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Bruce Bawer
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I think we can all agree that the literal meaning of "dhimmitude" is "Islamophobia."
She represents what much of the World, is afraid to say about Islam. She speaks the truth from her personal experience with the religion of Islam and Sharia law.
One could hope that Brandeis is teaching students to actually think for themselves and stand up for this brave women. I guess like many things happening today, that is not the goal.
to wrd9: Did you read the article? Do you have any understanding of the issue? Do you have a problem with reading comprehension, or struggle with coherent thought?
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson kept slaves. Thomas Paine was a drunk, a bankrupt, and ended up being dumped into a pauper's grave. Abraham Lincoln supported continuing human slavery if that could prevent the breakup of his country. Does that negate what they said, did or wrote?

The mind (???) of the true Leftist, Stalin and Mao killed tens upon tens of millions of people, but they were snappy dressers and provided their people with free healthcare.
Certainly, while Brandeis' treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali was despicable, she is hardly the paragon of virtue. She committed serious immigration violations in the Netherlands when she applied for asylum. She was not a refugee fleeing Somalia, she was living a high income life with relatives in Kenya. Her Dutch citizenship was revoked and it was wrong for the US to give her citizenship.
Brandeis's track record for this sort of thing goes back a long ways. At some point in the 1980's, it had invited UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick to receive an honorary degree, but when students who were (predictably) critical of everything in the Reagan administration protested, the university's President, Jehuda Reinartz, rescinded the invitation. This despite Jeanne Kirkpatrick's support for Israel over a long, distinguished career.
We have this idea that universities such as Brandeis are filled with America's best and brightest. The really depressing part is that it seems to be true.
as a grad of Brandeis(1971) I am totally disgusted by this behavior. This is the same Brandeis that invited Jimmy "apartheid" carter to speak on his accusation that Israel was an apartheid state and refused to allow Prof Dershowitz to either question or debate him or let others question carter. In 1971 the school "honored" angela Davis. It is also the school of Sue Sacks and Kathy Powers. Supporting those who want to kill you is not "liberalism" it is stupid and gets others killed
A Jewish University stands up for Palestine and against Islamophobia, and your takeaway is this? Are you in any way familiar with Brandeis? It's a radical (used in the self describing liberal meaning) Jewish University with a long history of student led protest and activism. If the student body (which organized the protests) and faculty find this persons views offensive, then perhaps she is not a good candidate for an honorary degree.

I don't know enough about her views nor yours to make a judgement call on the protests validity or accusations of Islamophobia, but failing to accurately set the context of the events is disingenuous at the very least.

It's also a little pathetic that you didn't do enough research to know that the same alumni which organized this protest also led the protest that ended the relationship with Al-Quds.

Your counter-factual accusatory "quotations" suggesting that Brandeis students would shout down a public intellectual as a "nazi" or "fascist" presented here without justification are reprehensible, but provide this reader with greater insight into your views and methods of discourse. I feel it's perfectly fair to call this piece what it is, pathetic.
Patrick MacKinnon April 12, 2014 at 8:08 PM
Ayann Hirsi Ali may have had her clitoris barbarically excised but she still has more balls the the whole of Brandeis' faculty. They should slink away in shame.
You make a charge that you do not back up with any references at all. Your claim is idiotic. Ali has not called for wiping out Islam by military force, whatever that even means. But I thank you for showing up here with your barely coherent rant. You are a perfect representative of the kind of vicious "thinking" that Brandeis chose to credit over its own previous judgments and that of the many people who admire Ali for her guts and who understand fully her ideas.
Brandeis has prominent Women's Studies Center

It would be interesting to know how many profs there signed the anti Hirsi petition.
Among the many reasons offered seriously (and not) for Brandeis' having withdrawn its invitation permit me to offer the rather base reason of plain fear. Fear for their very lives, fear of riots at the commencement, just plain base fear. Muslims do NOT like to be contradicted, or made fun of or their faith made fun of, and when that occurs more often than not heads will (literally) roll.
As an example I offer the worldwide riots in 2005-2006 over the Mohammed cartoons. Many people died around the world as a result of those riots. Here in America we were not allowed to see those cartoons, and in 99% of the cases the reason cited by the editors of the various papers was that they were 'offensive to the Muslim community' so they would not be shown.

To the best of my knowledge the Boston Phoenix was the only publication that had the guts to say flat out that the reason they were not publishing the cartoons was fear - fear for the physical safety of their building, but more importantly fear for the very lives of their employees.
TomD writes re. Hirsi Ali repeatedly quoted saying we should wipe out Islam by military force: "So jgury, what is exactly untrue about your quote from Ayaan Hirsi Ali? I'll tell everyone else for you: nothing.

