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Bruce Bawer

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According to my own analysis, thousands of people all over the world receive the credit loans at different banks. Thus, there's a good possibility to find a term loan in all countries.
I could not agree more, this insane logic MUST come to and end!!!!!!!!
I agree 100% with this article. Thanks for authoring the truth.
It's astonishing, isn't it, the increasingly craven attitude of the West when it comes to Islam over the last 20 years.

Another surprising and disappointing aspect is how little people know about Mohammed, and I include many Muslims. Why aren't there numerous articles, documentaries, movies and so on in the mainstream media on this man? According to the Koran and Hadith, he murdered many people, started many wars, raped women, tortured, enslaved and stole on a large scale and told believers that they may lie and dissemble to infidels.

This appalling 7th century thug is the central figure of a toxic death cult, Islam; he is the perfect man whom all should emulate. The story of Mohammed and his deeds and words needs to get the same critical treatment given to Christianity that is so commonplace in today's secular societies. And we need to undo the damage done to freedom of speech in today's multicultural, politically correct world.
correction! "Palestinians' plight"
Thank you! The coverage here in the US was Kafkaesque. It seemed as if our obeisance to Muslims' delicate feelings was a given. Suppose some aggrieved Muslims were burning a Torah as a statement in support of the "Palestinian's" plight? Would the President have gotten involved?
"Islam is a teenage religion, remember the Christian crusades and the Spanish Inquisition?"...posted by Brian Haag September 14, 2010 at 7:23 AM.

Oh really, Brian? So the Crusades and the Inquisition were not reactions to the Islamic invasion of Europe in 7th. and 8th. Centuries, but were offenses to Islam? An invasion that was finally stopped by Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in 735 AD, some 300+ years before the Crusades and the Inquisition. This incomplete and revisionist history regarding the initial spread of Islam into Europe is one reason the West tends to apologize to Islam for actions to which no apology is necessary.

No wonder we're scared. We're ignorant, and ignorance generates it's own fears.
Anyone who hasn’t been lobotomized by multiculturalism can recognize that there is something seriously wrong with Islam. Its adherents not only have a penchant for cowardly slaughter, they also have a knack for creating the most hidebound, bigoted, and totalitarian societies on earth. Just Google such phrases as “honor killings”, “adult breast-feeding”, and “stoning adulterers.” The monstrosities that these phrases allude to aren’t being perpetrated by Quakers, or Hindus, or Jews. They’re being perpetrated by people with an overarching fealty to the Koran (i.e., Muslims).

Our betters in academia, reporting, and politics will no doubt find this post very troubling. How dare I blame all of Islam for the twisted actions of a few! And have I forgotten about Timothy McVeigh and the Crusades? Every religion has its assortment of wing-nuts.

Well, my only response to such CAIR-inspired talking-points is this: the evil that permeates the Muslim world is a thousand times worse than the evil that permeated the Jim Crow South. If our betters can’t see that, that’s their problem. When it comes to Islam, I’m going to take the Mamie Till approach. If a group of people routinely advertises its hatred and contempt for you, you have a moral duty to regard that group as a threat. To pretend otherwise is not only cowardly, it’s suicidal.
As usual I agree with Mr. Bawer at least 95%. No doubt he is called an Islamaphobe, but, as ever, his call is for courage and confidence in the name of liberty and liberalism, when faced with those who would extinguish them. Aren't the real Islamaphobes those who just sigh wearily and bow to the every demand of these sanctimonious rabblerousers?

But there are worthy reasons other than fear for appealing to Jones to cease and desist, ranging from the Golden Rule (he wouldn't want to see his inerrant scriptures burned) to patriotism (of which, if he is a Christian reconstructionist he may have none, but he wouldn't want to be admit it in public) to common courtesy. Even a military commander isn't necessarily a wimp for trying to prevent unnecessary casualties.

It's a shame, however, to give the guy publicity. I understand that the Topeka Phelps clan tried burning Korans several years ago, but hardly anyone noticed. A stunt before its time, maybe?
Very well said. The reason is because the leaders of the Americas and Europe are busy building up the Muslim populations so that they can have wide spread violence later on, and would hate to see the genii let out of the bottle before they are ready to take maximum advantage of the brawl with their authoritarian New World plans.
By now, many of you have heard about the New Jersey Transit employee who was fired for burning a Quran in NYC while off duty.

