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Myron Magnet
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What Myron Magnet fails to see is the blanket attack on the “We the People” by corporations, cities, states and Federal departments.

1 Amazon $20 Billion income $150 million loss. IRS loses, but Amazon still wants cheap eBooks!

2 Cities & States TAX “out of towners” with no voting rights for revenue they can't get from voters. The very reason for the USA Revolution!!

3 Federal Departments are Magna Carter Barons with disregard to the legal head Congress and the president!!! See any article of John Crudele of NY Post for Unemployment Fraud, CPI Fraud and the idiots that are Economists. Thank FBI & CIA for 9/11 for their incompetence!!!!

4 And that great president Bush43 for having China & Arabia buy $17 TRILLION in USA DEBT in 13 years!!!!!

5 And finally Bernanke who as an Academic spoke against money printing but was so devoid of ideas as Federal Reserve’s Chairman that he did exactly what he was against as official USA economic policy.

Reality will dawn soon with gnashing of teeth!!!!!
Magnet is a flag-waver of the highest order, one who hoists our flag as a rallying point for patriots ready to defend the United States Constitution. We all desperately need a Magnet who is also his namesake, one who will draw like kind and lead our dying nation back to freedom and dignity.

Within 90 days in office, newly-elected conservatives called upon to put out the fires are infected with the bipartisan sentimentalism at the core of social work, socialism, liberalism, and communism. None can look at suffering without asking what taxpayers can do about it, and passing guilt-relieving laws to do it. Rights are no longer protected because they've become entitlements. Through the dialectic of communism, feeling has at last triumphed over reason. The moral vanity of sentimentality replaces charity, fuels the fires of social justice lays bare the brutality of enforcement.

Some CJ readers may recognize the contribution of Theodore Dalrymple, whose brilliant, Spoilt Rotten, introduces sentimentality as the soft underbelly of the Beast that is ravishing Western civilization.

Sentimentality, to paraphrase, is the innocent disposition of childish compassion, the impulse to help a fellow being, but without the restraint of objective, parental wisdom, i.e., traditional family values of Western civilization. It’s a powerful impulse, perhaps rooted in some evolutionary eddy of Homo sapiens, but one that is naturally exploited by the inbred predatory, communist nature of Homo sapiens.

Bravo, Magnet! Bravo, Dalrymple! Bravo, CJ!
Obama hasn't committed high crimes??? High crimes r not necessarily criminal it is as simple as abuse of power he is guilty of numerous high crimes
As long as barstool Johnny is in charge of the House, there will be no relief and the Republicans will continue to act as the nattering nabobs they truly are.
We write, we write, we
write. We implore, implore, implore. Republican leadership wants to ignore, ignore, ignore. It is time to elect eloquent Republicans who are more interested in defending the Constitution rather than trying to get along with the political culture. We must shape it, not support it.
"It’s past time for Republicans to take action against President Obama’s lawlessness."

Were I you, Mr. Magnet, I shouldn't hold my breath.
@mark U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 9, Clause 7, "No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law". The "law" in this case is the budget passed by the House and Senate and signed by the President. The budget has line items specifying what monies may be drawn for what usage. For the President to draw monies for any use not authorized by the budget would be a criminal violation of the Constitution.
By what means are funds to be denied to the IRS? Who would the House order to freeze their funding?
Our options with respect to a lawless president consist of (1) court actions, (2)impeachment and conviction, and (3) recall by the people. We need not waste time by attempting either of the first two, as their limitations are well known by now. But as the people placed Obama in office, they have the right and the duty to remove him. Even though the law makes no provision for such, there are sufficient precedents for us to call conventions or hold referenda by states to carry out this vital duty. And unlike amending the constitution, a majority will suffice to get it done. Let's begin at once.
"why is the GOP as paralyzed as a deer in the headlights to arrest such a power grab?"

