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Daniel J. Flynn
An FBI History of Howard Zinn « Back to Story

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Fascinated by your take on the 'facts'. Tell me, what harm did Zinn do? Ask the students of Spellman college. Ask the POW's he repatriated during the Vietnam war. Also just one more thing I would like to point out, Marxism and Communism have different names for a reason. That reason? They are different things.

Hoover was a man so deep in the closet that he was afraid of anybody that openly embraced who they were and what they believed, be they homosexual, black, or Marxist.

Communism is not the problem, the problem is the suppression of independent thinking. This article falsely condemns one of the great independent thinkers of the last century.
His book A People's History of the US is required reading for my AP US History Class.
If we are learning US History, why would we learn it from a Communist.
If only True Believers of all varieties could assess information without their prejudices getting in the way, as they snipe at each other?

As someone who was long (falsely) tagged as a Communist, the 'evidence' against Zinn is certainly amusing. He MAY have been, but nothing in the article is relevant to establishing his membership.

At the other end of the politically hysteric spectrum, although Zinn' analyses clearly were distorted by his blind acceptance of marxist religious beliefs, it's emotionally impossible for the Folk Hero Left to recognise this embarrassing fact, so they concentrate on deriding their 'immoral opponents'.

Reading the comments makes me wonder whether it's time to replace "God Bless America" with "God Help America"?
Greg wrote:"but even if (Zinn's) is written...through a Marxist lens, are we to presume that all Marxist interpretations are intentional deceptions?"

Try substituting the word, "Nazi" for "Marxist" and see if you get the same answer.
ho hum. next.
Where in this article does Mr. Flynn demonstrate Zinn's deception as an historian?

The only paragraph discussing Zinn's work as an historian merely explains that A People's History is a Marxist interpretation of history. I understand that this point can be debated but even if that book is undeniably written through a Marxist lens, are we to presume that all Marxist's interpretations are intentional deceptions?
This has always amused me:
Whether or not Zinn belonged to the Communist Party, or whether he lied about it to FBI agents, this article is a throwback to McCarthyism. And McCarthyism of this nature did far far more and lasting damage to this country than Joe Stalin or the U.S. Communist Party. In addition, this 95 pct ad hominum vitriol is unworthy of City Paper.
I sometimes find myself regretting that the Soviet Union lost the Cold War because of people like Zinn and his admirers. What poetic justice it would have been to see them all having to live under the Marxist tyranny they so admired.
Pretty wuss, if you ask me.
Howard Zinn was a populist. A champion of equal rights and labor. This is hot steaming load of crap and the fool who wrote it doesn't know the good guys from the bad guys. For a bunch of guys who are smarter then the rest of the sheeple you make me want to puke. Zinn was a great man and his actions speak for themselves. We all are dumber(er) for having read this. If you bow down and worship at the alter of un-regulated capitalism the richest guys will always win. Try to enter a game of monopoly with 1200$ after six people have been playing for 3 hrs and see how much "freedom" errr luck you have.
Never speak ill of the dead, for they cannot defend themselves.
One cause explains all is, like Freudian psychology, no theory, but dogma. A dogma Fascists & Communists & Progressives find they must force feed to uncomprehending masses. It is unfortunate that Mr. Zinn's simple view of a complex world, i.e. Marxian class-struggle and dialectical materialism, seems to conform with many of our ruling elites' impoverished understanding of events.
"Communist or not, did he tell the truth?"

No. He presented a cartoonish and tendentious view of a nation whose development has always defied marxist reductionism. As an historian, Zinn was a joke.
The documents also allege that he personally lead Capital C Communist Party indoctrination sessions five times a week.

