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Conor Friedersdorf
An Innovator in Every Apartment « Back to Story

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It seems your husband is pretty controlling. If mine tried to lay those groundrules with the blaming examples, I would tell him to put them where the sun don't shine.
Lots of teachers may have some the terrible experience of calls during classes. Sometimes it is the teacher often gets a phone call. Then he can't focus on present lesson and leave a passive effect on students. Or sometimes naughty students would make secret phone calls, send messages or even surf the internet during classes. These are all attributed to phones. But is there any equipment can stop their ridiculous behaviors?
Don't worry! GO and buy a cell phone jammer, you will solve all your problems, just like me.
Innovation is the new thinking, new inventions and new described as a conceptual process characteristics. Derived from Latin, it meant three meanings, first, update; Second, create new things; Third, change. Innovation is uniquely human cognitive ability and practice ability, is the human subjectivity of senior forms, is to promote the progress of our nation and an inexhaustible source of social development. A people to want to go in the forefront of The Times, there's not a moment to no theory thinking, there's not a moment to stop theory innovation. Innovation in the economic, business, technology, sociology and architecture of research in the field of these plays a vital component.
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Êàêèå ñëîâà... ñóïåð
Really interesting, Conor!!
Philadelphia always leads the way with printing. Perhaps it is the ghost of Franklin? I dunno, but 25 years ago I was there for Bicennential or shortly thereafter, and wanted to pick up a newspaper -- I like the printed page -- and was stunned, absolutely amazed to be hit with a tax on the Inquirer...and then they wonder why it's just a tourist center these days.
Is salmonella just one of the exciting risks of the information frontier?"

Why is a truck so much more likely to occur salmonella than a brick and, mortar restaurant?
That's an assumption in favor of the bureaucracy.
There is no reason to assume that a truck and, small supporting kitchen are less likely to be kept clean by their entrepreneur owners.
Also, is the health risk more from the type of operation, or the operators themselves?

"Assume that everyone wants to be an active economic participant, rather than a passive patron of established firms."

As an upstart myself, I have recently started making connections with many intelligent and motivated people who match Friedersdorf's description above. Given the recent downturn, we are all looking for ways to be more self sufficient; relying less on the "system" and more on our own smarts and talents.

Sir, thank you for making such a great argument in the public forum.
Agreed its difficult to get the balance right but regulated taxis equal mechanically sound and safe vehicles, drivers who know what they are doing and who have been police checked. App taxis equal just some bloke in a car.

Is salmonella just one of the exciting risks of the information frontier?
As A South African i have learned much from you for application in our own state. Your problems are ubiquitous be assured. You are not alone but by your highlighting them issues such as the ones above about blogging and small business taxes we are able to prepare for our own bureaucracy,. Thank you for lessons learned
Figures: Philadelphia lowered its crime rating by down-grading felonies to misdemeanors. Tax leaches bottom-feed; gorge on the helpless marginal- operators. Just coined this one: The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy. Bartlett's Quotations please note.
"Chasing" me, as in they kept sending tax bills years after I had left the state. Since they were mailing the tax bill to Texas, you'd have thought it would give them a clue. It took a number of phone calls and increasingly nasty letters to get them to back off.
As best I can tell, Pennsylvania allows municipalities to levy the occupation tax, if they choose to do so. Then they determine your "occupation" and they tax you on a fixed schedule. As best as I can tell, it's based on some subjective sense of what they think you can pay.

I did medical training in Pennsylvania. Doctor-in-training or superstar neurosurgeon, you were a "physician" and taxed accordingly. Or, for that matter, a physician not working for some reason, if you were classed as a physician you paid that tax as a physician, all of whom are assumed to be richer than Bill Gates. It's not based on how much money you make, or the gross receipts of your business, just what you call your occupation.

Since most of the country does not play that game, it can be a surprise to many. Fortunately, the director of education at my training institution had seen too many of us, rudely surprised over the years. He was kind enough to warn us about it, and that's how I remembered his explanation of how it worked.

They were quite persistent, too. They kept chasing me for a couple years after I left the state.
Better yet, maybe government needs to find real employment, or, earn the money they rake in by treating the taxpayer with respect, spending tax and "service fee" dollars as carefully as real business owners, and finally, to realize that government is an outgrowth of the public, not vice versa..

HARNESS entrepreneurial ambitions??? You mean like the Brits tried to "harness" the entrepreneurial ambitions of the Indian population before Ghandi brought a little clarity to the situation? Wow, Mr. Friedersdorf, you're a little scary... That's dictator talk..
Nit-picker commenter January 02, 2011 at 9:37 PM
How can you go through that whole line of thought that the city bureaucracy is overly bearing, anti-competitive, possibly corrupt, and sluggish to evolve; and then conclude that city officials should still be making "minimal facilitate transactions."
The LACK of rules are going to be necessary, not something else that a bureaucrat forms in an attempt to "facilitate" transactions.
Reminds me of the faux-small government politicians word choice of "smarter government" instead of the no-compromise choice of "less government."