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Heather Mac Donald
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Paging Dr. Cloward and Dr. Piven...
DeBlassio's next act is to send in the squeegee glad we moved out of the city.
Hey, New York! Mr de Blasio told you all exactly what direction he was going to take the city in when he was running for office. What was it about his rhetoric, and the people he surrounded himself with, that you didn't understand? He is in, and he's following through on the agenda that he promised.
Reminds me of the story about the British diplomat who meets with a German diplomat in Switzerland during WW2. The German is not a Nazi, but a career diplomat from an old line of professional, non-political diplomats, and has in fact been banished by the Nazis to some unimportant subpost in Switzerland, in deference to the wealth and prestige of his family.
The British diplomat tells the German how horrified he is at Hitler's aggression, his ruthlessness in treating conquered countries, and his willingness to tear up treaties that he signed when it suits his purpose. The German responds, "But Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that this is exactly what he intended to do when he took power. Didn't you read Mein Kampf?"
The British diplomat answers, "Yes we read it, and we read what he said he intended to do, but we never believed that he meant it."
Well, de Blasio said what he intended to do, and he meant it.
I remember when New York reached one million welfare recipients under Mayor David Dinkens. The goal of the city administration then was to reduce that number. Mayor de Blasio and his friends will reach that number too, but to them that will be their goal.
He's a lousy piece of work and that is manifest in everything he does. One hopes the NYC electorate will cure itself of its fecklessness and throw him and his crew out on their collective rear-ends next time.


There's a simple solution for the welfare mess should sensible people ever again be in charge of the state and city government.

1. Replace the legal aid society with a public agency whose staff attorneys are forbidden to file class action suits.

2. Eliminate all welfare programs bar unemployment compensation, school vouchers and public schooling, the public defender and legal aid service, Medicaid, foster care, and miscellaneous long term care. Instead, have a state income tax wherein one's liability is calculated as a flat levy on total income less a general credit for each household member. The impecunious will get cash back. One can cap the cash back at a share of earned income or a certain dollar value (relaxing the cap for the elderly and disabled).

There would be no need for a 'Human Resources Administration'. You can replace the social workers in the child protective service with a crew with a mixture of skills - police training, developmental and clinical psychology, and nursing - if you want to complete the demolition of bureaucracies of helping and caring.
New Yorkers are finally getting the government they deserve. I'm working on my "No Radio" window placard now...
"The Legal Aid Society . . . has recently added to the case’s purview the issue of whether homework can count toward the hours that a recipient must devote to work or training." I love it! Leave it to a dedicated group of radical leftist lawyers to come up with a notion so patently foolish as this. Only in America. Only in NYC!
According to Wikipedia:

Steven Banks
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Steven Banks
"Born November 27, 1954 (age 59)
United States
Occupation Musician, comedian, actor, writer
Years active 1986-present

Steven Banks (born November 27, 1954) is an American musician, comedian, actor and writer of television, plays, books and cartoons, including SpongeBob SquarePants."

Quite a CV for someone who is going to head up a major city agency.

Unless I have the wrong Steve Banks.
It appears to me that the author's real gripe is that the man who campaigned as an ultra leftie progressive is behaving like one. While practising what you preach is indeed novel in politics, isn't it what we have been demanding for years?
The Mayor really needs to wrap up the campaign and start appointing professional managers who can run the government. The alternative could be a slow descent into chaos. If you don't wish to be a one-termer, learn from the past, Bill!
I'm starting to like him.