certainly is "the economy stupid", don't get too comfortable/triumphalist.
Oh man Love the article, write more!

Bravo! I am a Latino retired prison social worker who was raised and educated in L.A.. I am a proud "unofficial" member of the Tea Party and know a little about California from my friends and relatives who live there.

I get a hurtful laugh when I see how Democrats (liberals) see the world in kumbaya terms from ivory towers.

I have three college degrees and "know" that many educated people don't have the wisdom of many common citizens. Andrew Klavan, your last paragraph hits the nail on the head!

Andrew this article is exactly why you are so loved - you say what millions of us are thinking Captain Clueless and his crew of numb-nuts have never lived in the real world and think we are all so dumb that we would believe their talking points - this is why they really want to control the Internet. Some one once said to me it is hard to fight the "Machine - they have been building it for years" I said it is easier to take a machine apart using simple tools no matter how complex the Machine than ever building it.
.. spendthrift, incompetent, supercilious and self-deceived .." Classic! I knew after the 2008 election that Dems would overreach. It is in their political DNA to extend the reach of government into my life. Never dreamed they would do it in such a clumsy and heavy-handed way that would demonstrate their disregard for the traditions of the American political culture.
Love that last para. Ouch.
This is the age of communication. Why doth the heathen rage? When these revisionist statists deny the existence of absolute truth they put themselves in the place of God. The truth can only be what they say it is and they don't think there is anyone to hold them accountable. We won this battle and yet they continue to rage and lie and try to deceive. But now they have become so transparent. They are incapable of speaking the truth. They have no choice but to lie - no other option. They forsook the truth long ago and can't turn back. They have become a pathetic spectacle - every one.
I hope you are right about your last sentence and the spontaneous grassroots movement. I am not so sure though. It seems like we've been through this many times before.
Exit polling suggests that the Democratic Party has lost the working class vote, the middle class vote, and the "rich" vote. It does not have any message for har-workin people besides class warfare ("tax cuts for the rich caused the recession"). What happened in 2008 was not an embrace of the Democrats, but a realization that McCain/Palin were not up to the job. The challenge for the Republicans in2012 is to nominate something more credible than an angry old man and a mama grizzly. How about Portman/Daniels, or Barbour/Christie?