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Nicole Gelinas
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I live in Buffalo on one way 7th Street. Drivers roar down this street because it has only one stop light on Porter Ave. and noone stops for stop signs even next to a park with children playing. They should be called slowdown signs, and I guarantee a kid will be run over or a collision will occur before long. Solution? Police presence and rumble strips.
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See FMVSS 208, 49 CFR part 563. Link: IIRC (I'm going from memory), it requires data recording ability around certain triggering events, e.g. airbag deplyment and I don't know what else. The above link as a link to the final regulation in PDF form.
Tend to agree with scoop. Traffic cameras
may improve compliance in NYC but the majority of jurisdictions use them as revenue enhancers, especially those that contract out the cameras. Of course traffic cams only add to the horde of cameras already in use in NYC.
This article falls way short of what I expect of City Journal and one of its better authors. Indeed, this is basically propaganda.

How about considering the costs of plans that would extend travel times across the city?
"To prepare cases, the DA relies on witness testimony as well as subpoenaed cell-phone and text records and, increasingly, thanks to a new federal law, on black-box evidence from cars."

Can you post a link to this new federal law regarding black-box evidence?
Just as "accident" makes mayhem seem unavoidable, blaming the car instead of the driver is an implicit exoneration. The media are the worst offenders, always announcing that an SUV struck a child, not a driver.