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Marcus A. Winters
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A good friend is the principal of a Los Angeles USD school that is in the first year of co-habitating with a charter. The classroom and playground behavior of the uniformed charter students was significantly better than that of their non-charter counterparts; this was very evident to the faculty and many non-charter parents. As a resulta uniform/dress code was instituted which was well-received by all. Her teachers have reported better classroom behavior and attention leading to better performance. Requiring students to look and dress "professionally" is one very easy step to helping them become successful and productive adults.
"There seems to be no academically valid reason for de Blasio’s move."

There is none, except for the UFT's hating the charter schools; their donations to de Blasio's campaign were the result of him telling them that the charters would no longer be around to embarrass them. As in most things regarding NYC politics, following the money trail is more instructive than anything you are likely to hear from the principals involved.
Jimmy Kilpatrick March 04, 2014 at 3:31 AM
One term with Obama destruction of anything good is paramount as both want to keep blacks on the plantation.
I wonder if charter parents are as ferocious as homeschooling parents? More then a few bureaucrats and politicians have found out just how unrelenting, clever and fierce the latter can be but charter parents haven't made quite the commitment as have homeschooling parents so it remains to be seen how forceful their reply will be to de Blasio's siding with the teacher's unions.

Still, the prospect of a committed lefty like de Balsio telling crowds of poor, black parents to go to hell is pleasant to think about. Of course he'll try to couch his dismissal of their desires in terms that make it sound like he's doing them a favor but these are the folks who were failed by the district and now have a chance to save their children from the same district. I think they might be a tough sell.
De Blasio's setting Eva up for a mayoral run in 2017. I know Eva well, and she'll be very tough to beat.
I'm afraid Mr. Winters did not elaborate the philosophical reasoning that was likely behind de Blasio's equalitarian policy decision. Putting that into simple, explanatory terms would have made this piece a much more powerful indictment of the current trend toward social equality.
The great mantra of the socialist democrat is to integrate all level of society into the same classroom. Economic or educational level have no relevance in equality except to make sure we all are equal.

DeBlasio, like all good socialist/communists believes that if all can not have the same opportunity, than no one can have it.

Parents who want more for their children and are willing to support a charter school with their own dollars have no right to do so without helping those who do not or can not.

The insanity of socialism communism is well served in NYC as they voted to have this idiot in charge.

I hope to see NYC decline as the decay of this failed ideology begins to spread and bring back the days of Dinkins.

May the parasitic followers of these fools begin to infiltrate the liberal bastions and hurt them where they deserve.
"There seems to be no academically valid reason for de Blasio’s move."

Is there a valid reason for anything he advocates.
if only children could vote or lobby like the Teacher's Union.
the dumbing down of another generation continues
"Thus, if Bill de Blasio truly cares about student achievement, co-locations shouldn’t bother him."

DeBlasio and his fellow travelers care about the children of New York, particularly the poor and the black children, the same way that Colonel Sanders cares about his chickens.
"...most effective charters are characterized by frequent teacher feedback, data-guided instruction, high expectations, and increased instructional time—all attributes of Success Academy schools. Needless to say, these aren’t characteristics commonly found in the traditional public schools in the low-income neighborhoods that Success Academy’s students are otherwise likely to attend."

But these characteristics would not be difficult to duplicate. The problem is they only work with a student body that wants to learn. Proving, once again, that a school is only as good as the quality of its students.