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Matthew Hennessey
Smoke in the Water « Back to Story

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The FDA has its own vaporizer as a nicotine replacement therapy. Of course, it's astronomically expensive, which begs the redundant question; gee, I wonder why?

@ BioEmeritus, reading skills are your friend. Many people choose to vape without nicotine. Smokers have been so cowed by the PR campaign, blowing smoke in someone's face isn't even on the radar, except as a visual in movies. With that attitude that precedes your presence, mayhap someone will make an exception in your case.
Proof that the anti-smoking laws were never about health, they were about control. Fascists.
Well Lake Worth doesn't like it so lets ban it. Typical nonsense from the usual source. Go nanny your kids not us.
There's a reason they're doing this at the while trying to legalize marijuana.

The same reason they do anything.

Have you figured it out yet?
Drug companies don't want you using nicotine which is a cheap alternative to expensive anti-depressant drugs and stimulants.

The air is cleaner around e-users. Hmmm...cotton candy!
"As a suspension, it works exactly like smoke."

Except it doesn't contain benzene or any other carcinogenic combustion products.

"You can see the particles suspended in the vapor."

Do you have to wear your tinfoil hat to be able to see the particles suspended in the vapor?
“Having worked with the FDA,,,, they are usually an agency that leads from behind,” said Chicago mayor and former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

Hmm, not good enough for Chicago, but apparently just the ticket for international diplomacy.

I had heard that the vape pens were being used for MJ or hash; indeed, I smelled one in passing recently that was clearly not stoking tobacco.

The bottom line on the battle is that the crazies/zealots/idiot savants are gunning for Big Tobacco; I wonder how these devices would have fared under the marketing guise of, say, Pfizer.....Perhaps a lost opportunity.
More people have died in Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile that from e-cigs.
The smoke does indeed contain nicotine. And it is a vapor, not technically "smoke" except that the suspension of particles is induced electronically instead of by combustion. As a suspension, it works exactly like smoke.

From the blucig web site selling these things:

-- No tobacco smoke, no ash, no smell!
-- Replicates a traditional cigarette with great vapor production and consistency.
Various nicotine levels to suit all smokers.
-- A single vapor cigarette cartridge lasts for approximately 250 puffs.

Welcome to addiction. And any notion that all the nicotine is absorbed passing once through the user's lungs -- that's absurd. You can see the particles suspended in the vapor.
E-cigarettes are a gimmick that aims to get people addicted to nicotine, extort money to sate this addiction, and all with casual disregard for the health of the victims.

Altria (formerly Philip Morris) is another Murder, Inc.

----- Chicago City Council voted overwhelmingly to ban the indoor use of e-cigarettes. “Having worked with the FDA, having encouraged them to take steps to protect individuals and children, they are usually an agency that leads from behind,” said Chicago mayor and former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. “And when it comes to the city of Chicago, when it comes to the people of the city of Chicago, when it comes to the children of the city of Chicago, I do not believe we should wait.”

Gee, Rahm did something I like. Who woulda thunk it.
Replying to BioEmeritus.

To my knowledge, there is no nicotine in the exhaled vapor.

The exhaled vapor is not smoke -- it's water vapor.

Ban 'em like tobacco in all public places. I don't want somebody blowing nicotine laced smoke in my face.