This makes her an earnest woman. I'm sure she really is charming too."
I think most people would find that disqualifying to speak at any significant US university. In addition to many of her background claims being shown as lies - what she calls things taken out of context. For groups like Fox news not to give a full disclosure of these statements and rabidly defend her is typical.
The people that shut her down could no more defend themselves against people with beliefs that are far stronger than their own than they could the man in the moon. Maybe someone should inform them that there is no gay marriage in Islamic countries. That might wake them up a tiny bit.
Mr. Bawer, good for you for calling it like it is. This is indeed shameful actions by what is supposed to be an academy of our "best and brightest.
I thought universities were the venue for the open discussion of different ideas. Apparently Brandeis University would rather quit then fight. Kowtowing to pressure from C.A.I.R., students, faculty and outside interests (muslims I would guess)they have forever shamed themselves and put a black mark next to the name of the founder of the university. What is Brandeis afraid of, the truth?
alum is used for pickling April 11, 2014 at 4:39 PM
Brandeis is a political whorehouse. They erred in approaching a lady and were slapped down by the multi-culti and Dem pimps and madams.

In dishonoring Hirsi by first inviting and then disinviting her, they expose themselves as paid political prostitutes.
As an alum of Brandeis, I sure do wish that the current administration showed evidence of some understanding of the current "world situation", rather than apparently hiding in the 1960's era. I don't quite know what to do with those people, but they really need to become better-informed about reality.
To look on the bright side . Another liberal institution exposed as a font of intolerance and , at that , one founded in part as a result of the greatest human rights atrocity of all time . And CAIR exposed as the hate group / terrorist front group that it is
"Just wondering: does she still plan to accept, or will she withdraw in sisterly solidarity with Hirsi Ali?"

She probably engineered the ejection.

It was all so neat. The Muslim Group statement the same day as the New York Times article. That article names Abramson at the end--where all the best stuff is always buried. The New York Times is bragging it bagged seems...
Rocky Mountain - what I meant was that some believe all must supply, at taxpayer expense, birth control, abortions, etc. Aka that whinny ninny from Georgetown - Sandra Fluke - because we are considered too inept to take care of ourselves - the leftist psternalistic attitude. I personally find it offensive.
Plus Brandeis' football team sucks! But on a more serious note this kind of thing is utterly depressing but they can do what they want just as Mozilla can fire Brendan Eich and so forth and so on. But at least Martin Bashir got what was coming to him - temporarily at least. I suppose Brandeis must have money delivery trucks coming in from various Muslim supporters and they didn't want to lay off the loading dock crew if Hirsi Ali spoke. BTW, I found this phrase from 'Elizabeth" noteworthy enough governing provoke an off-topic comment. Her's was "..govern our reproductive systems" in relation to women's ability to make a deeply personal decision. I just find this rhetoric so repellant and yet simultaneously laughable; in no way do I want to relegate women to second-class citizens or send them back to the kitchen but please, please stop using this stilted, war-crafted, foaming-at-the mouth angry feminist language.
Stan Wattermaker,jr. April 11, 2014 at 10:11 AM
Unless I missed it, I still don't see any mention of this kerfuffle in the New York Times, the daily bible of the Hate America and Love Islam crowd.

I think that the girls over at the Gray Lady may be a bit embarrassed about this themselves. Or maybe they are just too busy getting ready to open their cottages in the Hamptons this weekend. The guys are all shopping for curtains and slipcovers and all that stuff. They can deal with the Brandeis non-event next week.
The operative philosophy behind this brouhaha is simple: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Almost all American universities have become universal in one particular: hatred of America. Since it hates America too, Islam's interests -- as propounded by CAIR, a viciously anti-American organization -- are to be indulged.

The supreme irony here is that the self-hating (and America-hating) Jews ("Red diaper babies") who populate this university's faculty have dishonored the memory of Judge Louis Brandeis, a Supreme Court justice who loved America.
The problem is that the liberal/progressives really believe that women and people of color are actually inferior, which is why they dismiss the most dire threats to women, instead pandering to the most outrageous claims (US war on women). They believe we are incapable of reason or governing our reproductive systems. Additionally, they have no expectation that the Moslem world can reform and join the civilized, 21st Century world, which is why they turn a blind eye to outrageous threats of death and destruction of the West, as well as murderous behavior within their societies.
Who in this episode is phobic regarding Islam?
Certainly not Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She has greater courage and credibility than any public figure I can think of. And what do we call actions like those of Brandeis, taken in fear--fear of bullies, fear of evil, shrinking before questions about truth? We call this cowardice, and it is contemptible.
As an alumnus of Brandeis (class of 1965), I thought the bottom had been reached when President Reinharz tried to turn the institution into Pyongyang University of the West. Unfortunately, his successor has topped him by seeking to make Brandeis American Mecca University.
I understand that next year, to make up for this year's faux pas, the university plans to give an honorary degree to
Ayman al-Zawahiri.
Depressingly, most of the people making politically-correct protestations against Hirsi Ali know nothing of life as a woman in a Muslim country.
"The consequences of being crushed."

