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Stefan Kanfer
Neanderthals on the Hudson « Back to Story

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First off they are the Satanas not the Santa Ana's. As a native Angelino since 1954, I was raised on this distinction. I thought the whole column was reminiscent of Allen Sherman's "Camp Granada" tale.
Brilliant piece, expressing exactly my own angst at winter, ice and snow, then the burst of relief at the first daffodils and the lush trees of spring, here on the mid-Atlantic coast.
Re: "... we were Neanderthals. We still are."

Randomly reading through the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament through years has brought me to this conclusion: The history of Israel is the history. Everything that follows seems a variation on a theme.
Lake Worth is finally willing to place the blame on himself/ourselves as opposed to placing a wrongdoer's blame on others? Winter must be over.
The quote's from "Red Wind." And the paragraph concludes, "You can even get a full glass of beer at a cocktail lounge."

Why this pattern connects to Neanderthals stumps me. We have a few Neanderthal genes, but it's unlikely that those primitives invented angst. If they operated similar to the family of "Nanook of the North," they were hunters and happy and peaceful with others.

Let's take the blame for our responses to winter unto ourselves.
Isn't that quote from Joan Didion?
Nice essay reminiscent of E.B. White, whose writing about humans' (along with pigs and spiders) place in the natural world had an edge to it for all it's apparent down-east folksiness. I also like the juxtaposition of R.C.'s LA Santa Ana winds with NYC winter storms. Well done. - CDL