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Stephen Eide
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Thank you, Mr. Eide, for this sensible report about the folly averted at 42nd Street. Oddly enough, the stacks will remain empty. If it is to cost $22 million to house about 1.4 million of the stacks' books in an as yet uncompleted repository under Bryant Park, would it not make more sense to improve the existing air-conditioning and sprinkler system in the stacks, even if it costs the $46 million that the Library claims, so as to house the 3.2 million that the Library removed from the stacks? Some people also worry about underground storage if the water level rises in the city owing to global warming. In any case, readers in the branches can be glad that funds diverted from a costly and wrong-headed plan will now be used to improve libraries in their neighborhoods.
Hard to imagine deBlasio contributed anything here, but let's give the devil his due lol