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Harry Stein
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It's hilarious to read comments by liberals - you can hear them twisting like pretzels defending the undefendable. To John Kennedy - what is the color or the sky in your world. Of course black people are complicit - monolithic voting for dimocRATS, exhorting race hustlers like the faux revs - Al and Jesse, electing the same types to Congress - Maxine, Sheila, Barbara, Keith, Cynthia,, children out of wedlock, gangs and gangstas, murders, hating of whites. They are totally complicit and totally racist - anti-white, anti-hispanic, anti-asian. It's a joke, a crime, and they are, above all else - cowards, ie.- knock out game. Give your head a shake lamebrain.
One is a congressperson and the other is a basketball player. One offered a nuanced critique of groupthink in the African American community, and the other offered the tired argument that black people are somehow complicit in their economic and social oppression. Yeah, 500 years of white supremacy really evaporates in 40 years.
Kobe was wrong. Dwayne Wade said that WAS NOT why they supported Martin. Blacks do not protest for murder victims just because they are black. People found out the facts at the tiime and decided GZ should have been arrested. Kobe underestimates blacks.
I wonder if Paul Ryan's speech could be compared to what Bill Cosby said in 2004? Bill Cosby got a point when he made that speech despite being criticized
This is NOT NEWS ... tell us something that we don't know.

Nobody listens to MSNBC, CBS, NBC or ABC.
The difference is Ryan has everything to gain by making his comments and Bryant has nothing to gain.
The cries of racism are a subterfuge to deflect from the bigger issue - the social and cultural disintegration of the working and lower middle class. The rationale is that if we are allowed to look closely at this, we would see that thew commonality is the dissolution of traditional values as the main cause. This proves the nihilism and libertinism philosophy of the elite is unworkable. And they would never allow this to happen
The word racism is over used and over abused! It has lost its sting!
As always , follow the money . How many people , either cynically or honestly , make their living from the Race Industry . From the Al Sharptons to the college diversity dean , a whole lot of folks put bread on the table and a Cadillac in the garage on the an unholy nexus of white ( liberal ) guilt and negro grievance . And as long as the money flows , ain't gonna change .
You have a valid point . It is a fallacy to argue that black folks should support other blacks "just" because they are black. What would this person say if some white person should say that whites should support any member of the KKK just because he is white ? In other words , regardless of what the KKK member does or says he deserves the support of other whites. Any fool can think of some valid counter-examples to this line of thinking.
Harry Stein is right: What Kobe Bryant said is indeed "in the best American tradition." So is "not being guilty by association."

Every time a race hustler -- white, brown, or black -- stands up in a public forum and "starts going on about racism and 400 years of slavery", someone else has to find the courage to stand up and say "I acknowledge America's racist past, but you are shameless in trying to shame us into feeling guilty when most likely none of those present had a hand in shaping that past. I am appalled by your insinuations." Then watch the heads bobbing in that speaker's direction.

There is nothing like a little bit of courage inspiring courage in others.
It's puzzling to me what constitutes racism. For instance, to point out that 85% or more of the NBA players are black is a statement of fact, and not generally considered racist (unless, perhaps the wrong white person makes this assertion).

But to point out that about half the homicides in America (where the killer is known) are committed by blacks IS considered racist -- again, a statement of fact.
I am sick unto the death of the subject of race. No matter how many concessions are made to blacks, they agitate for more, more, more -- reparations, more money for hopeless inner-city school programs ("pre-K") and corrupt teachers' unions, free health care...the list is absolutely endless. Failure to comply with these unending demands is seen as "racist," so those few (rare) politicians who seek to keep the ship of state from taking on water and capsizing are deemed irredeemably bigoted, Q.E.D.

It's plain that most blacks don't like white people (polls have shown this to be the case). Go to any company lunch room in any large corporate setting and see how many blacks choose to sit with whites. They're mad as hell and in no mood to settle for anything less than all the marbles. Give-and-take is out of the question. Since 95% of blacks vote their color without taking note of a candidates qualifications, the nation's capital winds up with the likes of Marion Barry, New York with David Dinkins, and Detroit with Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick.

Race is our besetting affliction, our never-ending torment. The color of a person's skin is the deciding factor in uncounted human transactions, and there's no indication that it's ever going to change. Looks bleak.
Liberals blab incessantly about having "an honest discussion about race in America", and when anyone says anything remotely honest about the subject, they're shut down. Like everything else about them, liberals don't care about honesty or facts. The only thing they want is to preen self-righteously to the world and flaunt their mostly imaginary virtue.
Well, then, let's change "inner city" to "Appalachia." Not too many blacks there, right? Is Ryan's assertion still "racist?" Or maybe, just maybe, Ryan is right?

Ben Hartley
(I write it, I sign it)
The author is correct that the dialog on race is completely deficient, but risks his credibility by arguing that what Ryan and Kobe said are alike. One of them refused to make a generalization based on race, the other made a crass generalization with a clear racist subtext. Only one is worth defending.