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Matthew Hennessey
God’s Lucky Man « Back to Story

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That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Be certain to keep writing. edaagdbacebdfbgb
Seems to have been, and apparently still is, a sad,un-tamed and confused soul. ONLY GOD really knows what is in his heart, and will judge him at the end.
Informative article. However, I am quite content with what Shane has already given. He is an incredibly talented poet and songwriter.
This article is very pretentious. Everyone knows that Shane is a self destructive genius. The liver can be a wonderful, self-healing organ. Obviously genetics is on his side. No need to dwell on the obvious.
Nice article. MacGowan is, however, when not completely wasted, an extremely compelling performer.
He only wrote about 10% of fairytale of new york lol
Lucky man????!!! I think not - he's truly unique - and one talented colourful highly intriguing man, great live never fails to deliver
Albert Constantine Jr. March 17, 2014 at 11:09 AM
While others here have covered the sentimental spiritual nature of the lyrics of "Fairytale of New York ("you're an old slut on junk" is my favorite part), I defer instead to the tome honoring Big Jim Dwyer, a man of wire, who often heard him say "I'm a free born man of the USA".
@James Graham:
"Scumbag" seems to be fine, but the line in the song that comes after it will definitely get you booted off the comments page.....

Happy St. Patrick's Day, from Brno, CZ

Do I violate your no obscenities rule by pointing out that "Fairytale of New York," a Christmas song, contains the word "scumbag?"
Craig S. Maxwell March 16, 2014 at 1:10 PM
Oh, brother... (Spare us.)
"Fairytale of New York" is God's favorite tune.


Plays it Christmas and St. Paddy's. Loud. But He wants Kirsty to Himself without distractions, so Shane's on his own.