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Steven Malanga
Andrew Cuomo’s Election-Year Right Turn « Back to Story

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The voters will buy this subreption wholesale. Recent history shows that New Yorkers will buy whatever the left is selling, including head fakes.
It never ceases to amaze me that when faced with a fiscal crisis Democrats finally admit lowering taxes will produce economic growth. Why the populace does not finally learn this lesson only adds fuel to the opinion that the electorate in this country are not only uninformed but unintelligent.
What about allowing fracking in the NY's Southern Tier? That would generate jobs, income and taxes as well as get an economically depressed region onto its feet again.
I sure wouldn't swallow a sudden turn like this coming into an important election. If he'd started this new tack three years ago, and had made some solid progress, OK, then. I agree, Steven, there are far more equitable, and long term favourable, tax ideas he could promote. Among them, and one which I've not seen any one of note persue, is an aggressive campaign to redice state spending. You pointed out a few Billion in special interest pots, and suggested removing it from that pot and put it into tax cuts across the board. Great idea.. but he won't do it. Wooing certain "chosen few" industries is government playing the nanny... a pasttime New York as a state have mastered. Across the board permanent reductions in the tx burden into a truly free market environment may well end up bringing some industries he's never thought of. His plan will surely keep them away.

There is another issue, and my prediction is that if any ONE of the governorship candidates hit on this one it will be a certain ticket to the Governor's Mansion in Albany: a solid commitment to get the New York Safe Act repealed. Not ammended or rewritten: full repeal. Not only will this prevent a few more firearms industries from leaving New York State, it may well signal a serious turnabout in state government.NO mature and responsible adult delights in being controlled in every aspect of their life, much less when that control severely limits a part of one's birthright, as the SAFE act certainly does. Remove this heavy thumb, and all the expense involved in regulating, registering, enforcing, promoting, incarcerating, etc, let folks breathe free again, and watch what happens. A closely related issue would be to change state law to preempt all local laws, retroactively, that regulate or limit the keeping and bearing of firearms by the "mundanes". Part of that must be a "Shall Issue" policy, statewide, with few requirements, for concealed handgun permits. Do that and watch the crime rates drop,, the costs of law enforcement, and the attendant costs, borne by all, of the criminal activity now so rampant. Included in the new "Shall Issue" permitting law must be the recognition of the right to carry concealed to out of state residents who are lawfully able to do so in their home state. I know dozens of individuals who will NOT travel into, or even through, New York City, or even the state, because they refuse to have their rights as guaranteed under the Second Article of Ammendment abrogated. Think this is not a bit deterrent to tourism, and businesses potentially relocating to New Yourk? Think again. Personally, I refuse to book any flight that even lays over in New York City or Newark. Nor will I visit New York City, and I will carefully consider before driving across that state, as my present understanding of your firearms laws preclude my travelling there freely.
The candidate who takes a strong stance in favour of that Second Article will gain MANY votes on that basis alone. I wonder if anyone will figure it out?
Is not this gamesmanship of the highest order? Cuomo wants a national stage and if Hilary is damaged goods in any way, he can position himself as a moderate alternative to the democrats and independents with low IQ scores.