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Guy Sorman
Darkness in Beijing « Back to Story

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China is more Marxist than Lenin. Conventional integrity, morals,compasion are not in their vocabulary or manuals of conduct. Third-generation hardliners are in control, and it will be their way or the hiway to hell in solitary confinement, torture and starvation. Our diplomats don't even attempt to seriously address human rights when dealing with the Chinese. It is a wast of breath.
There is no placating Comunists, especially the Chinese practitioners of it. Tons of Catholic books and artifacts are shipped out of China every week to world markets. Yet a Catholic seminarian, when found, will receive an automatic sentence of ten years of hard labor. And none know how to provide hard labor like the Chinese give to political prisoners.
China is fully aware of what China-haters think, but it does not hate anyone; it only wishes Western readers see China with their own eyes rather believe articles like this.
Apparently, City Journal is published, reported to and read by the weirdest lunatic-fringe nutcases in the US. I had no idea such Neanderthals still existed in the world. I suppose being a foaming at the mouth lunatic is its own punishment.
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Brian Richard Allen July 12, 2010 at 9:31 PM
Apparently the self and/or officially anointed spokesman for Peking's perfectly pernicious predators, "toby" says Mr Sorman's restrained and rational essay shows Mr Sorman's profound hatred for the lying, looting, thieving, Mao-emulating mass-murderer mobsters (AKA the communist potty) that -- or so fantasizes "toby" -- is "leading" China .. um ... somewhere.

Thus, while blind to all reality and without a thought for Mao's many murdered millions (AKA "the ills of [his] ... 'system?'") "toby" says that his gang is 'correcting' its imposed ills and that those willing to observe and/or to comment upon the admitted need for that "correction" are "pitiful ill-wishers."

Time on your side, toby?"

Dream on.

"China's" once-developing Euro-peon Neo-Soviet market, in the hands of Brussels' brainless bureaucrats, is in the sewer and America is being destroyed by the 0zero "administration's" cloned Chinese communist potty people.

Europe is doomed and America will not be turned around in time to ward off the combined coming home to roost of "China's" chickens. Given flight, as they were, by the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars looted by your gang and its last couple of years several Trillion (printing-press) Dollars of "stimulous" spending.

No markets worth a damn; Hundreds of looted Billions (and a huge percentage of its bad banks' "loans" bad) and the coming post "stimulous" collapse?

Time, it would seem, is pointing to the building perfect storm -- and to Peking's predators' (and their cronies) pink slips.

And that's even before pointing to the quarter billion or so Chinese Christians, standing right behind if not beside the modern heroes who headline here.

"Time," "toby?"

Might be time to emigrate. Post Peking-KRudd's Australia is attractive. (See you there)
Brian Richard Allen July 12, 2010 at 8:31 PM
Thank you for your take on modern China and on its modern heroes. And while I agree we must not confuse Peking's self-anointing, self-appointing and self-perpetuating pack of predators with the Chinese People (nor, come to that, we Americans with Washington DC's mandarin wannabes) nor, I suggest, should we gloss over the Chinese People's collective inability to be other than one with their owners whenever challenged on, say, the legitimacy of the Peking predators' murderous colonization of the owners of the 2.5 million square miles of other people's sovereign lands that comprise 66% of what Peking likes to call, "China."

(And which will soon be expanded by the addition of much of what Moscow's murderers like to call Russian Siberia)
But isn't Communism a dictate from the West?
In spite of all its flaws, the Bush administration had the best idea on how to contain China and keep it on its toes. Their plan was to encircle China with an alliance of democracies - Japan, India, Australia and the US. This is still the best solution to make sure China stops throwing its weight around and maintains at least some level of decency in its actions towards its own citizens as well as towards smaller countries. Apparently the Obama administration needs to learn China's true nature and intentions the hard way, before it follows thru on that plan.
Dream talking which reveals a profound hatred for the Communist party which, to your dismay, is leading China on a right course. We don't deny the ills of our society and system. We are correcting them. We also understand the sentiment of the ill-wishers. We wish they open their eyes wider to the reality and the progress we are making and stop defaming which only makes them look pitiful. Time is on our side.
It is refreshing to see somebody telling the truth which nobody wants to hear. The whole world, including the USA, is paying obeisance to China which is behaving as if it is a law unto itself.Perhaps, the US will muster courage to act once it recovers from its economic slump
A+ Well said.
I hope more Chinese nationals read this article.
Great job Mr. Sorman.
Well thought out and reasoned piece of work.
David Brown aka (Boils) July 11, 2010 at 7:32 PM
I'm just shocked that the descendants of Mao would persecute the innocent. Just shocked. Further I'm astonichsed that the capitalist (read the vampire squid of Godman Sachs)barons of the USA would support this merde. Just shocked. Even further I'm blown away by the fact that our government is bribed into supporting the (Maoist) camp. Just f'ing shocked.