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Judith Miller
Mr. Bio-Defense « Back to Story

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I wish he could also work on when U.S. infected hundreds of Guatemalans with STD and also when
American Government gave smallpox blankets to native Indians and wiped out the masses.
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Unfrotunately for mr Patrick, he probably contracted the same agents that are infecting the Lymes and GWI, MS, Lupus, Fibro, etc patients since it is now believed these are caused by pleomorphic mycobacteria. Wonder if he suffered from Sarcoidosis, which is what we all (Lymes and GWI) suffer from. Maybe he got what he deserved and may God forgive him for what he has unleashed upon humanity, because I won't!
A wonderful tribute to a true patriot. We should all be so fortunate to have words such as these representing the way individuals thought of us and how we are remembered.
His patents were about the weaponization of anthrax!

His middle was, get this, "Capers". I kid you not. How many innocents have his capers killed and how many will they kill?
"In 1994, when United Nations inspectors wanted to know whether a vast factory complex in Iraq was a bio-weapons plant, they called Patrick. His work helped show that Iraq’s claims that the facility’s microbe driers were intended to make herbicides for agriculture were bogus, in violation of Iraq’s UN commitments."

And then the US rolled in and discovered Saddam's vast biowarfare program. OH WAIT

I bet this creep was a bit short on the 'defense' part of "biodefense". I wonder if he preferred the death's head theme in other areas of his life, not just his calling card...
The nation, and what is left of the free world, are all the poorer for the loss of this patriot. Not only will his shoes be hard to fill, but there will be no replacemnt for the heart that drove the loyalty of this tireless defender of America.
Bill was a terrific person. I hope that the training videos he developed will be published at some point for CBRNE first responders, at least at the DoD.

As always, terrific article Ms. Miller. A lovely tribute to a wonderful man. We'll miss him dearly.
I wish he could also work on when U.S. infected hundreds of Guatemalans with STD and also when
American Government gave smallpox blankets to native Indians and wiped out the masses. These are real biological terrorism incidences..

You are unnessarily dragging the name of Bhagwan Rajneesh in an incidence which was not done by Him and in which not even a single person died. OK to discuss but use the names of real culprits. Will you say followers of Jesus molested children. Follwers of Jesus burnt women alive.

Ms. Miller,
Thank you for reminding us that the world is also inhabited by good and even wonderful people we will probably never hear of but in whose purposes and care we may justly have confidence. God bless Bill Patrick.
He should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Judith: Thanks for this informative and sensitive profile of your friend ... an American patriot.

Jaime in Hurricane, Utah
Is this the Judith Miller that got fired from the NYT? Should she not be looking for a more suitable job, like an opinionated florist?
Bioterrorism is still by far the deadliest threat we face. On the few occassions where we do exercise our response, we assume low lethality rates from a virus, that first responders and other key personnel will report to work knowing they'll likely be exposed, and we always manage to contain, quarantine the spread. All these assumptions will likely prove wrong.
This guy wanted to get people sick with debilitating bacteria and virii. He was on the level of a bacteria and I for one am glad he is dead. A truely evil man. I did a biograph of him and SOD. At least Sidney Gottlieb was half hippy and did chuva in Leper Colonies in India for his misdeeds in the CIA TSD
Stunning story, beautifully and thoughtfully written, deeply sobering message. My thanks to Ms. Miller, please. GMC