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Heather Mac Donald
Majorities, Minorities, and Mismatches « Back to Story

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Hey BAZZ - your comments are right on - "Women Accept Responsibility! Women do the punishment and not the victimhood."

And so you stand with all of us who advocate concealed carry ...

Quotamayor is the single clearest example of just how massively destructive the Supreme Court can be.

It needs to be rolled back to the much much modest roll envisioned for it by the founders.
I have reason to believe that the majority of illegal immigrants - or undocumented humans, are from Mexico and Central America. This has a negative impact on illegal immigrants from Haiti as well as from African and Asian nations, as they are underrepresented. I am hoping that this injustice will be thoroughly investigated by civil rights organizations.
For a well written piece called "How Diversity Damages Justice", see:

Two quotes from this piece totally torpedo Soto Mayor's "wise Latina judge" argument:

"This difference-makes-a-difference approach to justice has killed stone dead the notion of justice as an objective and universal norm. If there is a perspective on justice that is influenced by the judge’s background and experience, then justice can never be either objective or universal. Justice would be subjective and influenced by a person’s immutable personal characteristics - no amount of reason or debate could result in a universally held view."

"...justice is either influenced by personal characteristics or it is not. Justice is either gender-neutral or it is not. Justice is either universal or it is particular. Those who consider the personal characteristics of judges to be so important as to warrant the use of quotas to ensure a diverse judiciary ... or as to warrant affirmative action ... see justice as being influenced by personal characteristics."

In the U.S. it used to be that, say, "the Joneses" were the personification of society's shared values. Now, according to the article above, "Today’s judges are expected to refer to the white, black, Asian, gay or straight man and woman on the bus, train and bicycle across the land and even then make adjustments for a whole host of other personal characteristics. This is an approach to justice that makes consensus impossible; indeed, it makes justice impossible."

I encourage other readers to use the link above for more a very articulate argument about how "diversity" is destroying justice and by extension one of the founding principles of the unity of our nation -- "E Pluribus Unum".

@Bazz. Excuse me, but I really didn't get any of that. Really.
"........supposed to rest on reason, not subjective experience and belief."

There is a letter of the law reality in USA today that reflects the worst founding fathers Puritanism. It makes the witch trials of old look positively liberal ever when viewed with their ignorance. The reality TV Cop shows give the puritan policeman an advantage that never occurred in the past the video record of entrapment and self confession of the accused. There is no need for a judge or jury because the "Victim admits his crime" go directly to jail do not pass go (court) do not collect $200. It makes female rape victimhood look positively supreme court and racism non existent. There is an us and them mentality in law enforcement that will effect the community that is USA, so much so that I believe USA won't survive to its 250 anniversary with consequent upheaval that will make the French "terror" of 1790s look like a Sunday school picnic.

But its worse the Fortune 500 have the where with all to bribe via election contributions the Congress so much so that GM's Welch demands that the USA tax take is too high. A point Amazon the elephant in the Apple e-books antitrust case gives $2 in $1000 income tax to USA -- thats 0.2% -- and Welch thinks that’s high. I likewise accuse Apple in legally designing their income to minimize Uncle Sam's take.

The is also a voter resistance to increased taxes but a "Fundamental Right" almost cut in stone to the luxuries that that tax provides. The city and state can only get tax income from "NON VOTERS THAT SERIDEPENDOUSLY HAVE HAD SOME COMMERCE IN THE CITY OR STATE. THIS WAS THE VERY CAUSE OF USA's war of independence. AND NO ONE SEE THE IRONY OR DANGER TO USA.

There are so many signs that USA will self destruct!

The female call of "Rape" when her purity is questioned is another sign. And the racism of a minor class most aptly shown by Jews -- one rule in USA and a different rule in Israel!!

Your quote I see as the general view of most Judges in USA today. Apple's e-books antitrust case has Cote pre-guilt Apple without the evidence tabled and her logic and actions show what I see as Muslim's view of women -- that their evidence is only worth half a man's. Not a good view for college females or female judges!!