You probably used a scientology technique for useful amnesia when you saw that in the raw.
Blah! Blah! Blah! Communist or not, did he tell the truth?
When I chose to receive posts from City Journal it was because of the above average writing , but then I began to get some post that were so bad as to be embarrassing. This would be one of the more embarrassing ones.
Thanks for the hatchet job on Howard Zinn Mr. Flynn. At least you had the decency to wait until he was in the ground a few month before you trash his reputation. Rachel Corrie (run over by an Isreali bulldozer protecting palestinian homes) has been dead quite a while now, I'm sure the FBI thinks she's a communist too. Zinn was a person of great integrity and humility who will be missed, just not by the PTB Banksters and their political hacks. CIA and FBI are the tools of the elite and have a long history of waring on the us pop., subverting truth with misinformation and lies. I wouldn't believe a thing they say..can you say WACO or RUBY RIDGE? Meanwhile, Govt. does everything it can to undermine health, freedom, freewill and spirituality... do you think that bisphenol A, floride and GMO food is good for you? Bottom line, nonviolence and compassion for one another is the only way forward, otherwise we are just cannon fodder for the global elite
I never understood that the power of government could lawfully be used to persecute people for divergent opinions. or for having discussion groups and strategizing to reform social institutions. White aristocrat partisans have worked to suppress dissenting opinion since the earliest days of the emergent confederation of states. Transplanting European feudalism and aristocracy to the north American continent required a committment to lie to, cheat and kill the natives and the serfs. The insane perverts of the aristocracy, having no compunction for killing any who did not recognize the "divine right of kings". Does anyone deny that the same ruthless bastards are now the worlds richest and most private elites, God gave this land to me. So regardless if Zinn WAS a member of a communist or any other party he deserves to be judged for the truth of his work. Conservative means preserve status quo. Trash and kill the opposing voices. You go Flynn.
And you trust what comes from the white FBI? Fools!
wow. a Marxist historian is a Communist. What a revelation. The USSR and USA were on the same side in World War II. The USSR defeated Nazi Germany, the USA Japan. The Nazis mass murdered Jews. Zinn was a Jew. Ergo Zinn felt the Sovs saved the Jews and Communism was a good thing. This is what attracted many Jews to CPUSA
It nice to have some FBI confirmation of what many libratarians and conservatives have know all along about Zinn.
Howard Zinn, Lori Berenson, Paul Krugman; all natives of NYC. Can anyone explain why our city, the living symbol of Capitalism, is also such a fertile spawning ground for Bolsheviks?
My God, McCarthy was right..... everyone of my generation laughed at his 'slanderous accustions". Apparently, there were (are?) many in this country who would see our way of life destroyed in order to replace it with how the Russians have lived and are living.

Cold war over??? not so much.
Is it at all surprising that someone who got history so wrong stood on the wrong side of history?

Geezz.. after reading David Orchards book," The Fight for Canada" and William Blums book, "Killing Hope - U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since WW2" which part of history did Professor Zinn get wrong?
I knew Zinn was a Communist after briefly reading through his "People’s History of the United States".

People who think there's a difference between Marxism and Communism make me laugh. If I told you "I'm not a Nazi, I'm just a Hitlerist" you'd laugh too.
Who cares? You're just trying to take out the reputation of an eloquent opponent of the last ill-advised war.
Mr Flynn, While I know it has become popular among the tea bagging right to besmirch any personality that stands anywhere to the left of Sarah Palin, dragging the memory of one as well-respected as Howard Zinn through the proverbial mud like this is shameful. I'm sure Hoover and McCarthy would be proud. Still, when it comes to revisionist history, who better to perpetrate such drivel than one who calls himself a conservative historian? You people should be ashamed of what you have done to the once proud GOP. It is your ilk that does this country such a great disservice, and I look forward to the day when you and your kind are put in your proper place... just an ugly footnote in our true history.
For a nice antedote to Zinn, read Paul Johnson's "History of the American People."
Typical rightist character assassination with no real facts; just innuendo. Nothing here, move along.
Dr. John Thompson August 19, 2010 at 10:43 PM
Flynn needs to wake up and realize the fact that the right and left are both manipulated by the globalist elite who wish to rule the planet. They dominate our economy with the Federal Reserve and diehard conservatives waste our time with drivel about a poor deceased historian who fought for social justice rather than oppression. Brilliant.

Interesting article. And, doesn't it have a contemporary echo here in Islamic taqiyya and kitman?.

We Americans have to become more adept at decoding spin and evasions. Easier said than done, alas. Maybe the mainstream media can be our textbook?

Only a suggestion, not a manifesto.
Sad to say, Zinn's twisted teachings may have found their mark. Two generations of our children have now grown up being force-fed his fifth-column garbage, while parents unwittingly and passively sat on their hands. Patriotism and American exceptionalism are considered quaint and retrograde by many of these former pupils, with consequences which may yet tear this nation apart.
Interesting that there are all these allegations by "informants," but there are no names. Who are these accusers? And who is stupid enough to take FBI reports as truth? Well, apparently Flynn is. But then Flynn, who presents himself as a conservative historian (whatever that means), is just as deceptive as he claims Zinn was. Me? I'll take Zinn over Flynn any day.