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Aaron M. Renn
Rahm Emanuel’s Nightmare « Back to Story

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Maryknollers: Missionairies for Marx
I'm voting for Rahm again. He governs as a centrist. It's understandable that a city of dependents would take issue at the teat being taken away.

The alternative is most certainly another failed Midwest city. No thanks.
Andrea Ostrov Letania May 30, 2014 at 7:28 AM
"Other critics have grown weary of Emanuel’s stage-crafted “Rahmbo” image. The Chicago Tribune unearthed e-mails showing that the producers of CNN’s reality TV program, Chicagoland, coordinated shooting of the show with Emanuel’s staff in a way designed to make the mayor look good."

Jews run the media and government. Gangsterist tribal collusion.
However bad you think Rahn Emanuel is his replacement will be infinitely worse.
"Anyone that attempts to fix the city whether on the Left or Right would have to attack bloated government."

End stage disease looks like Detroit. The question is will the residual residents react even in those circumstances.
Ultimately, state law governing local governments has to permit a sensible resolution to certain question. Some measures:

1. An end to collective bargaining for public employees;

2. A transition to defined contribution programs for public employee retirement. There should be no 'employers' contribution', just a flat assessment on the employee's stated compensation with an option for the employee to add to that per his discretion;

3. A transition to flat assessments on the body of public employees and legatees to finance fringe benefits such as medical insurance. Just randomly assign employee and legatee households to cohorts and have insurers bid to fulfill a service contract on the cohort. The prize for the insurer is the body of premiums assessed. The bid is in the form of the deductibles they would impose in order to fulfill the contract;

4. Require civil service examinations for recruitment and promotion to any post bar designated patronage positions; allow discretionary dismissal of any public employee (subject to a quick and dirty review by a hearing examiner to determine if there is evidence the dismissal was undertaken for one of a half-dozen impermissible reasons).


This would at least render compensation levels for public employees more transparent and place public employee compensation on a more predictable trajectory. It would also improve labor discipline in the public services.
I detest Rahm but this is yet another example of how democracy is only as good as the people voting. Anyone that attempts to fix the city whether on the Left or Right would have to attack bloated government. Chicago schools are being depopulated with middle class residents decamping from minority areas to the suburbs.

You can't keep schools open with little students but folks can't seem to grasp that.
Dorian Myrickes May 25, 2014 at 10:05 AM
Thank you . It's time to rid the city with these politicians who only look out for elites. And not working class or poor people. Inclusion.
The city is safe to me, at least in my north side neighborhood. And I travel all around the city and never have a problem. As far as jobs for unskilled workers, that's the problem, they are unskilled. No mayor can just snap their fingers and bring in thousands of jobs for the unskilled. And Chicago, not being a port city like New York or LA and with worse weather has a harder time recruiting companies and job creators.
I'm voting for Amara:
Carole Anderson May 24, 2014 at 4:29 PM
....and yet, would it even occur to anybody to at least TRY a conservative in there? Not only no...but, hell no!
Maybe Marion Barry will be available to make the other 92% of blacks happy! After all, Barry Obama tallied 98%!
Toni Preckwinkle is more of the same, deep in the corrupt crook county democratic party. Nothing would change under Preckwinkle and things MUST change! The budget cuts Rahm have made have overwhelmingly hurt the poor and middle class. The city hall cuts he's made have been rank and file workers, not upper management. Five years ago you could call for a city building inspector and have one out within days. Now the wait is 4 to 6 weeks. Slumlords now get away with murder because the departments that oversee rental housing have been decimated. Schools are closed and mental health clinics, but there are millions for Marriot and $9 million for new furniture for the CPS' new headquarters because the old stuff doesn't match the modern decor.

There is no budget crisis. There is a crisis of priorities.

Amara Enyia, a challenger to Rahm the press is not covering, would close corporate loopholes and institute a financial transactions tax on millionaires' stock market transactions. But Rahm won't touch that because the 1% is his donor base. He'd rather destroy the communities of this city who are dying a death by a thousand cuts.

This has GOT to stop. Now.
Gee, but I thought he was a genius, that's what the media said, and a tough guy to boot.
Turns out he's just another media creation, a flop, an overrated buffoon. I wonder if this has started to occur to him? Or other leftist bumblers, like say the fool Obama, a little doubt creeping in?
Sadly, Rahm hasn't accomplished anything since being elected Mayor. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate him a 1. Same as Richard Daley. Rahm said we lost a decade under Daley, well guess what? We're quickly approaching 2 decades with him as our current Mayor. Our city is in dire need of a leader capable of creating an environment that grows businesses in all industries. Rahm seems to only focus on the tech industry. I can understand technology being the driving industry of the the day but where are the industrial and manufacturing jobs? Where's the diversity? Part of reducing the crime rate is having jobs for unskilled people in the city as well. Where's the innovation and creativity?

Next: Our roads are in complete shambles. I travel the country at least every other week and Chicago is the only city in the Great Lakes Region where our roads are not being reconstructed.

Back to crime. The city needs more police officers to combat open air drug dealing, gang banging and gun trafficking. The city is under siege by drugs. The city is not safe despite what you hear, where you live and how much you make.

Then we have issues with schools, corruption, money grabbing schemes, high unemployment, low city morale, high taxes, misappropriation of city funds, lack of over-sight, illegal TIF spending, lack of city landscape upkeep, and so on.

Name a single improvement that Rahm Emanuel has made since taking over the Mayoral position from our previous crooked Mayor, Richard Daley? I cannot tell the difference.
Francis Figliola May 23, 2014 at 7:02 PM
After all of this time, since the first elected official was incarcerated, it seems the electorate can't make intelligent choices. They vote with their party, not with their brains.
Emanuel should try blaming the Federal Government and throwing his main benefactor, the President, under the bus. He can rest assured that if Obama were in his shoes, and had no Republicans to blame in a majority Democratic city, he would throw the blame anywhere but himself.
Rahm's opponents are all racists who don't want to see a black mayor succeed. Hey, it's worth a shot. It worked for Obama