Since I expect there are many NJT customers who read this forum, I'd like to ask if you think he should be reinstated? Before you answer consider: If he is, and you're on your regular commute, and an unfamiliar Arab-looking guy in a suspiciously puffy jacket boards, will you continue on your way to work?
I agree with Mr. Bawer's comments, but I would add that there is a growing anger, too. While some have recently tied anger over the NY mosque to anger over terrorists, I think it has more to do with the low moral expectations most Americans have with the "muslim capitals." We expect them to riot, burn flags and throw stones because that is what they do all the time. We are on pins and needles because we do not imagine an "adult" response from "muslim capitals." So perhaps our fearful response to the Koran burning nut is the truest measure of islamophobia in America, not reluctance to build a mosque on Ground Zero.
Finally someone exposes the "emperor" as naked"! Compliments to Bruce Bawer for pointing out our obscene fear in the western world: It is harmless for muslims to burn the US flag, it is OK for anyone to burn bibles and the books of Mormon. Yet an obscure preacher "threatening" the burning of koran copies causes the US president down to meek PC dogmatists to beg for abandoning such plan. Why? Because muslims terrorize the western world, and the civilized world does nothing against it! Bawer points this out correctly. But we continue to adore "The Emperor's New Clothes."
I'm afraid to comment even - sad!
Thank you for writing about this threat to our society.
What has happened to America is that, starting around 1996, a regime of "hate crime" activists insinuated themselves throughout academia and in the Justice Department, and now we are all reaping what they vigilantly sowed.

Talk to anyone under 25. They have been fed a steady diet of anti-American prattle about "hate crimes," "hate speech," and now the terrors of bullying (the latest permutation of this propaganda) throughout their school days.
Mr. Bawer makes a good point about fear. He's right that people could burn Bibles or other religious books with little reaction. The threat of violence in reaction to the plan to burn Korans seems to reinforce PastOr Jones' belief that Islam is a dangerous religion.

However, I don't agree with Pastor Jones. Many, if not most, Muslims are peaceful people. Some Islamists are violent and reactionary. Pastor Jones' plan was hardly a Christian approach.

Burning US flags or the flags of other countries is quite disrespectful, but it is the measure of maturity that no one in the US riots in the streets in reaction to it. It is the measure of immaturity that people threaten death to those who would insult Islam.

In the US and other free countries, one should be free to burn a religious book in protest. But when US troops are in Iraq, a country that has many Muslims, after having invaded rthat country illegally under international law, one should be careful not to expose one's troops to even more danger than they already face.

