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Steven Greenhut
Redevelopment Resurrection? « Back to Story

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Very Interesting....
Steven Greenhut May 27, 2014 at 4:19 PM
Redevelopment agencies were "pro-business" only in the sense that subsidizing politically well-connected big businesses and destroying small businesses (through eminent domain and regulatory takings) is "pro-business." This is the kind of policy that any believer in free markets should be glad to be rid of, whatever Brown's rationale may have been.
So much for being pro business. While there were abuses, much of what redevelopment agencies did was good for the economy. You think Texas lures our businesses away with the great weather?
What Brown found was that abolishing the agencies didn't really get the state as much money as he thought, and created a big headache in managing all the property. And now the state has to do the economic development. And we all know how good they are.