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Heather Mac Donald
Riots Without Cause « Back to Story

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for the record, the officer only served a year of his "14 yr" sentence..
During his 2008 campaign, Barack Obama stated that he could understand why blacks riot. That is all I have to contribute; just the facts. Draw your own conclusions.
As a former New Orleans police officer and federal agent with U.S. Customs, I'm always amused at how these people seemed entitled to not only show their wrath but to cause damage and pain to others who had absolutely nothing to do with this. Time for these "underprivileged urban youth" to follow my rule of the 3 G's - Get a Grip, Get a life and Get over it.

Let the Justice Department do their job and accept the results. If they have information and evidence, present it. If not, stay out of the way
During the 5 pm newscast the day of the verdict - expanded from 1/2 hr to 2 hours - a reporter for the Bay Area ABC affiliate did "man on the street" interviews in SF, asking passersby what they thought of some local shop owners who were boarding up their stores. All the interviewees said how ridiculous it was for the store owners to do that. Perhaps it might have been in SF, but I suspect there are shopkeepers in Oakland that wished they had taken that precaution.

PS - numerous Oakland businesses, including BART, sent their employees home right after the verdict was announced in the late afternoon.
"The world owes you. America owes you. The white man owes you." That's what my mixed race niece keeps being told by "educators" in the Oakland School system. Is it any surprise that when an opportunity for action presents itself, certain elements in the Black community don't choose constructive action but looting?
Great Article. A tragic case for both parties....both the cop whose life is ruined over an accident, and the young man who is dead and his family. I don't think it was purposeful. I have read many stories about these tasers and how they are too much like a gun online and have even seen stories about this on tv. So this is something that should be explored. However, why was this man resisting arrest?
vlarorz said: "I fear that Newsweek will refuse to call her back ...".

I don't read Newsweek since its fashionable shallowness bores me, however, I do enjoy the insight, depth and rigor provided by Heather Mac Donald, and others at the the City Journal.
i grew up in that town during the 60s. Rioting and looting don't surprise me. What surprises me is it doesn't happen more often.
To paraphrase Malcolm X, "For any reason necessary"
To Carol, and Ms. MacDonald: I dare you to listen to the radio station WRKS 98.7fm on Sundays from 10am-12pm and 11pm-12am when you will hear the real perspective of African America, and not the repetitive sight and drivel of the MSM's selected guests who they think represent Black America.
Why is an African American's life worth more (worth protesting/rioting over) when a white person takes that life? Wow. What does that say? When a black person takes another black life, it's ok, no problem, business as usual, nothing to get upset about? Sad, sad, sad.
Come on now Heather, all riots have a cause. I know what the cause is, don't you? I also know what the solution is. Don't you?
How come it doesn't seem to occur at least to journalists that these riots, such as the 1992 Los Angeles disorders, are planned and fomented in advance? Saul Alinsky was an anonymous visitor before this one happened. Do us a favor, Heather MacDonald, look into this out on the ground.
Thanks for the information on the case. As always, clear and right to the point .... the MSM cannot be trusted to deliver such important details.

I liked your insertion of the chronic bloodbath by gangbangers.
The riots are a way to intimidate the police (and society) from enforcing laws against blacks.

I am interested in the concept of the "justified riot" which may involve a trial or something like the G20 event in Toronto.
Authorities and a mob agree that certain circumstances make looting an understandable form of political expression.
Will such "justified riots" become more common over time?

Shouldn't we expect limited career opportunities for the obviously brilliant Miss MacDonald, given that she dares write about race without including the required "we have more work to do- we must do more to atone for the sins of segregation- we must hold ourselves accountable to people of color for our unearned White privileges"?

I fear that Newsweek will refuse to call her back if she rings them with an inquiry about a job. Newsweek suspects her follow up to their "Your White Baby is a Racist" story won't move us "forward".