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Theodore Dalrymple
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Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth ...
No one is flooding Africa with mass immigration and forced assimilation until there are no Black countries left.
No one is flooding Asia with mass immigration and forced assimilation until there are no Asian countries left.
But ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are targeted for mass immigration and forced assimilation until there are no more White countries.
That's genocide.

Communism and facism caused the deaths of over 60,000,000 dring the WWII time frame alone. For a perspective on the Ukraine, I'd recommend "Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin".

Saddam supported international terrorism, as did/do many governments in the ME. By the way, the greatest number of vicitms of international terroism are Moslem peoples themselves. To put the brakes on this is the reason we went into Iraq. There were mass graves found filled with Iraqi citizens who were gassed - the Kurds were happy to see us. The death toll from the initial invasion was slight - the death toll from various factions fighting for control (Iraqi on Iraqi or foreign Islamists raised this).

The Chinese Cultural Revolution took millions upon millions of lives, as did various other Communist movements.

We were invited into Viet Nam by the then government.We found it advantageous at the time because it fit into our concern over the growing Communist threat.

It is disingeneous to blame the US for horrendous crimes while overlooking the carnage caused by facist, communist and islamist sources. We do not seek to conquer and occupy. Which of these countries have we annexed? Do we take their resources without paying the market rate?

It is in our best interest to have a world filled with democratic capitalist countries, but it is also in the best interest of those peoples, also.
I agree with your point, Elizabeth, but I take a different view of the facts. For instance, I am quite certain that the US invasion of Iraq caused at least 1.5 million excess deaths. That is about a quarter of the number of Jewish deaths attributed to the Holocaust. Yet no one in the West is willing to recognize the fact that it is the USA that has caused far more death and destruction than any other nation since 1945. I mentioned Iraq, but that is only the worst of a whole serious of unprovoked wars of aggression - the ultimate war crime according to the Nuremberg Tribunal. In the preceding 20 years, US sanctions and violence killed probably another half million to one million Iraqis. (See, among scores of other sources, When did Putin do anything even remotely as bad as the USA's involvement in Iraq alone - without even mentioning Agfhanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Libya, Venezuela...?

Thank you for keeping a reasoned level of discourse. We in the West, unfortunately, believe that we are all now so civilized, so beyond the medival (or even mid-20th Century horrors), that such things could not recur. That ignores the fact that human nature really hasn't changed - and will rear its ugly head in absence of active efforts to restrain it. My fear is that Putin and others like minded will see weakness and act accordingly, with the end being total capitulation or a massive bloodbath.
I'm sure Crimea is Mr Putin's last territorial demand.
A French aircraft carrier?
France seems to have lost its appetite for war sometime around 1918; there's surely no evidence it ever got it back.

One does at least wish that European leaders were considering just how bad it would be if Russia turned off its natural gas- would it mean turning the thermostat down and using more (nuclear?) electricity, or would it actually be a mortal threat? What's scary is that there doesn't even seem to be any public discussion of this.

One must, at least, give France credit for its willingness to use nuclear power. As Germany is learning, wind and solar are not really feasible replacements for coal and/or nuclear.

In any case, Europe is far older than it was during its more bellicose days, and those nearing the end of life's journey- esp. those who are childless- are presumably far more interested in their retirement benefits than in containing any threat from a "distant country of which we know little."
The entire apparatus which was built to contain and deter Russian expansion remains in place, fortuitously. We still have NATO, we still have substantial conventional capability in Europe, and we have maintained our strategic superiority (not through our efforts, but because of the puny Russian defense budget). We also have the rudiments of ballistic missile defense. There are lots of things we can do to contain Putin, not least of which would be a missile defense umbrella for all of NATO. It is not capability that we lack, it is the unpleasant necessity to understand that it it 1980 again. The left seems to think that if we pretend that Russia is not menacing its former colonies, then it isn't. We are lucky to have Poland and the Baltics in NATO to remind us that we cannot wish away a new Cold War.
Christopher Scott March 20, 2014 at 11:22 AM
I am against taking a hard line with Russia regarding the Crimea annexation and Ukraine in general.

