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Judith Miller
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Regarding the Afghan Coalition
This comment is in response to the Judith Miller Comment Regarding the Afghan Coalition Director Ms. Rona Popal:
Here Kabir adding an additional comment regarding Ms. Rona Popal wrongful activities and conducts among the Afghan American Community.
If Judith Miller review and research the Superior Court file No. HG12659648 titled Kochai VS First AFG Financial Corporation, a California Corp, which Ms. Rona Popal and her husband who is a supervisor in the Alameda Social Service Department are defendants in this case, will discover that Ms. Rona Popal and her husband intentionally, and deliberately not involve in the abuse of elders, but also defrauding the creditors, by hiding their relatives money in their accounts. Which is an issue that the either the Federal Government or the State attorney General take this matter under their investigation.
The fact is that Ms. Rona Popal drove the Afghan American Community to the swamp of Corruption and deprived the Afghan Woman to reach higher positions in here and to prosper.
Therefore, such article to promote Ms. Rona Popal and her corrupt organization, will hurt and harm as well as damage the Afghan American Community members further. Therefore, not only the authorities but the media should take this matter under their serious consideration.
Thank you
The Afghan community as I see is very secretive and they seem as if they are isolated to the Americans. Whenever bad things go down to the Afghan community they won't tell the police of what happened instead they lie to the police so that none of the Afghan families don't go to jail. Most of the Afghan men I know physical abuse their sons and daughters. Their children are afraid to tell their teachers about it because then the parents will end up abusing them even more. Also the Afghans that come from Afghanistan end up bringing their tradition like abusing, strict curfew, and don't mind their own business. I was reading an article that in the Afghan culture whenever an elder says something that is not true the whole families start to believe it even if its a lie.
This piece is a great example of bad writing coupled with a colonial mindset. We do not want to assimilate into the white supremacist mainstream American culture. Whiteness is not a culture, it is a political alliance against culture. We have the benefit of looking at many previous generations of immigrants to America and seeing how their cultures were stripped and duped from them by the idea of becoming American through participating in consumer culture. Our culture has its own gifts, and we would rather keep them. Try to learn from other cultures, not engulf them. With a handful of pure colors, you can paint millions more colors. But if you just mix all the colors together, you will end up with just one dull color.
Afghans throughout America,live their own lives and they don't need someone such as Rona Popal to guid them!she should take care of her own life.I live in California and i mind my own business.I am not member of any community that has incompetent group of individuals.Nor person such as Rona Popal represents Afghans.Wher i live, i work, i go to school, and i dont need anyone to act on my behalf as a so called community,neither i know strange Afghans.i hve been living in Ca for 25 years, and i ve assimiated to American life style and its culture.I think anyone who violates American law and endures terrorists ough to be deployed back to their native land.Traitors are those who collect their welfare checks,living in government housing section, receiving ssi checks, Yet,praying for the worlds most savage minded killers. October 21, 2014 at 7:57 PM
Afghans who labled Afghan linguists as traitors,are groups of people who at the beginning of processing for work,either had criminal backgrounds,didnt speak the language,or they were simply jealous because they didn't get the job.
Nice story. For future reference, Oakland, with a population of more than 400,000, is also in Alameda County.
Ms. Miller,

Did you speak with Melanie Gadener when pursuing info for this article?
U guys commenting are a bunch of racists stereotypical jerks. Afghans are not at all gun loving women hating extremists, were not like achmed the dead terrorist. We are a hard working community who has been at war for the last thirty years. Basing an entire nation off of the basis of a few people is probably the dumbest thing i have heard.
ya way to go connecting afghans to terrorism....real smart
We Americans seem to be hell-bent to let hostile outsiders, be they here legally or illegally, destroy this great nation and all it stands for - freedom, prosperity, peace. We are caving in to every crappy minority that comes to this wonderful land with the sole purpose of taking advantage of us financially or even racially/politically. It is time for Americans to take back our country from all those freeloaders, subversives, and other undesirables.
How exactly does it work that immigrants can come to the US and then receive welfare?

Is citizenship required to receive welfare?

If immigrants do not wish to become Americans and embrace American values, then they ought to stay in whatever country they came from, or find another country to live in. This country works because it is a melting pot.

Europe has shown that multiculturalism does not work.
The problem appears to be the failure of local schools and authorities to insist on acculturation by these immigrants.

In the old days, their previous language and culture would be officially and unofficially discouraged by representatives of the State.

Instead we enourage them to remain what they were and not become something new, Americans.

