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Stefan Kanfer
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There is one big problem with your paean to TCM -- and that's that their rotation shows over and over again the same movies when we all know that they have an inventory that could proverbially run forever without reruns. But we don't see that, we see the same oldies again and again and again...and that's why there is ROKU.
If he could contribute to some other franchises, then we would all be happy! If you think you want to start your own franchise, then check out the franchise directory! You won't need to go anywhere else for help!
In recent years, the attorney general’s office has become a stepping-stone to the governor’s office in Albany—first for Eliot Spitzer and now for Andrew Cuomo, who is virtually certain to be New York’s next governor. That makes it likely that Schneiderman, November’s probable winner in this all-but-one-party state, will soon see himself as a future governor. To give an idea of what the state may have to look forward to: Schneiderman opposes the police practices that have kept crime under control in New York, and he’s promised that Sharpton’s “House of Justice will have an annex in Albany for the first time in the history of this state” when he’s elected. In his victory speech, Schneiderman, like Spitzer a man of considerable wealth and ambition, made it clear that he wasn’t going to tack to the center for the general election. “This is not the time for small ideas, for go along, get along passivity,” he told his supporters. “It is time to think big.”
Unbelievable. It seems to me this journalist is a Ted Turner hater and has not mentioned any of the other good he has done. For instance, did he know that Mr. Turner personally bailed out the U.S. of its dues to the United Nations to the tune of more than $32 million and did not benefit from any tax relief? Did he know that Mr. Turner was the first celebrity to personally donate $1 million to the Haitian situation, or that he sent one of his planes over with medical supplies and transported the injured back to the states? And it seems that he also left out several important facts related to the above quotes. Guess, as usual, it's the media putting their own spin on stories to make them interesting. All in all, it seems that this writer needed to make Mr. Turner the butt of the story to even make this rambling mess a "story." Bottom line, while he trashed Mr. Turner, in the end, he needed him after all.