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Stephen Eide
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the right wingers almost always seem to distort or deny basic facts... and they are always so smug about it!! they "know" this and "know" that.

here this smug expert didn;t even seem to know how many city workers have to pay various costs -- including in many cases premiums -- for their health care.

good job, Smuggy.
Typo should read as pay more.
I'm a city worker as well. The one good thing about my job is the free health insurance. I grossed less money in 2013 than I did in 2012 which was still less than I made in 2011. You can't pay people nothing than complain when they want to hold on to the one good thing they have. Retro pay is money that is owed. Every thing goes up cost of living. You can't expect people to make less and make more. Can't wait to see how progressive De Blasio really is.
It is disingenuous to report that almost all city employees contribute nothing for health care when in fact they do through bi weekly deductions and co- pays when they go to a doctor or health facility and are not enrolled in a program called the HIP PROGRAM. The ONLY city employees who not contribute in this manner are those who are enrolled in HIP program, which is a program that years ago was designed as a managed care program and also as a program to meet certain legislative mandates. If you are going to make comparisons as to who pays what, they should NOT be done in a distorted myopic way, but in a fair unbiased manner. In addition city employees sacrifice Big salaries for other benefits like health care. Doing Public Service is the most Honorable career a person can choose and it is these workers and professionals that make NYC THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD. For without them it would not be the MOST visited city in the World and ONE OF THE GREATEST places to live.That being said,the demonization of public servants should appall anyone with any sense.
I am not one to toot my horn but there is plenty funds to pay City workers their fair share. Mayor Bloomberg has kept saying that city workers get paid a lot of money but that is not true. it is the consultants and those managers that got the money plus raises EVERY YEAR that makes it seems like all city workers was making money. the city is top heavy with managers that does nothing because it is to many of them; you know the saying, "too many chiefs and no Indians". That is why the funds is too much. City workers never caused the problem is was Bloomberg and his cronies from WALL STREET that did. For years they blamed municipal workers, how did we cause the decline? Going to work? now they want us to pay for it. that is over Bloomberg is gone. LETS MOVE ON!!!!
Stephen Eide said:

"Almost all of New York’s 300,000 workers contribute nothing to their health-insurance premiums."

I wonder what your source is on this. I am a manager at NYC HHC (NYC employee). There are many health care plans to pick from: only a one or maybe two have zero premium. Many have quite large premiums. Further, prescription drugs are not included. Prescription drugs and certain other costs are included in a "rider" that has relatively large monthly premiums -- over $100 -- even for the "free" plans.

do you in fact know how many NYC workers pay zero premium and how many pay something? i don't know that this is public information.