You could, for example, consult the Copts about the charm of such consequences.
Bravo to Bawer. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has suffered greatly and is one of the most courageous women I have read. She takes admirable stands against utter abject treatment of women often leading to their ruination at a high personal cost. Were she not so courageous we could not know the dark sides of Islamic fundamentalism
Brian Richard Allen April 11, 2014 at 3:45 AM
"Radical islam" is The Beast;

"Moderate islam" is its Trojan Horse and;

Fred Lawrence is Greek.
The Brandeis crowd is used to dealing with critics and opponents by writing them large checks, or placing full page ads in the New York Times complaining about how they are misunderstood and really love those guys and please mail in a donation so that we can continue to place these ads in the New York Times.
Worked and still works with the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Those checks from the Brandeis crowd helped make them rich. Does not work with the followers of the Religion of Peace. They don't want conciliating words published in full page ads in the NYT, or your six-fiure check. They want your head on a stick.
In his book, Partners in Power, about the Clintons, Roger Morris observes that leadership positions are going to weak persons with relaxed rectitude. Look around and you can see it is true. Not complete yet, but soon. What makes this so troubling is that these are university presidents who are misguided by their obedience to the money masters, and fear of offending them. And that includes fear of losing taxpayer grants.
One almost suspects the university made as if to honor Ali just so it could humiliate her by rescinding the invitation amidst a flurry of publicity that the honor itself would never have achieved for the university. Shame! Shame! Shame!
It's too bad that we don't get to push the President of Brandeis to cite the exact quotations that he finds so objectionable. They're likely incontrovertible truths.
So jgury, what is exactly untrue about your quote from Ayaan Hirsi Ali? I'll tell everyone else for you: nothing.

This makes her an earnest woman. I'm sure she really is charming too.
I grew up in the Boston area and am old enough to remember the reason Brandeis was founded. And that was not unrelated to the reason for the founding of Yeshiva U in additon to hospitals such as Beth Israel in Boston and of hospitals with the word "Jewish" as part of the name. What this well-written article describes is another bad omen for American Jewish life.
Sounds like the Baird School in Scent of a Woman!
yuch!!! not good.
Unfortunately, we see the true colors of the Progressives. They cry "war on women" because some object to subsidizing birth control and abortions. But bring out things that are truly a war on women, where it is "culturally appropriate" to deny education, and truly subjugate and brutalize women, they don't give a damn.
In addition to her lying and fraud about her background, a really charming woman:
Hirsi Ali: I think that we are at war with Islam. And there’s no middle ground in wars. Islam can be defeated in many ways. For starters, you stop the spread of the ideology itself; at present, there are native Westerners converting to Islam, and they’re the most fanatical sometimes. There is infiltration of Islam in the schools and universities of the West. You stop that. You stop the symbol burning and the effigy burning, and you look them in the eye and flex your muscles and you say, “This is a warning. We won’t accept this anymore.” There comes a moment when you crush your enemy.

Reason: Militarily?

Hirsi Ali: In all forms, and if you don’t do that, then you have to live with the consequence of being crushed.
Isn't Hirsi Ali also married to the famous political historian Niall Ferguson? I guess Niall from Harvard won't speaking at Brandeis either!
I'm nobody important. What I may think, write, or say, will come to the attention of very few (if any) people outside of the small circle of individuals who read these comments. I confess, too, that I have read nothing written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali (although I have heard of her and the work she's done). I write comments, when I do, only to put into words the outrage I feel at so many of the injustices and so much of the stupidity I observe, it seems, every day. Brandeis University (and, for that matter, almost any other institution of higher education in this country) should feel nothing but shame for this latest act of cowardice. Too, those members of the Muslim religion who live, study, work, and worship in this country--those who so vehemently speak out against those with whom they disagree (because, for now, speaking out is all they can do)--should feel nothing but shame for their cowardice (although I am confident none of them will). To use the rights enshrined in our Constitution to shout down and silence others is the act of cowards and disgraceful people. Neville Chamberlain pursued a policy of appeasement toward Germany in the 1930s. Doing so only emboldened Hitler and the Nazis. I am left wondering what today's abandonment of our nation's core values--our own appeasement in the face of intolerance and hatred--will lead to in the next five to ten years? This week, at least, Brandeis University and those to whom it bowed have shown themselves to be worthy only of derision and disrespect.
Benjamin W. Hartley April 10, 2014 at 4:10 PM
Brandeis core values? Uh huh. At $46,000 per annum, I'd say that should read "$core $values." April 10, 2014 at 3:40 PM
Hello Andy:

Just thought you might like to see this excellent essay by Bruce about the Brandeis Affair and Ayaan Hirsi Ali if you have not already seen it. Brandeis should be deeply ashamed by this betrayal of a so very courageous woman. I have read her most recent books which, of course, are moving and powerful. And, so is she.


David M. Bethune
Newport, Rhode Island