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Heather Mac Donald

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Bravo (per usual), Ms. Mac Donald!
A flawless job of reporting a very flawed report, which was obviously done with an "on a mission" regard.
Great reporting.
As long as we have a President that shoots from the hip in racial matters. mouthing off before he has pertient information, we can expect favor-seeking sycophants to issue defective studies that are biased in intent.
Nice article, Heather. I find your analysis of the study helpful and interesting. Thanks for your insight.
Because of the assumption that police are racist, I would wager police officers who are Black or Hispanic are more likely to be sent into high-crime minority-dominated parts of town as a means of defusing these tensions.

Cops do more firing of their guns in high-crime areas. The more police fire their guns, the higher the likelihood they will shoot another officer.
In honest, incisive commentary about almost ANY subject, but here, police affairs, actions and planning, Ms.
Mac Donald is -- again -- without peer.

Where ARE other credible commontators?

Too many criminologists are not worth John Nance Garner's "bucket of warm spit."
The onslaught of studies, articles, commentaries that are citing evidence of racism everywhere these days is amazing.
The main reason "racism" remains an issue in these United States is that certain entities will it to be so, And I'll lay long odds those same entities are the very ones who will profit from their recommended "diversity training" being required on the basis of their shrill cries of racism. IF such "diversity training" were valid and unbiased it might be profitable. But that with which I've been exposed is neither. It is merely a means of promoting its own socio-political agenda. What a waste of taxpayer resources. Send these perps back to college... oh, wait, that's where they learned this nonsense in the first place.
The Force Science Research group of Minnesota State University, Mankato provided compelling findings and opinion to the task force during this study, but apparently it did little to affect their findings. It too points to the fact that race has little to do in these unfortunate situations. Check out their news transmissions #152 & 153. Dr. Bill Lewinski, his group, and Ms. MacDonald are right on despite the political expediency of the task force's report.
Thanks for your examination of this issue. As usual, you have exposed those who assume poice racial bias.

Harry Griffin, Assistant Chief (Retired)
San Antonio Police Department