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Myron Magnet
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Two points: it is not clear the local underclass would step up and take the lawn-mowing jobs even if our friends from the south were not around to take them. Quite possible that these people are just willing to work harder to support their families. In my experience of immigrants from Latin America, the men have the quaint notion that it is their responsibility to marry and support their families, in fact it is honorable to do so. It appears some of our local underclass have long ago shed such old-fashioned notions. Second: having worked in a US school which is probably 90% Hispanic, I have heard from many little kids (who have come from places like Guatemala as toddlers) that the reason they came to the US was to get an education. Education is important to these families and their actions bear it out: the kids pay attention in school, they behave, they are polite, and so forth. Again, such quaint attitudes are absolutely not typical of our local underclass whom I also "taught" (or tried) in the LES of NYC. I said two points, but let me add a third. The immigrants from the south are Christian, they share our broader Judeo-Christian ethic, and they do not want to replace democracy with their own repressive system/religion or kill us, as many immigrants to Europe want to do to there. In this sense, if we have to have immigrants, we are blessed to have such as these, in my opinion. The shambolic and disgraceful process by which they are allowed to get here, and whether there are other immigrant pools that would be even better for us to draw from are of course separate questions.
The most troubling thought about all of this that Obama's adjenda is far more dark that just plain politics.
The United States admits more lawful immigrants than the rest of the world combined.

It is not enough, or so we are told.

We are tolerant of illegal immigration; we want our pizza delivered on time, and Industry wishes to save a dime.

Our social fabric is in shreds, and we are Bowling Alone, as Prof. Robert Putnam puts it in his book of that name. In part this is due to the impact of mass immigration, legal and illegal since 1965.

The Democrats want votes and see immigrants as a footstool to achieve political power. The Republicans think cheap labor is the only consideration, and damn the social costs such as the impact on our public schools.

Some years back National Review did a study on the ease that the 9-11 hijackers had in circumventing our immigration laws. Of equal importance, certainly, were the vast stretches and plentiful cubbyholes where these twenty malefactors could pass unnoticed. I also note the absurdity of providing places where they could learn to fly without learning how to land, and how to raise any question about this anomaly might prejudice one's career in law enforcement.

Illegal immigration benefits the few; its costs are socialized.

Arizona is supposed to have Federal enforcement of the immigration laws, and the courts say that it has no residual sovereignty, or police power, to protect itself from being overrun.

Meanwhile, in other states and cities the local governments announces that it will not cooperate in the enforcement of Federal laws on immigration, and declare themselves sanctuaries for those evading the immigration law.

The elites of both parties agree that this is how it should be.
National Day Of Protesting Against Amnesty & The Border Surge!

HUNDREDS of locations around the country listed for protests this Friday & Saturday!

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Peter Schaeffer July 16, 2014 at 4:42 AM
Aaron Jacobs,

Yes, low-skill immigrants are massively handout dependent and they take jobs from Americans. Check the facts. All job growth since 2000 has gone to immigrants even though the native labor force has continued to expand.

The low wages earned by unskilled immigrants ensure that they will be massive users of the welfare state (and many don't work at all). In a welfare state, poor people are a burden. Why would imported poor people be any different.
Peter Schaeffer July 16, 2014 at 4:39 AM
Sam Abrams,

Check the facts. Murder rates in Central America are generally lower (in some cases much lower) than American cities. For example, the murder rate in Guatemala is lower than Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Newark. The murder rate in Nicaragua is much lower than Chicago.

Also note that crime is declining in much of the region. The illegal alien surge is a response to Obama's Amnesty promises... Nothing more. Nothing less. Ask the illegals. 95% mention the prospect of getting a 'permiso'.
Gates, Buffet, Zuckerberg et al care not a whit for the United States or Americans. They are globalists through and through. Whatever facilites the flow of cash into the coffers of the business they work so hard to keep politically fashionable and highly profitable is good, and anything that impedes the money to them is bad.

Shoot, Gates and Buffet are doing all they can to found this new world, without borders of any sort, a fully fledged consumer culture. Their children and grandchildren will rue the havoc they wreak, but Bill and Warren are in the pink!

And no, there is ZERO market indication that the US does not mint enough fully qualified high tech types to fully staff the companies based here. The reason the globalists want more international workers is simply to break down nations, and keep wages lower than would otherwise prevail.
Very well said , indeed. I would thank you in particular for reminding us that these Silicon Valley big shots did plead out to wage fixing charges , charges that would have been Page 1 material and congressional hearings other than they are uniformly democrats , big donor democrats . These thugs , in their Armani jackets and designer jeans , are no different than the Robber Barons of old .
An excellent article.

