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Tim Cavanaugh
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Mr. Cavanaugh your article supports my recent decision for selling my home and investment properties and leaving California.
From my experience, the city government takes these reports, places them on a shelf with all the other reports and promptly ignores them.
Nothing to see here. Move on.
Given the Democrat party's lock (stranglehold) on government, its demographics, and its unswerving devotion to government unions, it is a foregone conclusion that L.A. is headed for "Detroit" status.
They used to call CA. La La Land.
A more recent version is La La La Land.
How can the people of the left be so dumb? The only solution - if it's a solution they are looking for - is to never, never, put more money into a failed bankrupt system. Run a city, a country even, as if it was your own household account, with no option of further mortgages, or increases in salary. Any system of pensions should be organised and run by an independent private insurance business that never exceeds the criteria required of the system to be ongoing.
Oh, Tim, Tim: Interesting article -- just change the following "Despite" to "Because":

Because it boasts a long list of high-powered Lefty signatories — including former Clinton administration Commerce secretary Mickey Kantor, former L.A. “jobs czar” and sometime mayoral hopeful Austin Beutner, and former Obama administration Labor secretary Hilda Solis — the report reads like a jeremiad.

There you go!
The concept of tall apartment buildings adjacent to 20th century style transit systems is not going to fly in either LA or San Jose -- yet both cities espouse them.
Planned unit development (PUD) is definitely a part of the future mix -- but not 20 story apartment complexes straddling extended 20th century transit systems --
PUD can contribute to developing new ideas for transit, communications and water conservation without scaling the heavens. This is, after all, earthquake country!

I think lack of editors was one of the under-invested projects mentioned.
Sheesh, are there no editors in LA? I couldn't get through the first graph without revulsion: cliches, trite metaphors and simply bad writing.

Oh well, let's hope the bond guys don't notice.