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Andrew Klavan
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I really enjoyed that.

Thank you, Andrew. Well done.
I don't go for short stories as a general rule but hey, this is Andrew.
I thought it was gripping and now he needs to expand on it and use this as a first chapter.
I know what my ending for this story would be but...
Very good story .
The story had lots of imagery,which made it easy to imagine.
But come on now...
I hate cliffhaangers!
What happenes now?
Had me going there.
Good story, but speaking as a tech-savvy 18 year old, I don't think many people--even in MY demographic--abbreviate their chat language ('lyke' 'wut' '2') so much. Just kind of stood out to me.
Jay, that was my thought exactly - "The Lady or the Tiger"

You know what? I hated that story when I was in school and our English teacher tried to convince us that it made us think. I know what it made me think but it isn't fit for polite society, even these days.

I do love Andrew Klavan, however so all is forgiven, Andrew.
Hey! Is this the end or part 1?
Love it.
I loved it Mr. Klavan. I love short stories where the only thing you have at the end is what you came in with. You believe there are government spooks who are about to bash his door in, a Muslim that is about to enforce a fatwa, a terrorist cell trying to keep their plans secret, or an innocent old lady's son, but only because of your own predispositions. Stories like these are wonderfully frustrating, emphasis on wonderful.
So...will we ever learn more?
Oh, and I liked the story. Don't read enough fiction, although it read like a true story. So, bring more on, please.
"Stein" should buy himself a firearm and learn how to use it. This is a lot like the movie "Cape Fear" with Nick Nolte and Robert De Nero. Ok, flick but about 1 hour and 40 minutes too long. If Nolte's character wasn't a typical NY lib who didn't know the business end of a pistol he could have easily dispatched the bad guy who was terrorizing his family.

Andrew, read your short story out of respect for your work with Klavan on Culture. so, this is in love. Write in some reality to your stories. Or come out to visit Colorado and we can show you how to handle a firearm and kill the bad guys.

Oh, man, that was tense, but amazing.
I'm surprised the FBI hasn't come to his door and tell him law enforcement can't do it's job and made him dissappear, like Molly Norris. Which brings up a thought. Is law enforcement showing a lack of ability, or ineptitude, or the more onerous thought that it knows it is, "comprimised?" Makes my paranoia itch.
Vincenzo Fiorentini December 06, 2010 at 5:15 PM
"Their women wore black cowls like Death."

Great story without an end. Why couldn't you just add a word or two: "Bang!" would do - or anything to release the tension cleverly reaching the unresolved..
Very Chilling and in today's world could very easily be true. Also very well written. Kept me reading right to the end and then made me want to know if someone was really coming up the stairs.
Darling, darling Andrew. Honestly. This got my heart pumping better than exercise.
DARN! hope he intends to continue this!
Give us MORE, please!
Internet noir. Who needs it?
Timely, terrific and terrifying.
Beyond the fact that I've never liked short stories -- too pat and cutesy and ultimately unsatisfying -- I don't know what to say. This is such a departure for CJ. Is Klavan trying for another "Lady or the Tiger"?