And by implication all females!

Women Accept Responsibility!

Women do the punishment and not the victimhood.
Great article. Justice Sotomayor has a "Manichean worldview" just like that of her appointing Chief Executive, and his A.G. Holder.
I think the heart of the column is in this quote from it: "Though Sotomayor pays lip service to the idea that “the majority’s” invidious discrimination of earlier eras differs from its present-day discrimination, her opinion constantly presupposes ongoing, animus-filled bias."

The idea that some people fail in whatever field or endeavor because of an "ongoing, animus-filled bias" against people of their skin color is flawed from the outset.

But some people--including, most disturbingly, a Supreme-Court Justice who, ironically enough, defines herself as more "wise" specifically BECAUSE of her cultural heritage--cling tenaciously to the idea anyway.

"Affirmative-action" quotas in education are flawed for two reasons.

The first is that they aren't merit-based, and they should be as much as possible.

The second is that every single instance of skin-color based advancement or acceptance includes an instance of skin-color based stoppage and rejection.
Bad, bad math. There are two phases to applying the principles of inductive logic: acquiring evidence and then weighing the strength of these elements is followed by application of a logical analytical tool that fits the problem. Here, consider the core assertion:

"The absurd political-process doctrine could have been sidestepped entirely if it were understood that preferences are not on average a benefit to minorities, but actually make it harder for their targets to succeed academically."

The article strains to support this conclusion. A wasted effort as the conclusion is internally contradictory.

1 is more than 0.

The kids who get a preferential admission to STEM classes or a law school are getting a "1." A "1" that is a chance to succeed. And while they have lower odds for finishing up, for getting the planned degrees, undergraduates at Land Grant schools overall have near 50% failure/success rates anyway.

The courses they complete successfully will be applicable to less rigorous/demanding degree efforts. At an extreme, medical school grads who fail the credentialing exam can work usefully as administrators.

There is another issue: an entrenched majority can exclude minorities altogether. But here, going to test scores only for law school, don't be surprised to see large numbers of Japanese and Ashkenazi Jewish applicants taking the top slots. Historically these students have been excluded/restricted by ethnic quotas. With only 300 slots at a Michigan State law school class, be a hoot if 150 of these slots went to members of tiny minorities.

Be careful what you ask for.....
Why do so many of the authors of comments here not know when or how to use question marks? Do they all belong to 'oppressed' minorities?
Thank you again, Ms. Mac Donald, for your
brilliant analysis of complex issues and presenting clear and logical arguments about problems which plague today's political and social landscape. Keep up the great work -- I look forward to reading almost everything you choose to write about.
A good indepth analysis. Thanks.
Words of wisdom from the future Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor: "...“ (a)wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life.” What in heaven's name does that statement mean? It's akin to saying that being left-handed gives one a deeper understanding of the human condition and a better chance of righting wrongs and remembering to return library books on time.
If Barry Soetero gets the opportunity to appoint one more Party cell member along the lines of Kagan and Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the Constitution and civil society are finished.
When will America be free of the “absurdity” of female quotas, imposed for university entrance, graduation, employment, promotion, government and feminist jurisprudence.
When will women be treated as equal to men?
"Thanks to the ubiquity of racial preferences, 50 percent of black undergraduates are in the bottom 20 percent of their class, and more than 50 percent of black law students are in the bottom 10 percent of their class,..."