First, a supermajority of the people who live in Crimea are ethnic Russians. These people collectively have a right to associate with the government they wish to associate with.

Second, the current border between Ukraine and Russia was drawn in the 1950's when it was a dividing line between administrative districts within the same country. Such a border should not be set in stone when Ukraine and Russia became two different countries.

Third, we in the United States and western Europe have no vital interests in Ukraine. All of the people who advocate taking a hard line against Russia now point to comparisons between Putin and Hitler and analogize today to the Munich agreement in 1938. Putin has not done anything to indicate that he is bent on world domination. He appears to be primarily looking to regain control over local areas where ethnic Russians are a majority of the population, and to have influence within nations that are adjacent to Russia. This is not unreasonable.

I am unwilling to plunge the world into further economic stagnation and possible war with Russia over Crimea and the rest of Ukraine. We need to remember how close the United States and the Soviet Union came to nuclear war because Russia wrongly inserted itself into Cuba. The Cold War is over and we need to avoid creating provocations that will cause the West and Russia to fail to see their common interests.
The biggest, most insidious threat to Europe is godlessness. The Russian trajectory seems to be pointing in the opposite direction.

As for the EU and NATO, just wait what tune Warsaw will sing when the neo-Banderas start decapitating the remaining Poles in Kresy Wschodnie and "the most beautiful Polish city", Lwow. History has consequences.

As for the Czechoslovak analogy, that is so deeply flawed as to constitute a fallacy. Kindly reassess, Doctor.
Elizabeth, the current situation in Ukraine is far removed from any suggestion of Russian encroachment on Eastern - let alone Western - Europe. Ukraine has always been part of Russia, and of course for most of the 20th century was one of the core republics that made up the USSR. About the time of King Alfred the Great in England, Kiev - the capital of present-day Ukraine - was the capital of Kievan Rus, the first ancestor of Russia. The Ukrainian government has been deliberately destabilized and eventually overthrown in a violent coup, obviously supported by US money and organization. (Similar things have happened in countless other nations, recently including Syria, Libya, Venezuela, and Egypt). If the people of Ukraine vote to join Russia, that is their affair - just as the people of the Falkland Islands chose to remain British.
Europe is moribund.They will allow the situation to deteriorate to the point that the US will have to step in and save them again. This will earn us little gratitude, only derision.

Lake Worth, you fall into the typical Liberal fallacy that wanting to standing up for oneself and ones allies equates to icky, icky brute machoism.

Dalrymple wants war?

He's that effed he needs mass slaughter to get an erection. "Distant threats" are 99% expressions of paranoia, including this idea that Putin is rolling up Eastern Europe instead of simply reacting to losing Ukraine to EU.

Compared to a year ago and Yanukovich, Putin has lost 96% of Ukraine.


