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William Voegeli
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Great idea. Except a better one which I have favored for a long time would be a 10 year term with a right to be reappointed for another 10. Why in the world should the Supremes be lifers? If the Supremes are going to politicize their opinions and usurp the democratic will of the people then subject them to the democratic will exercised by the executive.
The founders never imagined doddering ninety year olds, propped up and spoon fed by clerks, clinging to seats on the court for ideological reasons. And that problem can only get worse as life spans keep increasing. Another problem is the potential for multiple justices to die or retire in a single presidential term. There should be term limits, and the endings of the terms should be staggered.
what over abundance of Jews? Most of the SC are Roman Catholics.
You're kidding, right?
I think term limits would be more effective in the Senate and House rather then the Supreme Court.

Because past Constitutional Conventions have been ordery,mostly one-issue events, it is easy to forget that they can also become a three-ring circus, subject to fierce wrangling and deal-brokering in behalf of radical elements that could never get a voice elsewhere. Dangers lurk in the slimy deep of ultra-liberal agendas, presently kept from running amock by the thinnest line of conservatives. Consumer, beware of political chicanery . The problem of potentailly-senile Justices must be solved in a more rational way. Opening a can of snakes at a Constutional Convention is a recepie for disaster.
The overabundance of Jews hardly represents the interests or demography of an anglo saxon white christian country.
This is one of the best ideas I have heard in a while. Thank you!
I'm a Conservative
I didn't mind when my Conservatives were nominated; I'm not two-faced enough to mind now that it's a liberal.
I'd be thrilled to get term limits for congress and senate. That alone would change the face of everything.
It's inconceivable that the Founders didn't think to put that in but, then again, it was probably inconceivable to the Founders that we would get to the point where we the citizen legislature would be replaced with a permanent, full time class of vultures who game and work the system for their own personal gain.
As far as the SCOTUS is concerned, its members are amateurs in comparison. So far, it doesn't appear that the are enriching themselves through their tenure.