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Dennis Saffran
De Blasio’s Dereliction « Back to Story

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For a deeper understanding of this issue visit our website. We are an advocacy group for NYC residents and firefighters dedicated to high standards and equal treatment for all - which means special treatment for no one.
A post relevant to this article was added on March 25, 2014 and points out the numerous city agencies that are more racially out of balance than the FDNY. We are in contact with the Mayor's office and the Corporation Counsel to determine if they will address this, applying the same standard citywide that they do to the FDNY.

Paul Mannix
Merit Matters
516-848-9847 cell
Note: Mr. Mannix is an FDNY Deputy Chief but does not represent the FDNY in an official capacity in this post.
Keep towing the party line and continue to vote for Democrats....(read "Progressive") and this is the result. Long gone are the days when the Democratic Party in NYC was the party of the working and middle class.
It is nothing new to see our elected representatives throwing away our hard earned tax dollars. This is the "NEW PROGRESSIVE GROUP" that is going to tax the heck out of anyone who earns money. The doors to the store are wide open.
Why isn't public safety, or the now quaint "progressive" concept of merit, prioritized in these legal dramas? Because imperious federal judges exult in their symbiotic relationship with left advocates with specific intent to evade legislative process? Reforming the FDNY is much more fun than their daily bread sentencing drug dealers. Electeds like the Mayor tendentiously refer to such rulings according to personal agendas. "Victim" advocates and other hustlers are smug and self-righteous, the pompous judge pleased with his celebrity, and citizens won't survive a conflagration on account of a sweetheart payout.
If some Blacks are too stupid to pass the test so what. You show me an equal-opportunity airline and I don't fly with them.
Geraldine Spinella April 10, 2014 at 5:19 AM
Rationality and competence left the house with Mayor Bloomberg.
It is hard to believe that one man could control any situation. This was a great city.

Good Bye, once great city. What were you thinking?