And it wouldn't be surprising if these 50%ers are the ones who become racial poverty pimps/community organizers.
Since whenever is a Portuguese-speaker member of a "race." Since when is a Hebrew-speaking person a member of a "race" The word itself is strange from its first use. Ever since WW II it was determined that anyone's blood is acceptable in transfusion to anyone else, given the bloodtype agreement for the immune system.
There are two races only in existence in Homo sapiens: the race of the XY person, and the race of the XX person. The rest is stupidity and madness. Sotomayor seems now, as she did when being considered,
an ignrant Spanish-speaker from the South Bronx. My classes at UCLA, even in the subject of Poetry are by now 60-75% Asians of all nationalities, and some Spanish speakers, who at least respect the art os speech and song in poems....
Since whenever is a Portuguese-speaker member of a "race." Since when is a Hebrew-speaking person a member of a "race" The word itself is strange from its first use. Ever since WW II it was determined that anyone's blood is acceptable in transfusion to anyone else, given the bloodtype agreement for the immune system.
There are two races only in existence in Homo sapiens: the race of the XY person, and the race of the XX person. The rest is stupidity and madness. Sotomayor seems now, as she did when being considered,
an ignrant Spanish-speaker from the South Bronx. My classes at UCLA, even in the subject of Poetry are by now 60-75% Asians of all nationalities, and some Spanish speakers, who at least respect the art os speech and song in poems....
Contrary to the opening line of this article, this is not merely a victory for common sense,
it is a victory for real Democracy. Democracy means "an equal chance", not equal results, Men (persons) are not created equal, but under the current reasonable interpretation of our system of justice. all persons deserve a fair shake. They don't deserve 'set asides', quotas, preferential treatment, a key to the Treasury, 'sperm to worm' upkeep, or disproportionate representation of their harangues in the Mass Media. The reason this article even had to be written is that Left Wing powers have engineered Democracy in the United States to 'Run amok'. What has prevailed in the U.S. since 1964 is a treatment that is worse than the disease, an army of foxes guarding a platoon of chickens. Witness, the billions that have been wasted on nonsensical federal programs that have fostered dependency, lack of accountability, annihilation of public education standards, utter extermination of values of for both majority and minority families, predatory politicians, rampant promiscuity and drug dependency, not to mention the emasculation of the Constitution by the Current President, his Attorney General, and mouthpieces like Sotomayor and Ginsburg. With friends like that who needs enemies?
Longdrycreek Ranch May 07, 2014 at 7:57 AM
The Democrats - especially Dick Durban - called Sotomayor "wise Latina." She is a Latina but hardly the caliber of justices on
the Supreme Court that knew and valued law and the Constitution.
Kagan is nothing other than an elevated upward
academic Leftist who never should have left Yale. Or she should not have been the Yale Law Dean either. Not trustworthy.
The Left advocates Diversity; others of us advocate excellence. Race is tertiary if that.
We now have two major examples of the complete and total failure of Affirmative Action. One is Barack 0bama who thankfully we will be rid of in a couple of more years; the other, however, Justice Sotomayor will be with us for decades spewing her racist garbage at every opportunity. Yes, Justice Sotomayor, racism IS alive and well in America. Just look in the mirror.
Sotomayor is a leftist ideologue and race pimp first and foremost, the Constitution be damned. Only a modern leftist could absurdly label getting rid of race-based preferences as "racist."
I would like to add that, in numerous countries of the world, minority communities in fact have outsized influence and prosperity. Jews are the classic example, but there are also the Chinese in Malaysia, Sikhs in India, and others. I doubt they achieved this with the help of explicit "disparate impact" policies. At least in Malaysia, it is despite vigorous pro-Malay policies such as quotas.

I am also reminded of Chinese immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries, who faced discriminatory practices, some even codified into law. But the Chinese-American community has thrived instead of wasting its resources in a century-long vigil against the majority.

Sotomayor's "race matters" example of being spoken to in a foreign language is absurd. I've had Spanish spoken to me on the street—by Hispanics who thought I was Hispanic. Not by whites, blacks, or any other race. I've not once ever seen the phenomenon she mentions. And if I did, wouldn't that be a sign of increased multiculturalism and not some twisted racism?
Race-based preferences at the college level will not adequately address the systemic exclusions in this country, until the exclusiveness of our K-12 educational system (financed by property taxes)is reformed. This "racism" is less based on deliberate exclusion of a single group defined by skin color and is more institutional and class-based. The color of your skin matters less than your zip code.