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Joel Zinberg
Obamacare Is Awesome! « Back to Story

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Nathaniel Reichek May 25, 2014 at 2:12 AM
Unfortunately, the worst effects of the ACA are still to come. Whatever good it does for those among the 10% uninsured who actually get coverage, for 90% of Americans many of the consequences offer looming disaster, akin to neurosurgery done with a sledge hammer. Controlling costs simply by reducing reimbursement to hospitals and doctors, rather than providing a rational system to eliminate unnecessary testing and care has meant throwing the baby out with the bath. In addition, many hospitals are now in economic jeopardy. Some will close, thanks to reduced reimbursement, reductions in government support for training residents and elimination of so called "disproportionate share" subsidies to hospitals serving the uninsured poor(yes, the ACA does not eliminate this problem). Others are no longer in your network, so you can't go there any more. Older physicians are retiring en masse, while younger ones are all being hired by hospitals, raising costs. But the majority of primary care will soon be delivered by nurse practitioners, physician assistants and "doc-in-a-box" urgent care facilities, while specialist care becomes less accessible. What a great job. Awesome indeed.
spec operations May 21, 2014 at 6:03 AM
And this week we find out the massive tax-funded insurance industry bail-out that the Administration and Congressional Dems denied would ever transpire is in the works to cover insurer losses and suppress premium raises in time for the 2014 and 2016 elections.

And, remember how Obamacare supporters trumpeted the fair and efficient government-run health services of the VA? Now, whistleblowers are telling us about secret wait lists that ignore critically ill veterans and thereby function as de facto death panels?

No HOPE AND spare CHANGE is what we'll be left with, thanks to the Unaffordable Care Act.
I feel very sorry for those younger folks who are basically being raped for the baby boomers. This is nothing short of robbery. And it totally blows a hole in the Constitution, which now isn't worth the parchment its written on.

This is all going to be a moot point anyway when in 2025 (that's only 11 years!) Medicaid is done. Its own actuary has stated this. There simply isn't any money. To give you some idea. If we abolished out military and applied all that money to Medicare and Medicaid, they would only get another 18 months of life.

Just because you're a socialist, the laws of economics still apply.
spec operations May 16, 2014 at 5:32 AM
Let's not be so myopic. The ACA may only afford a dismal view for now, sure, but on the horizon awaits a beautiful dystopia of elites and their ward-subjects that it will help make possible.

Beside being designed to fail so that the US is "forced" to go to an EU-Canadian single-payer government-run system under that other awesome Clinton in a few years, precursor Obamacare was instituted as a domestic control mechanism for a long-range agenda that includes:

1) the collection of medical, demographic, biometric, and DNA data on every citizen and resident

2) the meting out or denial of health services on a partisan and government sympathist reward-punishment basis

3) the enforcement of mandatory shots, chip tagging, Big Brother nagging, and bio-tech modifications of body and brain to enhance or suppress.

So there you go, Obamacare will be much, much awesomer, just as promised!
The "alternative" has been on Eric Cantor's website for several years now for those who REALLY want to see a plan that will work, save money AND preserve the best quality health care system in the world.
What a disaster this law has been. 75%+ of the "enrollees" are signing up for "free" MediCaid - thus burdening the state's taxpayers with even higher taxes.
EVERYONE's premiums have gone up and deductibles have skyrocketed even as the rest of the economy is in the tank.
What is your alternative proposal for American health care? In Laymen's Language, for folks like me, that is, non-physicians who are parents of three children.
I'm interested for a number of reasons. I'm covered in Europe, where even with non-private insurance, I have gotten good care. When we come to NYC, if anything goes wrong, it's almost impossible to find a doctor who will see us, even if I offer to pay cash on the spot.
OK, Dr. Zinberg. I guess we were better off when 15% of the population didn't have ANY health insurance, and many others were subject to denial of services or cancellation at the first sign of illness? And anyone could go to the emergency room and receive services, and the providers had no means of obtaining payment? It should be noted that hospitals are closing in the states that refused to expand Medicaid, because they can't make it financially. Back in Pres. Reagan's day, it was decided that emergency medical care is a right of all Americans, but until now, there has been no mechanism to pay for it. Your comments may be correct and apt, but what is needed are solutions to the situation, and not just criticism. Every other advanced nation has found a means to provide and pay for medical services for all their citizens. What is wrong here in the US of A?
The real story is services provided to Americans:

-- Exchange QHPs = 8,140,000 on May 11, 2014

7,300,000 have paid with another 480,000 transferred to different coverages.

-- New Medicaid/CHIP = 6,080,000 to 8,340,000

-- Some 550,000 "woodworker" individuals were signed up for Medicaid who already qualified for Medicaid WITHOUT the Democratic Party-pushed program called Medicaid Expansion

-- The other main PPACA features such as keeping children on policies to age 26, prohibiting bad cancellations, discouraging fraudulent medical referrals, and the host of other reforms

Or do the drunken rants of Paleoconservatism so obscure the City Journal world view that millions of happy voters have disappeared ???

Republicans have been getting a bit over 30% of the votes from households with incomes below $35,000. Obviously, that's way too high. Why should people vote for a political party that wants to feed them to lions?
Jose, Romney Care and Obama Care are NOT identical twins. Obama Care is ominous, expensive, and is turning out to be Obama's swan song. Obama Care will be forever the anchor 'round Obama's neck, and a nightmare to pay for.
Longdrycreek Ranch May 15, 2014 at 4:43 AM
The D.C. insiders may indeed tout Obamacare. But "Tout" is as worthless
as a race horse tip or an effort to praise or promote a cause that is unworthy
of praise.
In effect, to tout is a con job. Obama is the Big Con, aided by the Democrats and
the In House bureaucrats or big business that stand to reap a large harvest of cash. May 15, 2014 at 3:19 AM
To all those who think the government will take care of them: observe how the government took care of the american indians.
If Obamacare is so bad then why did Romney invent it?
The beat goes on.
Stephen Klausner May 14, 2014 at 8:38 PM
I thank G-d that I am old enough for Medicare and, consequently, I am not caught up in this Obamacare debacle. My regrets and sympathy to the rest of you.
That which is subsidized is overconsumed: housing, medical care, unemployment insurance, credit, cellphones, food. What we should be subsidizing is exercise, work, and libraries.
As a physician I'm still struggling to understand Phase 2 of "Meaningful Use"

It appears impossible to reach the stated goals.
Eat as the omnivore (both plant and animal food) that humans are, exercise more than a couch potato, and sleep as much as you need - presto! O-bomber care becomes irrelevant.
Since reimbursement rates for Medicaid do not cover the fixed cost of their practice very few doctors will even agree to see Medicaid patients.

So we now have more folks lied to by Barry et al about another "free stuff" reason to vote early and often.