Because this version of the GOP does not want anything bad said about it before the election in Nov. Remember elections? There's always one this year or next. Every 4 years, there's a presidential election. For the last 6 years, the GOP has allowed the Dems to define them. Since the GOP is so inept communications-wise that it cannot make anything positive out of its platforms, and since the media are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic propaganda machine, the GOP is at a permanent disadvantage. Ergo, they try desperately to maintain a low profile so they don't give the MSM anything to seize upon and flog thru the elections.
NO, NO, NO, NO! High Crimes (and misdemeanors) are NOT serious crimes!!! Serious crimes may be dealt with my many means and many laws and many officials. High Crimes are ordinary crimes done by highly placed people, for which it is HARD to prosecute. PLEASE!
Were Gilbert and Sullivan correct?

"I often think it's comical Fal, lal, la!
How Nature always does contrive Fal, lal, la!

That every boy and every gal
That's born into the world alive

Is either a little Liberal
Or else a little Conservative! Fal, lal, la!"

We have always had parties and differences, but never have we had a culture and anti-culture.

Increasingly, our politics reflects a cultural divide that seems more and more an abyss.

One problem confronting us, I think, is that so many of the theoretical notions that helped the founders in constructing our constitution are no longer operative.

The constitution presumes that the Congress will assert an institutional awareness, separate and apart from the individual interests of the separate states and congressional districts, political parties and factions.

It assumes that the House, for instance, will assert its power of the purse against an overweening executive, and that members of all parties will appreciate and understand that they too may be in the minority one day and faced with an arbitrary executive of the other party.

Statesmanship of that sort is on the wane.

The Sixties' radicals have won. They have seized the culture and taught people that the best way to make nonsense of the rule of law is to simply change the meaning of words.

Orwell was off by thirty years. He did not foresee that the Ministry of Truth would include the "independent" media and academia, not to mention the entertainment industry.

The word "marriage" universally understood as late as ten years ago by the Congress and President Clinton to mean the one thing, the one thing it had always meant, has in little more than a decade changed its meaning. Now one must append the word "traditional" to convey the sense of a word that all cultures and civilizations once knew as simply, "marriage."

The news media has a shorter attention span than the average three year old child.

Increasingly, the Congress divests itself of its legislative role, ceding immense rulemaking powers to an administrative state so that "we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it."

Rules used to be employed sparingly to fill in the gaps in statutes; now they have enormous scope, and the actual legislator is a no-name bureaucrat.

The determination of non-profit status could be determined by an independent board at public meetings with a rotating chairperson based on publicly filed documents, though the naming of donors may, as we have seen, would subject them all to harassment if they should be on the wrong side of the politically correct position on social issues.

Forget James Madison. If you want to understand the current administration read your Saul Alinsky, or become a ward leader in Chicago.

We may be in a period when a new party or parties may be forming. I was once a Democrat and later a Republican; now I think of myself as a citizen beset with concerns for the future of my grandchildren, and seeing very little in either party that attracts me.

Burke said that if you expect me to love my country; my country ought to be loveable. Increasingly, I'm afraid I find less and less to like, much less love.

I wish it were not so. Let's hope we regain our collective footing.

Does Hope still spring eternal in the human breast, or is that only at racetracks and Wrigley Field?

Everything I wanted to say Josh said better. I am not a conservative but I read City Journal to learn what my perspective might lack. I don't look here for diatribes like I could hear on Fox News. The comments about Michelle Obama were especially repugnant.
Magnet asks a lot of questions in his first paragraph, then answers [correctly, in my opinion] all of those questions in his third paragraph.

Magnet says Republicans have no Sam Ervin. But they do have Trey Gowdy, who I think would do exactly what Magnet says needs to be done.

Magnet begs for Republicans to use the power of the purse, his third paragraph arguments notwithstanding. Surely his memory of the Alamo of the debt limit fight last year isn't completely gone with the wind? Republicans had all the facts on their side, more than enough monthly federal revenues to pay debt, to pay Social Security, to pay Medicare and to pay most military spending, and still the Democrats "convinced" America that a catastrophic default was inevitable?