There is the failure. If they want to be drug dealers, Islamists and Afghan, then they should leave or be removed.
To: Judith Miller
Ms. Miller:
You wrote an article regarding Ms. Rona Popal who drove the Afghan American community to the swamp of corruption, Deprived the Afghan American Community men and women from American prosperity, which the existence of 70,000 Afghans in the Bay Area after living over 27 years yet has failed to produce no more than 3 attorney who are mortgage modifiers, nor more than 5 to 6 Medical Doctors, no more than 100 Engineers, and 90% or more receiving government assistance and living luxuriously, is a crystal clear evidence of Ms. Popal and her type of people who used the community for their personal agenda.
But the sad story is that people like you who for some reason looking for their own 15 second of fame trying to promote these type of people for their own interest prevent the community member voice to be heard concerning the corruption of these individuals.
Of course, when we hear that the white house and the Armed Forces General in Afghanistan states that the Afghanistan Government is Syndicate of criminals and yet still they support such government, you are no exception to such system as well to support Rona Popal type of people as well.
Its sad sad and pity.
The strength of America is its melting pot nature that exists in smaller communities scattered across the USA. The new-immigrants do not want to melt with American culture but instead they choose to create their own microcosm here in the USA. This separation from a society in Diaspora leads to confusion, loss of identity, and eventually psychosis. In order to fix many of these problems more communities need to open their doors to the world’s migrants.
Endless immigration of endless streams of problematic cultures, breaking down our health and welfare system, causeing major headaches for law enforcement, schools ad infinitum. Why don't we just walk through the streets and flail ourselves with machetes and get it over with.
Fremont close to the Altamont Speedway? What? A profound geographic non-sequitur. The Altamont Speedway still exists - it is located between Livermore and Tracy, at least 30 miles and worlds away from Fremont. Although the last official Speedway event was in 2008 (so hardly "long gone"), the current owners are trying to get it going again. The Altamont Speedway is in the middle of a still very rural area - there is nothing around but windmills -- the encroaching Tracy foreclosure villages are still a few miles away. Completely different from the established suburban vibe of Fremont. I'd love to hear how -- why -- anyone who knows Bay Area geography would reference the Altamont Speedway in an article about Fremont.
Afghans, Pakistani, Punjabi and Indians resort to a simple subtefuge to gain entrance into the United States; fraudulent bank accounts. After the immigrant has achied green card status, the money is withdrawn from the bank and a new account is set up for the next would-be immigrant applying for entry. There may be hundreds of these bogus bank accounts around the U.S. I learned of the system from a bright, but too- mouthy Pakistani co-worker, who ended up with my job in a major cutback of security guards where we worked. He stayed on because he hand't yet repaid his air fare from Pakistan. I have been on the dole for two years. A SubVet of WWII, age 84, there are no jobs I can dislodge from these firmly- planted aliens. It is a strange land I am leaving to my descendants.
This is a description of the experience of most refugee communities. You flee in fear of your life, you have unfinished business in your homeland and you end up in a place where, although you may be grateful for the refuge, you do not belong. The vast majority of Afghan refugees in Europe and in the US were subsistence peasant farmers with no experience of, or interest in, the west. Imagine what its like for people from that background finding themselves living in Fremont? These people are stuck, unlike the exiled leadership, they cannot go home because there is nothing to go home to. The younger they are, the worse it is. Its a sign of a humane and civilised nation to offer refuge to victims of war and torture. Its a sign of a smart one to invest heavily in programmes designed to help communities to assimilate themselves.

BTW I have lived and worked in most of the English cities that Leon mentions. I feel neither bitter nor marginalised.
"Some called her an Amreecayee—an American—a term, she writes, 'used to describe sell-outs in Afghan culture.' Many Afghans here also use that term to describe those—traitors, as they see it—who have gone to Afghanistan to serve as translators for the American military." ...

"The problem of 'homegrown' terrorism resulting from radicalization in the U.S. is one that law enforcement officials are increasingly worried about. According to a new study by New York University’s Center on Law and Security, 81 percent of the nearly 1,000 defendants in the 50 most high-profile terrorist plots prosecuted since 9/11 are homegrown Islamic militants. Of those prosecuted this year, more than half are U.S. citizens."

And don't forget to "Celebrate Diversity!"
- - - -
Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime and Eco Sanity.
good story not much mention of afgahyn population in us
You must learn from the bitter lessons we English have had to learn. When the greedy and the irresponsible open doors to evil, it floods in. Of course by then the greedy and the irresponsible are long gone, leaving us with Lutonistan, Bradfordistan, Salfordistan and, of course, Londonistan. We now face the marginalization of our race in our own country. I hope you have the sense to act before it is too late.
Here we have the perfect fruit of neo-con foreign policy : import lots of foreign people to supply an endless supply of clients for the well paid administrators of the welfare state and then say oops
It seems as if everything we Americans get involved with in Central/West Asia has combined into one enormous boomerang causing endless domestic social complications, international entanglements and political mayhem, not mention the obscene growing expense, with a fertile source of anchor-baby terrorism.

Getting rid of Saddam and his poison gases and nuclear research, while very valid at that particular time and with that particular set of circumstances, has had only a short term benefit; and arguably, that benefit is becoming more amorphous as events evolve in that barbaric arena.

Now, we're damned whatever we do. Apparently we've accumulated a restless, unassimilated, unemployable, traumatized, and potentially radical enclave, or "cocoon" as Judith Miller mentions. And, each ethnic group forming subdivisions. Obviously, we mustn't multiply this ferment.

There remains one option open: Severe immigration restrictions have to be enforced. War refugees from Central/West Asia are no longer able to be admitted here, and must be accommodated locally by indigenous organizations, much on the order of post World War II Europe. Then, at least these victims will be on their home grounds.