In 1954 I tried to immigrate to the U.S with my brand-new First Class Honors Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds. I was told there was a three year waiting period. So I went to Canada instead.

At that time, each immigrant to the U.S. had to prove that he would be an asset to the country. Relatives of immigrants were not permitted to enter based on the family relationship. Each immigrant had to justify his worth to the U.S. and prove he would not be a burden to the taxpayer.

Years later, a foolish law was passed that changed all this. Now an immigrant can bring his elderly relatives, juvenile siblings, etc to the U.S. to become a burden on the taxpayer.

Such a shame!
Actually, Tina Trent, the self-employment tax rate for 2014 is 15.3% (source: What's more, you get no income tax deduction for the so-called employee's share of the payroll tax; you pay income tax on half of the payroll tax. President Obama has lied like hell about any number of things. Calling amnesty "immigration reform" is certainly a prominent example. Yet, nearly as great a fib is his feign of concern for income inequality. He calls it "the defining challenge of our time" and his solution to it is to aggravate it by admitting millions of illegal aliens who are nearly all poor. Among the baleful consequences will be a big increase in tax evasion and intensified competition for tax loopholes. Illegal aliens pay little in taxes even when they aren't working off the books. When the burden of income transfers becomes insupportable, wealthy Americans will buy more tax favors from Congress while middle-class Americans will evade taxes as much as they practically can. This can be countered only by expanding the enforcement powers of the IRS, a much hated and feared federal agency whose executives answer questions about how they do their jobs by taking the Fifth Amendment.
Well said.

I note that in Switzerland and Japan there are patriotic billionaires. Not so in the USA.

Here's hoping some patriotic Teamsters Union members work over these filthy rich #*($% who demand endless supplies of cheap immigrant labor. Slave owners in the Confederacy were on balance kinder to their workers than these modern day slave owners.
We mostly agree, Jack. But most of the SSI/Medicaid/Medicare withholding phases out at a ceiling of appx. $114K. For the self-employed, who pay the whole nut, that's 12.9% of everything you make, largely before deductions.

Other taxes that support illegal immigrants also land heavily on middle and working class budgets because they're local and county-level. School taxes, for example. Bill Gates and his peers aren't paying to educate these kids -- we are.

But the religious institutions are certainly raking it in. This is a massive windfall for Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, JSS and several other denominations -- big money in resettlement and service provision, including administering medicaid (and accompanying corruption, which is huge), WIC, housing vouchers, etc. I once worked in that industry, and it's a major source of income for pretty much every religious order big enough to participate. Then they have to gall to chide us from the altar, as we pay for it and they profit from it. Pretty ugly stuff. Vigorously ecumenical, though.
"...changing the character of the American people."

And yet you don't think millions of Asians will do the same?
Very interesting article. Certainly arguments can be made against having more higher educated people come here. But, those issues are much less painful to the country as a whole than the problem we are now experiencing at the border.
Tina Trent, you are correct that this is a class war. We'll get immigration enforcement when illegal aliens take the jobs and undermine the wages of American lawyers, college professors and newspaper editors instead of American construction workers, meat cutters and mechanics. I'll disagree with you, though on the tax issue. There is no taxable wage base for Medicare tax. The taxpayer pays 3% on his earned income no matter how high. By the time that earned income passes $450,000 he is paying more in Medicare tax than Social Security tax. A ballplayer who earns $10 million pays $300,000 in Medicare tax on it and it is unlikely he'll ever get his money's worth.
You're too easy on the techoligarchic traitors.

Since nobody pays social security over, what, an income of $114K per year, it is the hard-working middle and lower-middle classes that are paying for illegal immigration. Even your average corporate lawyer pays less than the guy fixing your car -- and guess which one has the nanny and yardman?

This is a class war, and we might as well start calling it that. It's a war against the middle and working classes by the rich and and the poor.
Patrick MacKinnon July 14, 2014 at 12:50 AM
Of course I forgot my history. Before the US started this terrible drug trade all of the South American children lived idyllic lives
and poverty was unknown so they had no desire to come to America. As a matter of fact US parents wanted to smuggle their children into South America.
Don't you feel the guilt. Isn't t it great to wallow in it and atone for our sins?
" a street culture that turns immigrants into gangstas as easily as it turns them into tycoons or dentists" Uhhh, sure.
The refugees flooding across our southern border are fleeing raging gang warfare. In the narco-states of Central America, as the cartels compete for the American nose, many innocent bystanders are gunned down, whole villages are burned.

Since our drug addiction is the root of the problem, we owe them a welcome
I always forget - are the immigrants taking all our jobs and letting their uneducated children run riot;

or are they taking all our welfare money and sending their children to school on our dime?

Or both at the same time?