Most folks buy video games for excitement. Yeah, he's effed.
Albert Van Thournout March 20, 2014 at 4:56 AM
The writer needs to do research on Czechoslovakia in 1938. European leaders knew exactly the location of Czechoslovakia, and the deal they made with Hitler on it was not the result of any vote of any people. Czechoslovakia was in the East in the immediate direction of Bolshevik Russia. Hitler had made clear his conviction that Germany needed 'lebensraum' to the East (recall Germany and Brest-Litovsk 1918). As Stalin understood the significance of Munich, so Putin understands the danger of EU creep followed by NATO creep eastward.
I don't see Putin as a threat - as a Christian I must say I find it refreshing to see a leader who supports the national church, as well as a culture, and historical values of his people. As an American I'd love to find a leader, media outlet, or cultural institution that didn't find Christianity a convenient and profitable target for mockery.
Melpub, you wrote that "Obama is too decent to imagine Putin". However, I think you will find that Obama has committed far more, and worse, crimes than Putin. How many unprovoked wars of aggression (the worst war crime) has Putin started or continued? Do you have concrete, indisputable evidence that Putin allows himself to condemn people, anywhere in the world, to death without trial or appeal? And has Putin attempted to insert his nation into a territorial disagreement between the USA and Canada or Mexico?
I am afraid that your normal perspicacity may have been temporarily overcome by your civilized inclination to trust our own authorities. It is true that for many years the US armed forces protected Western Europe from the possible threat of Soviet attack. However, I am not convinced that such a threat was ever real. An alternate interpretation is that the Soviets, having had one in seven of their entire population wiped out by aggression, resolved to arm themselves to the teeth and adopt a posture of military readiness purely as a defensive measure. (The parallel of Israel suggests itself strongly). Moreover, that the USA helped to defeat the Axis powers and since has played a role in preserving global peace is no guarantee that its leadership can never be corrupted by its enormous power. I believe that Ukraine and Russia should be left to sort out their own affairs, and the USA and EU should leave them alone to do so.
Face it. With abortion and birth control the overwhelming weapon wielded by satan to destroy western civilization, Europe is emaciated. Further, with the overwhelming influx if Islamic forces compensating for the lack of a civil work force and doing little other than living off the dole, further destroying the economy (such as in Malmo Sweden) by predating upon it, Europe is toast. The only strength they have is their economies and currently Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain are basket cases and Greece is a joke. Meanwhile, African pour across the Mediterranian seeking a better economic promise and facing not much more opportunity than the nations they fled, not to mention a xenophobic revulsion to their presence. But since the Europeans cannot even begin to mount a serious military response, having murdered their children in the womb for the last 50 years seeking personal wealth and comfort, now the chickens are coming home to roost and Islam will overwhelm Europe to further decimate its standard of living, exactly as God sent the children of Agar to punish the Israelites. Pope Francis is the final one, and the Great Chastisement promised by Our Lady in Fatima, Lourdes, Akita, Garabondol, Medjugorje, La Salette and a host of other appearances, is now upon us. Pray the Rosary, for the time is short.

Or don't pagans, and face the wrath of God in the next life. Time will prove me out.
I'm with Don. President Obama and his sidekick Kerry probably couldn't have found Crimea on the map heretofore. They seem to be motivated solely by the desire to divert attention away from the series of grotesque foreign policy flops for which they are responsible. Their European counterparts are fundamentally no better.
Well I'm with Russia on the Crimea question. Crimea was part of Russia for 200 years. (They took it from the Turks against whom they won a war,fair and square by the rules of the day.) In 1954, Nikita Kruschev, a Ukrainian, and the General Secretary of the Communist Party, suddenly simply took it away from Russia and gave it to Ukraine with no consultation with anyone, reputedly while drunk out of his mind. Naturally, it being the USSR, the Russians could not object or complain.The people of Russia, and the people of Crimea,overwhelmingly Russian, have never accepted the snatching of Crimea, and they are now getting back what is theirs. Good for them.
Putin cannot be threatened because Putin doesn't give a damn. Obama is too decent to imagine Putin. But letting Putin get away with what he is obviously getting away with is letting Hitler march into Poland--meanwhile here is the U.S. Seanate tortured by watching someone getting waterboarded--what Putin would have done to the guy is something I don't want to imagine. Whose going to remove Putin? The West doesn't have a bad guy big enough to do it.
Europe has no appetite for conflict with Putin because Europe is dying. European birth rates are far below replacement level, and the downturn cannot be reversed in this century. But Russia is dying of the same malady (as is Iran). Russian soldiers are likely to be only sons or only children. Each Russian casualty is a family deleted. If Europe and Ukraine stand firm, Putin will back down.
Moral of the story? Ukraine was bamboozled when it gave up its Soviet-era nuclear weapons for promises that her borders will be respected.
@Charles Churchyard
No, this is not Lenin, this is from Karl Marx.
Charles Churchyard March 19, 2014 at 12:29 PM
Here's another quotation (attributed, I believe, to Lenin) which could be expressed in a Tweet: "When it comes time for the revolution, the capitalists will sell us the rope."