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Seth Barron
The Progressive Avenger Strikes Again « Back to Story

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The whole thing is sad but at least the fake "exclusionary questions" were funny!
Please see the post dated March 25, 2014 on our website which deals with the numerous city agencies that are more racially out of balance than the FDNY. Will the Mayor apply his standard that "NYC government must look like NYC" to these agencies, or the Board of Education (where approximately 85% of teachers are female) or to city employment as a whole? We are in contact with his office and the Corporation Counsel, trying to get an answer.

Paul Mannix
Merit Matters
516-848-9847 cell
Note: Mr. Mannix is an FDNY Deputy Chief but does not represent the FDNY in an official capacity in this post.
As a black woman, I find the Vulcans' line of argument insulting to all of us: they're saying we can't cut it like the white folks can. Outrageous!
In other words the aggrieved parties were to f'in stupid to pass the tests. So humans are at fault because these vermin sold drugs instead of learning how to read and write.
Having served as both a paid and volunteer firefighter/EMT, I can assure you that rudimentary reading skills are essential.

Today's firefighters are expected to be skilled in responding to almost all emergencies. These include Hazmat, vehicle accidents, major medical calls, water rescue, collapse rescue, mass casualty incidents, search & rescue, ... to name just some.

All of these activities require ongoing training and self-education.

As society becomes more complex so do the emergencies and appropriate response tactics.

Staffing the FDNY with firefighters lacking the ability to learn by reading is a disservice to our community.

Sadly, perhaps tragically, our mayor has placed his Leftist grievance politics above the safety of our citizens.

I passed the test as a volunteer at the age of 49. both in classroom and field. it was tough for this old dog..I missed my calling by 30 years but being able to study the art of fire fighting and to be part of a brotherhood that will alway be there for you was worth every 100 hr I spend each year..Black or White has nothing to do with what it is all about..thanks for making this a none issue..once in the brotherhood race has nothing to do with it.. sad day when these people get involved..
Is there no end to my schadenfreude. You wanted him New York, you got him. And I'm sure the NY fire departments of the future will be completely top-notch with all that forced social-engineering. Good God.