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Harry Stein
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Gutfeld is destined to be under-rated. Which is perfect for those who are aware of him. He is basically an unwitting voice of a generation.
Redeye is too raunchy, sophomoric, crude for my taste at bedtime.
I had no idea that Red-Eye was out there--I'll have to record it (I am far too old to stay up until 3 o'clock--am or pm).
Barbara Rittenberg July 08, 2010 at 5:22 PM
Glad to know you helped Greg get on with his life. My husband, Steve (who thinks Greg is a contemporary version of Ernie Kovacs) and I record the show and watch it whenever we really need to laugh. Why do reviewers assume people only watch it at 3am?
Greg introduced us to Rep. Thaddeus McCotter and continues to attract the most interesting guests.
Thanks for writing a fine, fine article.
And you can track the decline of Men's Health - from a men's magazine to just another metrosexual mag trying to find itself - from the date of Greg's departure.
A couple of years ago I saw '12 Angry Men' again after at least 2 decades, and boy, had my attitude towards the film changed, a reflection of how my perspective on everything has changed since I was young and ignorant. Now I see the same things that Mr. Gutfeld sees. Thanks to Fonda's character that jury turned a young killer loose to kill again.
Brian Richard Allen July 08, 2010 at 4:13 AM
Great review of a well written, witty and entirely enjoyable read. Thank you - B A
I think that the main reason Gutfeld doesn't have a prime-time show is that he isn't as self-consciously cute as Stewart. Maybe if he just did the writing and had some muppet appear for him on-screen...
Damn fine article, damn fine.