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Ben Boychuk
The “Affirmative Consent” Trap « Back to Story

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Dr. Giraud H. Hope, Ph.D. August 07, 2015 at 11:32 AM
Greetings Ben; I read your article in the Charlotte Observer here in North Carolina, and found your view regarding the institutional racism in the matter of slavery, interesting. Your opinion grew from the reading of the book written by Te Naji (I believe I have that right). Anyway, my opinions are in my book regarding the disproportionate incarceration and senseless killing of Black men in America by police. I think we may agree that the matter of economics and socioeconomic status is more a variable than race in the matters of concern, and would invite you to respond to my opinions given my experiences. My book is titled "Black in Prison, Black in Office" it's on Amazon in the book store. I look forward to your response, until then be well.
Feminists have re-defined rape to mean, "consensual sex that a woman later regrets".
Feminists fail to realize that the most likely outcome of such legislation and lowering of standards of evidence will be that every consensual sexual encounter will most likely be followed by the immediate murder of the woman.

If it is likely a man will be branded a rapist for a consensual sex act, effectively ending his life, he may as well take his chances with the electric chair as allow the woman to possibly later decide to report him to the corrupt authorities for a crime he did not commit and against which he has no possible way of defending himself.

When consensual sex is criminalized as an act of violence, only violent criminals will have sex.

This is why women or their interest groups should have nothing to do with the legal system. It is not an Etch-A-Sketch that you write whatever you want on and it just sits there staticly, it is a delicately balanced system of incentives.

If you make it less worth a man's efforts to engage in consensual sex than rape and murder, then he will choose rape and murder.

And before you condemn men for this, look what happened when they applied the same reasoning to women in divorce court and family formation, making it less attractive for a woman to remain married to the biological father of her children. Now women frequently bring child molesters home with them as temporary boyfriends who go on to be the primary sexual abusers,closely followed by the biological mother herself.

You can't legislate away human nature.

This asinine measure is the best way to raise the rate of rape and murder of women one could possibly imagine. Yes,I know, the dull-witted among you still don't get it. After my lengthy explanation of the exact measure at work,no less.

No matter, simply remember I said it and watch what happens on California campuses so that the simple law of cause and effect may finally penetrate your useless atrophied little mass of gray matter. If a law does not take into account a true understanding of human nature, it is less than worthless,it is dangerous.
We are at the Mad Hatter's tea party. The very feminists and their allies who encouraged women to adopt the odious easy sexuality "Playboy" philosphy are now shocked at its ramifications and suddenly everything is rape. That they might endorse sexual restraint for men and women is hopelessly outdated in their eyes and would impinge on a woman's "freedom".
Why doesn't anybody in the US call out these idits who lie about rape statistics?
"Second, anyone getting drunk enough to not be able to "consent" already consented by their getting drunk in a risky situation."

Just like any drunk who is rolled for his dough already consented to gifting his money to the people who mug him?
"Second, anyone getting drunk enough to not be able to "consent" already consented by their getting drunk in a risky situation."
@Linnea "A rapist is now released into society to threaten other women. Is that what we want?"
Forcible rape was the last non-murder capital crime. That was undone by judges not by legislators. My father told me a story, when he was fighting in France in WW2, when two GIs "got a little carried away" one night with two Army nurses. The Army hunted them down, court-martialed them, sentenced them to death, and they were hanged, as many GIs witnessing the event as possible. "It made an impression on you" my father said. But that was forcible rape not emotional discontent with no evidence of violence.
Why isn't the California legislature attempting to punish the state courts for "failing" to prosecute rape cases? The answer is because it's easier to bully schools than courts. And besides, school administrators already have no respect for the rule of law, so they'll be happy to oblige.
@ Linnea, What we want is the disenfranchisement of men and boys by any and every means available. That expelled young man represents one less patriarchally privileged job candidate for women to compete against. It is not merely hysteria, it is gender warfare.
Let's try requiring “ongoing” “affirmative consent” of the public throughout “a (legislative) activity” first.
The old people dont like the young people getting themselves some sex.
Rape and sexual assault are serious crimes - and as such should and must be dealt with by sworn members of the American justice system.

If a rape/assault is committed on campus, the case should be reported to and transferred to local police and court systems.

But progressives are pushing very hard to create politically motivated, government mandated star chambers on America's campuses.

These chambers of "social justice" are run by bureaucrats driven by their desire to maintain funding - and that funding only happens when, guilty or not, male heads roll.

The government and college administrations are creating leftist experiments in extra-constitutional, dictatorial oppression of the hated male and destruction of the fundamental female-male relationship.

Progressive politics and social engineering is devolving our nation into an oppressive, dystopian parody of civilization...
Rape is a crime that is to be reported to, and investigated by, the police. Colleges have no business investigating alleged crimes. Why is this not obvious? Disciplinary action can be taken afterwards.
The problem is that they are trying to criminalize normal sexual relations between young adults. The large majority of these sexual assaults either involve the young women getting drunk, hooking up, and regretting it later, sometimes up to a year or so later, or people who have already had intimate relations together.
As a 45 year old, I hope women are different than the 80-90s .....every women I slept with only gave me a grunt or two:) I hope "the look" and "grunt" are covered under affirmative permission.
Really ???