We live in intersting, sometimes perilous, times.
It might be useful to precipitate their rage before the frog is cooked.
I agree whole-heartedly, except I believe the minister is within his rights to protest the favors given the Muslims vs. the anti- religious treatment of Christians. The America we all know had no fear of anyone. We were ready to take on anyone who threatened us, and the Muslims have threatened us and hate us. They are an enemy we are at war with, and Obama, et al have compromised America's position, and seem ready to let them take over. It's time we put them all out of office and charge some with high treason. This is not a usual war. It is a religious war, and we should acknowledge that fact and deal with it.
Mr. Bawer, you always write the most enlightening articles.
we don't go around taunting teenagers to commit violence because we prefer to insult them - Islam is a teenage religion, remember the Christian crusades and the Spanish Inquisition ? That's when Christianity was a teenager. Alot more people died during those times then who died on sept. 11
I think that you are not only arrogant but also extremely ignorant. I have just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading your biased article. I would love to support why i am saying this but i would be wasting another 2 minutes of my life. Seriously, you have no idea what you're talking about.
It is about fear but not of the Muslim. Its about fearing our own dark side and the intolerance that breeds on ignorance. Its about not allowing a recurrence of back-of-the-bus and white robes in this country no matter the current object of popular hatred. Those who remain silent in the face of pure obvious in-your-face racism and foreigner-fear seem to be silent for the basest motive, political advantage.
Your point is well taken. Actually, bigots routinely desecrate the Book of Mormon and other Mormon symbols without fear of retaliation:
I totaly agree with you that burning any sympbol of nationality or religion is disrespectful to an entire population of people who cherrish that. Burning American flag is wrong as much as burning Koran is Wrong. Everything you said would have made sense if US had not either influenced or attacked these moslem countries. The reports are that direct and indirect death toll in Iraq is about one million people as a result of US attack. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The entire infrastructure of a country which was no threat to the US was levelled to the ground. In afghanistan, we should have been cooperating with the Afghan government to catch Osama. How did that change into capturing a whole country. Many of these people were not part of the 9/11 but now they are fighting US occupation. US has significant control over Eygpt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and many other golf states. Please examine all the facts before you make comments. If US wants to continue occupation of these countries then it should play a low key on these relious matters. When attempt to take their country and then try to take their soul as well we are going to have a problem.
Good article, but the conclusion -- either fear or first amendment freedom -- is too ideological.
Actually, it may be about ¨prudence¨. Business prudence is not fear. Yesterday U.S. Administration announced the largest foreign military sale in history: 60 billion to Saudi Arabia. With such a sale DoD agency will pay his budget for almost three years, and almost 100,000 jobs in the defense industrial base. Not to mention Lockheed Martin´s shares and Saudi investments in U.S.
Saudis might respond to provocations with legitimate commercial boycott. Or maybe not, since they are terrified by Iran.
One can spit on a client´s beliefs, but then he should not be surprised if he buys French planes or Danish cheese.
It is mainly about commercial prudence and media.
Then, as long as they do not lynch Muslims in U.S., preachers can burn the Belgian constitution, a Portuguese or an Israeli flag, and all the Catholic Bibles they buy.
Excellent OP Ed. I totally agree with your POV. I am a retired social worker in corrections and in my long career met many thugs who thrived on scaring people. From this "up close" observations ( I was often privy to their backgrounds and crimes) I learned they were pathetic "empty" characters who would cower and cry when their thuggish bluffs were called.

I see Islam as "evil" and thuggish ... in the same way as the violent criminals I dealt with.

I am for calling their bluffs .... they will respond the same way as the so-called soldiers of Islam who hide behind women, old people, and children to do their evil acts on innocent people.

Wake up, America, drop your "nicey nicey" and deal with Islam like we do with thugs.
This is by far the smartest and most sensible response to and assesment of Terry Jones's stunt that I have read. Mr. Bawer does an admirable job of explaining how the outsized response of media and politicians to what should be an exercise in the grotesque reveals deeply problematic aspects of our national character. I don't always agree with what I read in City Journal but I am always impressed by the intelligence and thoughtfulness of the material--no more so than here. Well done.
Yes, the real story is that Hillary, Petraeus, Obama, Secretary Gates, etc., abused their positions of power to bring Americans under the rule of some butchers in Afghanistan, with intent of discouragement that so extremely obviously would have been struck down as unconstitutional if Congress had passed it.
wow so much ignorance on the part of the writer. It has been proven beyond doubt that the twin towers came down as a result of controlled demolition at free fall speed. Thousands of scholars, engineers, architects and scientists have proven this. So it was an inside job. However Bruce Bawer seems to blindly believe whatever the government preaches. Please google scholars for 9/11 truth
Well said Mr. Bawer!
A real splash of cold water on this subject! The "strange new respect" we have for muslims now consists of fear about the violence they might inflict on us and our interests. Since President Bush first declaimed on the "religion of peace," we have been subjected to western 'experts," who have no idea what they're talking about!
Spot on. We even have "Christian" leaders referring to the Koran as a "sacred" text! One wonders at the contrast with how little respect they accord thier own text, and the many comments about how "unchristian" it is to not tolerate the type of heresy that is Islam.
It seems that the Chinese and Indians who have their own problems with Islamic upheavals and provocations have no threshold at all when it comes to using swift, decisive, and violent force to quell these when they erupt.

I'm not advocating such violent responses here in America, but at least the Chinese and Indians indicate that two-way streets are the norm in their lands.

