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John P. Avlon
A Pension in Every Pot « Back to Story

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It would seem to me that with only 40,878 registrations, presumably spread very thinly around the state, the WFP is ripe for a hostile takeover. If enough registrations can be obtained by individuals who have a completely different concept of "Working Families", party primaries can be forced at the local, legislative, and congressional levels. The resulting electoral and legal warfare would then be quite amusing.
In the short run , these sorts of organizations are a problem ,but over the longer term they are a boon . They ally themselves with the AFSCME and SEIU agenda ,whose constituents represent less than 10% of the taxpayers/electorate . As the unsustainable costs of government labor becomes better known , helped by a state bankruptcy ( Cal. Ill. or NJ ), they are on path to political annihilation . The war on the public sector unions and their political enablers will be the defining issue of the next decade and the numbers are spectacularly against the unions and Big Government .
Hasn't the Right been manipulating US political funding rules for years? Isn't this just the Left doing the same thing? Wouldn't a better stance for this journal be to campaign against the corrosive influence of money on the US polity?
Great, just what New York doesn't need. Yet another good reason to ban unions in public employment.

These folks need a few lessons in how Wealth is Created 101, and Economic Reality 101. New York is already going bankrupt, upstate NY has been in a seemingly permanent recession for decades, and NYC is hardly the place to start let alone run a business. And these jokers don't think they have gone far enough already?

Don't they realize that the entire population cannot work for the government? Because that will be the only choice left after private employers flee the state.

I hope this organization doesn't get too far. Because if you want a pension, you have got to have had a job to get one.