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Judith Miller
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I think that the bombers and killers are not misguided Muslims, but are acting upon a literal interpretation of their faith.
It is hard to conceive of a person or group that will use explosives borne by friends and relatives to kill mostly innocent people to advance their ideas, and do it in the name of a religion that is supposedly peaceful. They have a different idea of God than the normal God fearing person has. There is no way to subdue these people other than eradicating them from the face of the earth and it needs to be done by their own people with our help, not by us with their help.
I forgot to mention in my earlier post, that as an admitted Islamophobe created by Islamic terrorists, I am afraid that many of our American liberties will be taken from us under the real and actual realities of terrorists' acts on American soil. This is already evident in some measures (airports). My biggest fear is that our "so-called" President is a covert Muslim... I can't help it.... it id just an "irrational" gut feeling.
As a nominal Christian (baptized Catholic who rarely attends church) Islam scares me. I do NOT trust anyone who is a Muslim because many of them hide their nefarious intentions by presenting themselves as innocuous or even "good" citizens... until they get orders to act as ordered. How can one trust a Muslim? Yeah, I've got a case of Islamophobia. It is a natural outcome of chronic Islamic terrorism.
Thanks for this frank, compelling condemnation of Islamic Extremists. We are indeed losing focus on this determined and very long term threat.
In her line, "Defeating them will require imagination, creativity, and above all, staying power—from Republican and Democratic legislatures alike," Ms Miller failed to add the most important word, RESOLVE. A decision to act.
"Earlier in the day in neighboring Turkey, a suicide bomber killed himself and wounded 32 people as he boarded a bus in the busiest square in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey’s commercial capital." Some factual corrections: the bomber didn't board the bus, but tried to. It was a police bus used to transport riot police. The riot police are always positioned at a side of the square where the bus parks. It was a Sunday morning, the one time when the square is almost deserted. It can be concluded that this was a criminal attack against the police, a crime that directly endangered the general public, including guests at the many tourist hotels surrounding the square.
I think everyone in the President's cabinet, his so called "czars", and the congress need to read this. Maybe they would get their priorities in order! Very frightening.
Excellent. Judith point is very well taken. Consider where your candidate stands on national security. It will be very important in the coming years.