We've got a different situation over here in that a quieter infiltration and subversion seem to be the tactic du jour with these emerging mosques and Saudi supported schools of their Wahabism (CF Northern Virginia), centers which doubtless could support cells of sleepers to be dormant for years. We must fight this swiftly and decisively with Lawfare.

Trouble is, our polarized political parties prevent united Congressional action in writing laws tailored specifically for our domestic Islamic/Muslim variation on their theme of world domination. Our current administration is dangerous in its permissiveness and apologetic approach.

Along with this, we have somehow incorrectly permitted the likes of the A.C.L.U. to set up a poisonous hurdle with the best interests of American security secondary to their agenda of a "right" of one sort or another. It seems as if those shifting "rights" change with each opportunity to thwart otherwise sensible public acts in our own physical defense. We must stop equating our Islamic/Muslim threat with "Religion". We are actually facing Sharia lawfare skillfully using "religion" as a shield.

We Americans seem to be hoist on our own petard.
I agree that we have a double standard regarding desecration of National and Religious symbols. American Flags and Bibles, burn them, we'll turn the other cheek, we're better than you. Burn Korans or suggest making jokes about Prophet Muhammad. No way, we can't do that, we might offend the Muslims!

It is a problem, but we certainly can't sink down to their level of burning symbols. And I can guarantee the Islamic terrorists that want more people siding with them in their hate for everything U.S and western would gain more by showing some pathetic little Pastor from FL burning Korans than they ever could from burning American flags themselves.

There was so much attention from the President and others about this simply because of the internet and news media. This idiot Pastor and his 50 tool followers would most certainly have remained a minuscule blip on the world radar 40 years. Everyone would have been a lot better off if they let the nut jobs burn whatever they liked if the footage of them doing so was thrown into the very same fire for no one to see. But the news made it big, everyone saw it, and all of a sudden some wacko pastor and his cult following actually mattered.
Yes, the world is afraid because the Moslem boy down the street, or your doctor or your mechanic could be the next jihad-bomber and murder your sister in the subway or your granny in the market.

The doctrines of jihad that inspire them are straight from the Koran and Moslems can't say the verses aren't there...they lie to us and say those who 'misunderstand' Islam are taking the hateful, violent verses 'out of context'.

The Koran on its own is DEVOID OF ANY CONTEXT.
Thank you for this article, I think it is straight to the point! Appeasing an "overly assertive minority leads nowhere, it does not avoid the conflict in the long-term. The longer it brews, the worse are the consequences. Expressing so much concern over reaction of a bunch of religious fanatics is completely ridiculous. Auto-censorship and all-pervasive fear are symptoms of an authoritarian regime...don't let this happen to America!

Frank that may be true BUT keep in mind the majority of their mindset.
It's the media, for playing on everyone's fears, for substituting serious journalism for ratings, that deserves to be burned. Mon Dieu!
Yes, the guy is a nut job and surely doesn't deserve or merit the attention he's been given. And yes, there are radical Muslims with hate in their hearts, just like there are radical anythings with hate in their hearts. What is truly unfortunate is how all the fear mongering is tearing the country apart. There are many Muslims who are not hate mongers and just plain old regular people like anyone else. At then end of the day, they just want to go home and be with their families and practice their religion.
Who cares? Whether he's a nut job or not - HE PROVED a point. Camel jockey muslims are gate filled radical idiots. Burn a Bible - do Christians threaten to kill? Nope. Muslims are hate filled morons. The quran specifically states 'kill the infidel' who are non-believers. If he had the balls to follow through with it I would have taken a case of beer and a couple of ribeyes....
Amazing article.
Your article consists of two things: first it says that what the pastor is doing is wrong, and then it also contradicts it by saying, how can we be so scared of Muslims, if any other book was burned let it be, but if the Quran is, then why is it a big deal? Clearly you need to understand that in today's era, most of the focus is on Muslims, and they are not treated fairly by those who do not wish to even understand their religion. I say before anything, people should read the Quran before saying that all Muslims are terrorist because of the 9/11 incident. Some are even holy, then you can imagine..believe it or not.