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Nicole Gelinas
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Sounds more like a Hate Government extremist action. The folks who don't like democracy generally get to vent their wrath by taking government jobs, then using their positions destructively.

The usual course for such situations would have been to get a cease-and-desist order. Had to be a fanatic of one stripe or another to force this fine and this shut down.

We usually see this pattern with state tax operations. Getting a nut case fired can take years.
Seems Eataly didn't pay their fair share of "protection", through either campaign contributions or lobbying efforts.
Abolish a government agency,Tom? You want the world to stop turning, don't you?
Conservatives don't blame legal businesses like nightclubs for the bad behavior of their patrons. That would be like blaming gun manufacturers for--well, you get the idea.
State liquor laws have become a corrupt edifice supporting monopolies of the well-connected few wholesalers at the expense of high wine and beer prices to the public. The fact that it can happen is due to the ludicrous attitudes toward alcohol still run rampant in the post Puritan US. Call them the American alcohol Taliban. Why have we let this Devil loose upon ourselves?
Cuomo is like a bad cold. His actions at HUD (required 40% of loans to be to low income applicants (subprime), thus advancing the housing collapse! His cold turned out to be the flu!
Longdrycreek Ranch May 14, 2014 at 1:51 PM
Follow the money from Albany to NYC to the bureaucrats. I am watching old Untouchable reruns and the walking money
that was generated helped grease the booze in Chicago.
I doubt NYC or Albany is overrun with untouchables but a lot of hands, palms up.
NYC is quickly going down the crapper, and the citizens have only themselves to blame -- they voted for that idiot DeBlasio.

Hopefully other cities will learn from this -- how a well-run city can quickly change, when the Libs vote in one of their own.
Yes, the government should exert more control over the liquor industry. I know what, a constitutional amendment. That's the ticket.
At the risk of displaying my heartfelt cynicism: who didn't get his slice of the bribe?

Ben Hartley
(I write it, I sign it.)
Let's make the video "GOVERNMENT GONE WILD!!!".

I suspect the SLA (State Liquor Authority, not to be confused with the Symbionese Liberation Army) was motivated by complaints from a politically connected business competitor of Eately. Or, perhaps the SLA is simply staffed by bureaucratic control freaks hoisted by their own petards. Obviously, this had nothing to do with protecting NY consumers.

It's time to abolish the SLA along with a dozen or more other state agencies that no longer serve a purpose.