" The consequences for student assailants are “not significant enough to act as a deterrent,” he warned—failing to consider that perhaps the problem of campus sexual violence isn’t as widespread as he’d been led to believe. In any event, Williams’s point was unmistakable: California’s universities had better start punishing more alleged offenders, or there will be consequences for the universities."

First, the requirement is that schools report student allegations of these felonies to police.

Second, rape is rape.

Earlier generations did not have the date-rape drugs in the mix -- often roofies+E -- where rape becomes as easy as running a STOP sign. Try to get over your concern for rapists. Poor babies.
And girls don't lie. This is a solution in search of a non-existent problem. Cry rape and you have control. Great lesson for girls to learn in college.
This movement is incredibly disturbing. It illustrates a couple key points. First of all, those with power eventually abuse it. So it is vital for humanity to limit such power and respect individual rights. Secondly, emotion often trumps reason. The emotional reaction to crime leads to excesses such as this which create even greater human misery and injustice.

In the case of alleged sex crimes, hysteria seems to trump basic reason even in this modern age. This leads to great injustices and crimes perpetrated against the accused. Even today, many innocent people (mostly men) are tried and convicted of sex crimes without any reliable objective evidence. In one notorious example, a clearly innocent family running a day care center in Massachusetts (Fells Acres) was imprisoned and essentially destroyed by such hysteria. Even when cleared of charges, the accused have been incredibly damaged.

It is astonishing that we have learned little or nothing in the hundreds of years since the horrors of the Salem witch trials.

The crusade on college campuses is essentially a war on all men or a modern day witch hunt. It is obscene.
I've seen the question asked before but not the answer. Why are Americans sending their daughters to college if there's a one in four chance that they'll be sexually assaulted or raped? The category is in any case too unspecific. It's like saying 100 people were killed or injured in an explosion when two were killed and 98 injured. Proportion matters to anyone who's not trying to make an ideological point. Sexual assault covers everything from a maladroit fumble to violent rape.
For a bit of balance:

"An Open Letter to Higher Education about Sexual Violence [on campus]"

See the list of incredible false claims, after which is said, "We could go on and on with a litany of these complicated and conflicting cases."

Here's an analysis of the open letter:

Why gender equality is still a long way off:

“The Doctrinaire Institute for Women's Policy Research: A Comprehensive Look at Gender Equality”

Iowahawk said it best:

"If I understand college administrators correctly, colleges are hotbeds of racism and rape that everyone should be able to attend."
As a woman who went to college, I don't believe the 20% statistic either. If rape were really THAT COMMON, I would have heard something about some girl being attacked somewhere. As it was, I didn't hear a single rumor, story, or suggestion. I don't deny that college rapes occur, just not at the ridiculous frequency cited.

Rape is a crime like murder or stabbing. It needs to be handled by the police. Schools are not designed to handle felonies. If a school finds a young man guilty according to a preponderance of the evidence, he is expelled, not imprisoned. A rapist is now released into society to threaten other women. Is that what we want?
Seems a bunch of money grubbing sociopaths masquerading as "lawmakers" are trying to "fix" a problem that already has several cures. First, if anyone does NOT desire to engage in sexual activity with any other person, simply say so, and that should end it. Further "touching" is assault. But then, our own TSA perpetrate this on a regular basis, and "who cares" (other than their victims?). Second, anyone getting drunk enough to not be able to "consent" already consented by their getting drunk in a risky situation. Third, the nonsense of waiting until the next day to decide you really did not want to participate the night before does not make the activity of the previous night a crime.

I too do not believe the 20-25% rate... I've spent enough time in college, both public and private, to KNOW the rate is a tiny fraction of that. I am aware, however, that there exist some number of cases where someone violently assaults and rapes another.... and for THESE cases there is really only one permanent cure... potential victims, particularly women and more so those who must be about campus districts alone at night, need to have the ability to arm themselves. Sorry, but that female "lawmker" in COlorado is dead wrong... peeing or barfing on a rapist is no deterrent. This new law seens to be more about protecting the revenue streams for colleges than solving any real problem. Let's hope California's legislative body sends this one down the road. Stupid people got no sense.
Sex solely inside of marriage? Consider the number of men driven to internet porn by their wive's episodic interest in sex into today's secular world. Then compare it to the Muslim world view considered here:
Any male on a college campus who dates a female student is crazy. Camera phones and voice recorders are going to become staples of college dating. On the other hand, maybe these measures will prevent students from having sex outside of marriage, which I find to be a very good thing.
The liberal legislators of human behavior may eventually succeed where church morality has failed: they will stamp out all vestiges of premarital sex with the threat of non-eternal damnation.

Of course, they probably won't stop there. Next up: a requirement for signed consent forms in marriages, which also won't be worth the paper they're printed on.