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Paul Howard
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Another program that obama care has ruined and damaged for sure.
As an American long resident in Australia where both private and public medicine take 8.5% of GDP I am always appalled that the US manages to sped about 16% of GDP and not cover everyone and end up with slightly poorer results in world heath surveys than countries, that like Australia, spend half what the US spends. I see no free market in medicine - in the US or anywhere else. I do see cartels which made sure they protected their rice bowls in the recent lobbying process on the health care bill. Medicare was cut and people forced into the system but no real reform took place. In that sense too - a lost opportunity.
Obamacare is not about healthcare. It is about disguised redistribution. In Australia, the public is sports mad, so there are special subsidies for sports medicine hidden within the socialized system. The gay community have great political clout. Accordingly, new drugs are provided at huge expense virtually free, but the elderly are rationed. Obama wants to staff the system with quasi-communists and pick winners and losers.

So the article is 100% right - Obamacare is a dead hand on innovation, but that is not its purpose. It is a remnant of 1930s socialism in one country in the USSR, where you redistribute by taking into state ownership the means of production, distribution and exchange. It is horrendously inefficient. It must be destroyed.
yuval Brandstetter MD August 06, 2010 at 8:52 AM
"In taking the same gamble that Massachusetts did, President Obama has exposed the whole country to the risk of fiscal meltdown."
The question is, is this his purpose, and ever was? I think the answer is yes. Only by bankrupting America can he achieve his true goal, which is to eviscerate America's power and standing in the world. Watch as he de-commissions the army brought home from Iraq and Afghnistan, in the ineterests of avoiding the aforementioned fiscal meltdown, in a classic Butter Before Guns ploy.
You don't live in Indiana and don't have direct knowledge of HIP, just what you are told by Mitch Roob. HIP is not enrolling childless adults and has only done so in the past for very limited times and numbers of enrollees. The program's income limits exclude the majority of lower middle class and others. Many doctors will not accept HIP plans, leaving individuals with insurance but no treatment providers. The number of uninsured people is much higher a than estimated and keeps climbing.
This is the consequence of having an Islamomarxist,de facto alien, sitting in the Oval Office of the White House. We will eventually experience a political, social and economic version of the movie Independence Day. The temperature of the water in the pot is being gradually raised, and our gooses are cooking as we speak. WWII Sub Vet
What's even more surprising is that Hawaii's simple health care law that was passed in 1974 and Obama was covered under as a child is exempt from much of National Health Care reform. Until Mass. passed it's health care law Hawaii had the highest level of coverage in the nation and some of the highest ratings in overall health in the nation.

Instead of a simple 2 page law, we have a 2,000 plus page piece of legislation that essentially allows the IRS to fine you if you do not have health care coverage.