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Heather Mac Donald
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Cops can't be everywhere, and there is some legitimacy to the anger that minorities have over being repeatedly stopped and frisked - often by rookie cops who "toss" the good kids as often as they stop the troublemakers. A possible solution? High definition surveillance cameras in all housing projects. Such cameras are already all over places like the Upper East Side, where there is far less need. I have personally seen where a low definition camera led to a homicide conviction. High definition cameras would catch even more criminals, especially where witnesses don't testify because of fear or culture.
"Will the mayor stand up for the NYPD and public housing residents?"

What a dumb question.
First, the bad guys are minorities and according to the political ideology of DeCommio, the perps have no choice but to commit crime to survive. You see, the white, racist establishment "forces"them to commit crime.
More importantly, the victims are minorities. DeCommio knows he will always get their vote, no matter how bad he screws them over (e.g., see NYC charger schools), and his communist ideology demands that groups are to be used - not helped - merely used and discarded, to further the attainment by DeCommio of power and authority. The ends justifies the means. You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.
Everything you need to know about DeCommio was totally revealed in his quest to dismantle charter schools (which exclusively help minorities) and his honey-moon in Cuba (a Latin mini-version of Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany).
Like all communists, DeBlasio believes in one thing only - absolute power for himself and his cronies.
That is the communist MO.
I really don't understand the direction of this article. It seems to be directed toward Mayor DeBlasio, which is silly. DeBlasio already knows all this, and either denies it or doesn't care due to political considerations. He will not motivate any activity to improve safety in housing projects, it is against his agenda. If the article intends to accomplish anything, it needs to be directed to others to force him to change his position.

@Mary - You are a very funny person - did you mean to be?
Has anyone considered that culture is the largest motivating factor behind the high crime rates in certain ethnic enclaves? Once that is universally recognized and accepted as true, which it is, we can get rid of this incessant focus on race.
the answer lies elsewhere than government as god/protector/saviour. And it is an answer New York City have eschewed steadfastly since the Sullivan Laws of about 1911 or so. The ONLY way New York's violent and rendom crime spree will diminish is when law abiding residents of that city are able to make use of their God-given right to arm themselves against the wanton destructioin of the criminal elements, who go about armed and out of control, and have no opposition worthy of note. When the general law abiding public are armed, THEY function as First Responders. No waiting for New York's Finest to finally arrive on the scene... just in time to make the chalk outlines, collect empty shell casings, carefully measure the distance between this and that, try aond coerce "witnesses" into divulging some coherent and useful information... then fill out reams of paperwork to be stored somewhere.......

No, the ONLY reliable way to stop a bad guy with a gun, knife, brick, baseball bat, fists, is a good guy with a gun. Most times the gun is not even fired. It merely assists the would be perpetrator to make an informed decision as to the wisdom of proceeding with his evil intent.
Gordon Jaskewiscz April 16, 2014 at 12:40 AM
Mary, the reason that the city is as safe as it is, is that a very large number of the black and latino men are locked up in prison.
Marshall Davidson April 15, 2014 at 8:07 PM
Where do you live, Mary? Are you a resident of public housing in New York? Do you live in an area where crime is prevalent?
Actually the violent crime rate began to dip prior to Bloomberg taking office and prior to the implementation of Stop and Frisk, thereby laying doubt to the claim that Stop and Frisk is responsible for reducing violent crime. There is a fundamental flaw in society when a population is singled out as was being done with stop and frisk. There is statistical evidence substantiating that populations who are alienated and stigmatized as being deviant will behave as such. As well, many other factors contribute to violent crime: presence of street gangs and street gang culture, access to firearms, loss of hope, exposure to domestic violence and an overall violent culture. We possibly could have continued to invest our tax dollars in continuing a society suspicious of all Black and Latino men, or we can take those dollars and invest in education, housing, youth development activities and family strengthening programs so that all our citizens and residents feel they belong and see themselves as being mutually responsible and accountable to each other.