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Laura Vanderkam
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How to win the friends and influence people is pop-psychological book. It was successful in shallow people.1930 most horrible depression period people of America want tiny solace that this book provided that is why this most shallow book was popular.Is it possible to win the friends?Carnegie spread illusions in mind of desperate people.There is old saying if you want support of people make them fool, if you tell them truth they stone you.
Frederick Robinson February 19, 2014 at 7:06 PM
Dale Carnegie's work has improved the lives of million's of people across the world.
(by an associate for twenty years).
As a self conscious shy fifteen year old, I read two of Dale Carnegie's books. "How To Win Friends and Influence People" and "Stop Worrying and Start Living". I even took a Dale Carnegie Course at twenty-one. A phrase that never left me was, "For every ailment under the sun, there is a remedy or there is none. If there is one, try to find it. If there is none never mind it." Not sure if that quote was his or not.
I know this book greatly helped me succeed during a major career change in the early 1980's. There are a lot of smart people in business that you have to compete against. If people genuinley like you it opens a lot of doors.
“the more I see of Europe, the more respect I have for America”.

Ever more true today, almost a century after Carnegie wrote those words
Sorry, but how was the sexual appetite of the married woman and the gold-digging instinct of the much younger woman exactly the fault of Carnegie? Wasn't he more the tool of their ambitions rather than the scandalous perpetrator of immorality? It strikes me that "crimes" need an offender and an offendee. The women perpetrated their attraction and beauty and benefited from their appeals to his attention. Who has the greater sin?
Jordan Belfort is another fan. His Straight Line Persuasion system builds on Carnegie by adding NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming tricks and an even more adamant materialism.

Conservative groups offer SLIP in various clones with classes for their volunteers and staffers. The political versions are anchored differently: mostly to abortion, Reagan, objecting to Big Government, or the oddity of White self-pity. And instead of "12 Ways" there are patterns for doing "Loops" that influence the buyer and return to the Straight Line presentation.

The simpler the pitch, the easier to sell it. Unfortunately that leads to simple lies, not complicated truths. There is always a simple and effective lie -- which is bad for management processes. They don't care. "Shut it down."
Quentin Crisp was a Dale Carnegie-ish figure, stressing the central importance of manners and personal style. Crisp's book 'Manners from Heaven' is like a Bible for our time....
"occasional Freudian and religious" interpretations weigh things down?
Would I ever like an example!
FDR didn't save capitalism. He did his best to destroy it, for example, with his first major program, the NRA, which was modeled on Mussolini's fascist state corporatism. FDR nationalized agriculture and legalized syndicalism via support for industrial unions like the UAW.
And what did we get? 'Rules for Radicals' from OUR President's
adviser, Saul Alinsky. None of that Carnegie fascist crap.
Workers of the world arise.
Missed reading the book, but knew about it. After 83 years and quite satisfied that I never had to go back and live with mom and pop, in those days, that was unthinkable; at least in my circles.

I did read Zig Ziglar's book; A common sense way to live and get along,and achieve your dreams. This report, triggered me to check Zig's book out again. He lives his life for us to follow.

Bless him.
where gofart got his ideas about cleaning crime scenes