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Steven Greenhut
A Whale of a Legislature « Back to Story

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it's time to storm the Castle or wake up the Republican party. Ps is there an extra alarm clock around that's been PETA approved?
Are Sea World orcas the same as circus elephants, one wonders?
I livd in CA for almost 40 years. Finally, I d=couldn't stand idly by and watch the state sink into abyss. Because I was severely outnumbered by Dems. and figured I could do very little espousing a conservative ethic, I decided to leave the state.
CA is a great state to visit, however, its become a terrible place to live, high sales tax, high income tax, high living costs, heavy traffic, etc.
Here in NH there is no sales tax, no income tax, home prices are relatively moderate and property taxes are not bad at all compared to CA. Yes, we have snow. Yes its cold in the winter, not at all unlike Tahoe.
Sooner or later, every industry and business will move out of CA and it will continue to be, even more so, the welfare capital of this country.
The wealthy are leaving in droves and will continue to do so.

Good luck and would the last one out please turn off the lights!
Thanks so much Steven for informing us of what goes on. Wish that I could do more to restore sanity - but seems this state is lost.
The People of CA continue to elect them ...
Dear Mr. Greenhut, I think you are an optimist. The prospects for California are quite clear. Years of one party government will continue to lead to corruption, crony government, and the elimination of a healthy business climate and a middle class. After a 40 year professional career in California I decided not to stick around see the final act.
I agree that California Democrats, and some Republicans, are fools but I am uneasy about ORCAs in captivity. Even a blind squirrel will find an occasional acorn.
They aspire to be the Roman Senate, except with a lot more territory under their collective thumb, and a whole lot more money to play around with.

Maybe move the state capital to the Farallon Islands. No buildings, just rocks and the sea. Let the legislators take their chances out in the wild like the orcas.

Can't be an April Fools prank? This is true? I hope that saying the nation follows CA. God save us.