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Guy Sorman
A Light in Oslo « Back to Story

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Dear Mr. Sorman

My comment is related to your opinion about the French strike.
I am sure your experience about European politics goes far from the French Revolution.
What is the clearest way to express to your elected representatives, (because that what they are neither kings or sheiks but a projection of a lesser democratic but still democratic process)a dissent about an important issue that in this case will affect a lot of people?????
I found the strike very fashinating and powerfull and wish we Americans could at least theorize about it if not learn from it.
I sincerely hope that there will be a concrete result following this mobilization just because they deserve it.
No doubt that the ecomony is shaking but should we focus may be in concentrating the educational/training process instead of penalizing whoever did already his part and reasonably wants to start living his 3 season.

Margy Cuomo
The Nobel lost any respect the free world had for it in awarding it to Yaser Arafat, a blood thisty terrorist. It was all downhill from there. Obama has to be the very bottom of the barrel; clueless, contradictory, and an all-around ignmoramus.Diabolically deceitful, double-mouthed, taking us down a snot-slick slope.
Congratulations Nobel Foundation... You have redeemed yourself. Clear thinking sure beats the muddle,confusion and embarrassement of last year.
After last year's asininity, when Bugs Bunny ran second, the Nobel Foundation had nowhere to go but up.
Nice article, thanks for sharing.
The Noble Committee has seen the light? Deception and trying to look different while remaining the same is their game. Why glorify this organization?
This world, including the United States, needs more people like Liu Xiaobo and Mario Vargas Llosa. It would be a better place to live.

Finally, the Nobel Committee woke up.
Spare me your "near-death experience" please. Such comments only weaken your argument.
Dr. David L. Clifton October 09, 2010 at 6:39 AM
Liu has garnered the coveted Nobel Peace Prize. A sterling choice! Will it change Communist China? Regrettably, no; at least not in the near future. It, however redeems the hapless Nobel Committee's decision to award Obama the Peace Prize last year.