Myron: Moses with tablets of facts instead of commandments from Sinai could not convince this willfully ignorant and easily emotionally pandered electorate of even one critically reasoned conclusion!
Seems like an argument for upholding the law, not minding the polling of the folks back home in every district. To uphold the law effectively, purpose and principal must be conveyed to the folks back home and clearly, neither the media nor the Republican "leadership" is up to the task.
Republicans leadership not using its control of the purse strings.
@josh. The exact same can and should be said about Sen. Reid. He is as responsible for this dysfunction as Republicans. Had the Dems placed someone that even vaguely wanted to negotiate much of this gridlock could have been solved. By him not allowing almost no republican amendments on bills when the dems held both houses, it really poisoned the well for working together.
Jaime (retired social worker) August 01, 2014 at 1:23 AM
Very well stated Mr. Magnet.

I am a Mexican-American and former Democrat who is disgusted with the Party, its pandering to Latinos, its socialistic (welfare State), scoff-law ways, "kumbiah" attitude toward Islam, and especially to the host of "cucarachas" like Holder, Pelosi, Reid, and all the rest that live in Obama's shorts.

If I was Black, I'd be very concerned about artificially swelling the Democrat Party with Latinos. Current Democrats might not realize that many of us are conservative in values and traditions .... extended kinship networks and tight family values, strong work ethic, religious, and tired of being defined as victims.

So, basically, I am saying that when Latinos swell the Democrat Party, it will be a case of the "tail wagging the dog" transformation.

So far, the GOP (and Tea Party) are doing the right thing by NOT pandering to Latinos like the Democrats do. Latinos are not stupid ... eventually, we'll figure it out when someone is shucking and jiving us. Then, watch out!

Finally, if I was Black, I'd be much ashamed to have voted for Obama based on race. This guy is nothing less than a shuck and jive mac man.

Mr. Magnet, thanks for stating what needs to be said so clearly.
Hear, HEAR! Well stated, Mr Magnet, well stated!
I don't mind the idea. The key is the rationale that the public can understand. The problem is the entitlement state that's been built up. If the House tries to defund that which it objects, the Democrats can stonewall, threaten the defunding of things people care about, like some entitlements, or default on our debt, and blame Republicans for it at the same time. If the House would bother to go through the effort to inoculate itself from such attacks, it would have a chance. This would require a House leadership that believes in the House as a valuable institution of power that its members would be willing to fight with their life to defend, and not view it as just a stepping stone to higher office. I think the latter is how they view it.
What’s wrong with Republicans?
They are complicit. Both parties argue in public, hang out as best buddies in private. The republic is a show much like WWE.
The other comment calls for the House to repeal a law rather than defund an agency. This betrays a misunderstanding of how laws are made and repealed.

The House, alone, can defund an agency. It need only refrain from authorizing its budget. But the House, alone, cannot repeal a law. The proposed repeal goes to the Senate. If pigs fly and the Senate also votes to repeal the law, then the measure goes to the president for signature. He can veto the repeal.

Pigs will not fly once, much less three times---because the House and the Senate would need 2/3 majorities to force through the repeal over the objections of the president.

Drastic cuts to the IRS budget are irresponsible. But repeal of the law in question is altogether impossible under current or foreseeable circumstances.
I turn to City Journal for informed center-right ideas to challenge my own center-left inclinations. This unhinged rant is a disservice to CJs tradition of high-minded discourse.

Problem with a single IRS administrator? How about, instead of destroying an important law enforcement agency, repealing the law that made the IRS responsible for campaign finance compliance? And while we're at it, how about properly funding the IRS so it can do its main job more effectively. Magnet's proposal sounds suspiciously like a get out of jail free card for tax cheats.

Rather than get in Obama's face about the NLRB appointments, why not focus on the sham "sessions" that Congress claimed to call to order for the sole purpose of obstructing duly authorized agencies from effectively doing their assigned tasks?

Before the Myron Magnet's of the world took over the Republican Party, conservatives used to understand that society ran on traditions and compliance with codes of conduct that placed the individual in the service of a larger calling. Mr. Magnet's decent into the scorched earth theatrics of the Ted Cruzes of the world is sad for City Journal, those conservatives committed to reasoned discourse, and this country.