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Ibn Warraq, Lee Smith, Fred Siegel, Judith Miller and Paul Berman
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I have to disagree with Ms. Miller about our need of the Times and the public's lack of interest in our foreign entanglements. The Times has become largely a propaganda outlet for its editors leftist views. If it has a reporter here and there who does the job, it is by accident, and we can count on their leaving or being replaced in time.
The public does not need the Times as it is now run; the public needs the truth as best someone can manage to ascertain it; they need it in print, and they need it every week at the very least. I think we can count on something other than that sort of effort from the Times.
Horace Jeffery Hodges July 24, 2010 at 8:31 AM
"He paid for young Lebanese, Sunni, Shi’a, Christian, and Druid people to get educations around the world, in the United States and Europe." - Lee Smith

I'm pretty sure that he said "Druze" rather than "Druid" -- anyway, it should be corrected.

Jeffery Hodges
insightful, practical, inspiring, intelligent, intellectually honest, and courageous. i could go on in a similar vein. you people are the voice of many, and with tremendous work like this, the chorus will be growing apace. outstanding...
This whole argument about who will win the intellectual argument is a bit silly right now. The "islamists" understand the uses of terror and believe me, they know how to hold onto power. They will assassinate and murder en masse to do it and there is no confusion among them about who the "enemies of islam" really are. Mistakes will be glossed over as the will of Allah. Muslims live in terror of both Allah and their fellow muslims. Want to have a dialogue? Then clear a space and patrol it with the best weapons and intelligence you have. Until that happens, you cannot even have the conversation.
Is this a private Klan meeting, or can anyone burn a cross here?
I don't know when I've encountered a more enlightening and efficiently presented seminar.

Thank you, CJ
When push comes to a symitar to the throat,the Koran, in Arabic, prevails. There are expurgated English versions that leave one feeling safer about Islam, but the history of its expansion and methods used give no comfort to the Infadel. It is Islam or no lam.
i say that discussion was fantastic to me.
Rational human beings will never make good muslims. Muslims will never make good rational human beings. So, let's build a mosque at ground zero.
Curious that no one mentions that Islam is a religion - a fierce and determined religion. It enters into every aspect of their daily lives.
Our country, as if it were constructed of Leggos, is being dismantled in pieces. Some are located at the top of the structure ,by Executive fiat, and some at the bottom (The Constitution).It has become a blur that evades accountability. Slight of hand, juggling, snake oil spiels that mesmerize, all orchestrated to effect CHANGE. Change for the sake of change is bad enough, but change to destroy a nation is quite another thing.
Charlie Griffith July 15, 2010 at 8:30 PM
This distinguished panel of speakers-writers here seem so very much above the fray. Fair-minded civil academic intellectual discussion is certainly a gold standard to be maintained.

But try telling that to a Muslim/Islamic believer in that ethnically overlapping, multi-national land of the concept of Taqiyya. Civil discourse becomes immediately suffocated by shifting Sunni/Shia/Wahabi quicksand. Try talking this way to the bearded zealot strapping on his explosive vest....or especially his persuasive imam from the local mosque.

Of course we have quasi-separate nationalisms derived from the artificial borders of French/British colonialism; but these same "quasi-nations" are by definition invalid artificial constructs within literally hand-drawn boundaries...each one-all under that amorphous noxious umbrella of belligerent Islam.

Alas, our present killing-hot war is far, far removed from this literary-intellectual discourse in the "cloud".