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Nicole Gelinas
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Lake Worth once again you post a silly comment that has no merit. Pre-school has no benefit repeat no benefit for children. This has been proven over and over again. But hey I don't live in NY so if you want to pay more taxes for it be my guest. I do work for NYC so please tell me about all that compensation that Bloomberg kept giving us. I can't seem to find it.
NYC will pay dearly for putting in power a Marxist nut job. It will be interesting to see how much damage he can cause before he is booted out of office. Onward Comrade!
"But [Bloomberg] acknowledged real-world pressures in refusing, in his final years in office, to sign new labor agreements unless the workforce cooperated in cutting the costs of work rules and of retirement and health benefits."

Meaning... that after raising public employee compensation steadily for 12 years, Bloomie decided to punt. He kicked these problems on to de Blasio.


The one critical detail from Bill is getting pre-school for all children. That is critical to raise education standards and skill levels. As good as more water.
Where is Joe Lhota? Shouldn't he be commenting everyday about deBlasio?
Fact: deBlasio is a Marxist, pure and simple. Despite his outwardly 'caring' rhetoric about the city's residents, particularly those in the lower socioeconomic strata, his plans for policies to lift such people out of 'poverty' will not succeed. Indeed, as has been demonstrated countless times before, such policies invariable fail and more often than not they end up hurting those they are intended to help.

Bet on it.
Bill de Blasio's rhetoric will not make the city better.

I just hope that in 12 years we aren't looking back at a NYC that far worse then it is today. However that is inevitable if de Blasio goes forward with his "plans" for "fairness" and all that nonsense.