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Seth Barron
Progressive Values in Action? « Back to Story

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Emanations and Penumbras February 17, 2014 at 8:30 PM
True enough, but the sad reality is that this is what NYers WANT!

It you have had enough of this idiocy, your only option is to leave. I did, over forty years ago, and I have next lookers back.
Have they previously regulated the length, color, and structure of dog leashes? Surely so, otherwise they'd not be moving on to more important matters.
So, in NYC the big choice is between the loonies who want these things and the ones who don't want you to be able to buy a 17 ounce soft drink... and none of them respect the 2nd amendment. Makes me kind of wish global warming hysterics had some connection with reality and the flooding would clean the place out to allow a fresh, clean start by sane people.
At first I thought I was reading "The Onion". But really, NYers, if you can keep them focused on these issues, you might be able to bide some time. You need to set up citizen groups who will inundate them with fringe issues to keep them busy (less destructive) to the general citizenry.
The NYC council members are a continuing delight; now that slapstick comedy is out of fashion.
The wonderful thing about this level of stupid , is that it continues to astonish no matter how many times you encounter it.

Note: If the council is not in session, IFC runs the Three Stooges on Saturday mornings.
Kevin sadly Lake Worth isn't kidding. Unlike this article every comment she posts is a complete waste of time to read. No idea why she posts since she never seems to comprehend any article here.
@ Lake Worth, you are kidding right? Some of the things in these bills are major violations of law. I mean, really any city official going into any building which gets government money at any time for any reason and you do not care?
Glad I no longer live there!
O.K., fine. Start with this:

"Then the 51-member legislative body got down to business: regulating the minutiae of New Yorkers’ lives, empowering city agencies to enter private property at will, and setting up task forces to study leisure activities. "

Examples in order:

-- Animal abuse
-- Access to inspect buildings with Section 421-a affordable housing support
-- Department of Environmental Protection gets to issue a sticker for "environmentally friendly" businesses
-- And two tiny items related to David Dinkins and cricket

Why was this written ????? This is a waste of time to read.
we had a great run of 20 years starting with RUDY!! I will be outa here by the time the libs destroy this great city again!!RIP NY CITY...
we had a great run of 20 years starting with RUDY!! I will be outa here by the time the libs destroy this great city again!!RIP NY CITY...
jessefan in chapel hill February 13, 2014 at 2:42 PM
In New York City, everybody goes into therapy. - Claire Danes

Is the ironically named coffee company "Chock Ful o Nuts" still based in NYC?
Progressives are just yet another set of big city machine politicians exploiting ignorant masses, including poor folks, working folks, and the massively ignorant folks with college degrees and yuppie jobs.
It is great to see the Progressives hitting the issues that are destroying this nation. (sarc)
Apparently, to progressives, the motto "The Sillier and more Intrusive the Better",typifies their approach to city governance!
NYC, soon to be the Detroit of the east coast.
"all buildings that receive tax benefits under Section 421-a of the tax code, which covers affordable housing. Councilmember Rodriguez’s bill would allow representatives of “any city agency” to access any such building for any reason—and “such request for access need not be made in writing.”"
The above statement conveys why I never want government help. If they return one of my dimes back to me, they think they own me.
Thanks for reminding me not to move to NYC.
To Cindy: Actually, New Yorkers got what they were too lazy or too disengaged to vote AGAINST. Fewer than 25% of registered voters bothered to turn up at the polls, and the majority those who did voted for de Blasio, thereby giving him a de facto "mandate." It is difficult to sympathize with the plight of New Yorkers in the face of such egregious voter apathy.
Yes, we live now in an America in which the only "rights" enshrined in the minds of many of our governing authorities are the "rights" to kill unborn children and to have sex with whatever consenting adult you wish, and to have no one ever question your morality or proclivities. The rights actually enumerated in our Constitution? Religion? Speech? Private property? Those are all subject to constant review, regulation and restriction. Welcome to the future, America.
Anti-constitutional Big Government insanity. The Little People ignored and abused, and their rights trampled. More, new rules, regulations, and unaccountable beauracracies, enforcing goofy left-wing radical causes.

Yes, thosed are indeed "progressive values."
You got what you voted for!
my god these people are insufferable
Further proof that Progressives prefer committees and regulations to productive results, while treating insignificant issues as "catastrophes" so no one notices that quality of life is gone.
Apparently New York is home to more than Soup Nazis.
New reap what you sow.
the easiest way to get rid of progressives is to put them in office. hillary has no chance post Obama.
Anyone who votes for a Cuomo or de Blasio deserves whatever he gets - just pity the poor ones who knew better but still have to suffer through the idiocy.
Read this and just imagine the unbelievable and scary extent to which a "progressive government" can invade people's lives. It will be extremely interesting and troubling to watch New York City in the next couple of years. Stay tuned- it can happen to you!

Tom Milburn
Like most other -isms, progressivism is about control. Oh sure, those behind it always frame their effort to control you as being in your best interests, usually because they believe you too stupid to make your own decisions or choices. Why, you might make an unapproved selection and that would just spoil their vision of utopia.
Pete from Baltimore February 12, 2014 at 10:05 PM
The problem with most city councils, is that the council members are judged on what they "accomplish".which generally means how many bills they sponsor or get passed.

So they have great incentive to pass bills that get involved with every aspect of the city's resident's lives

I myself think that the NYC City council has gone, far, far ,far to the "Loony Left". But int he end, its the NYC voters who are to blame for this. They have gotten the politicans that they deserve
When I visited Manhattan recently, at 6'4" I could not fit in the environmentally-correct taxis unless I sat sideways, which was hazardous to my neck, left no room for anybody else unless they wanted my legs in their lap, and thus zeroed out the function of the vehicle. Well done, New York. I was lucky to live in the city before it "progressed."