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Steven Malanga
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Doubt the taxpayers will pay. They can't afford it. More likely access to the federal printing press, and the Inflation/Devaluation Tax---raising all prices for everyone. Those WITH money, there money steadily is worth less; those WITHOUT much money, are steadily squeezed.
Way to stay on topic, Lake. As if anyone cares about the trash that the Occupy movement brought in.
Let's see Manhattan Institute publish an honest piece on the Cecily McMillan criminal case.

Teachers? Unions ??? How Bloomberg raised teacher pay far more than what Bill di Blasio has done -- oh, not mentioned ?????

Betcha taking on the judge's decisions during the bizarre McMillan trial could keep your best minds occupied for weeks.
Thank you for the Wall Street reminder. How quickly we forget. Teachers need and raises. They have to work within limiting parameters every day without support from the administration. They have to address children who have familiy problems that they bring to class. They have to deal with the parents of these troubled students. Teachers are basically on their own out there. There are so many cut backs in the school system. These teachers are setting the foundation for the future for your children. Without a solid foundation to continue our community we will continue with adverse conditions. In regards to civil servants raking in the dough. That is not true, it is those who have the mindset to take advantage of situations that make the news. The rest of civil servants are paid appropriately. No one wanted a civil servant job when the private sector was doing well and being abusive. Those who sought shelter of the reliable employer to make sure they could provide for their family are now put on the spot light as if they are on top of the world. This is not the reality for the majority of civil servants. It is best to do your own reasearch and not rely on media hype.
Stephen Klausner May 03, 2014 at 9:47 PM
This is the sort of chicanery that is going to bankrupt this city. It also explains why people in the modern era just love to be civil servants. It pays. Lifetime health care? At no cost to the retiree? Incredible and outrageous. Taxpayers are getting screwed. More and more money for municipal workers means less money for all the other things we need, such as infrastructure repair and modernization, schools, hospitals, police, garbage collection, etc. Abandon ship.
I'm reminded of the Woody Allen movie 'Sleeper ' , where he is shown a photo of Albert Shanker and the Allen character explains as how Shanker got ahold of nuclear weapons and all sort of bad things followed , end of the world as we know it etc...
"no one ever complains nor have done anything about the Wall Street Executives who rob(b)ed the country during the housing boom and the bail out of corporate companies and car companies"....
What rock have you been living under?
There were years of nonstop outrage blaming Wall Street for the housing bubble (though you are correct that the current Justice Department has prosecuted no one for their role in this)
I don't begrudge someone for making huge money for providing the world with new products (ala Gates, Jobs, and the like) or innovating new ways to bring the world more affordable sources of energy.
There are lots of people who make more money producing less, but other than complaining about it at cocktail parties or on a blog, it really serves no purpose to think that it government's job to hold people back.
I am more concerned how the bureaucracy has held back people who want to be self sufficient, encouraging them to be dependent on an others paycheck.
And leave it up to you to invoke the liberal's version of Godwin's law - you can't seem to have a discussion of policy without dragging out the Koch brothers meme.
The problem with this contract reminds me of Thatcher's quote - "the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money". With $85B in unfunded liability, this is just a train wreck waiting to happen and deBlasio is just speeding up the train.
Hey, no one ever complains nor have done anything about the Wall Street Executives who robed the country during the housing boom and the bail out of corporate companies and car companies, Give the middle class a break because they are the back bone of this country, after all the wealthy keep getting wealthier and the middle class is barely hanging on. We are living in a time where the wealth gap has grow bigger than it's ever been in this country. it's still unbelievable that's what motivated Occupy Wall Street. You should talk about that how 1% of American owns over 40% of its wealth. So comparing to the greedy Wall Streeters the teacher's contract don't even compare. I'm not a teacher but I do appreciate them and they deserve every bit of what they are getting if what you said in your article is true. No one talks about the Koch brothers who goal in life is to break the unions like you appear to want to do as well. Thank God you guys are not in charge!!!!!