Matthew Hennessey
Anti-cop attitudes among the city’s progressive elites created the context for this weekend’s atrocity.

Eye on the News

Joel Zinberg
Young doctors are increasingly becoming employees rather than independent practitioners.


Mark Pulliam
For judicial appointments, Jerry Brown values diversity over experience.

Recent Features

How Private Philanthropy Saved the Founders’ Homes
Myron Magnet
Mount Vernon and Monticello nearly vanished.
Backing the Wrong Horse
Matthew Hennessey
Mayor de Blasio’s proposed ban on Central Park horse carriages is making enemies out of allies.
D.C.’s Silver-Line Slog
Ethan Epstein
A costly and long-delayed subway project raises questions about America’s ability to build needed infrastructure.
Smotherers of Invention
Steven Malanga
Patent trolls, universities, and big companies are exploiting a broken system.
Sniping at the Oscars
Roger L. Simon
Eastwood’s latest falls down; Birdman soars.
More Less
New York City’s Crime Drop Is Real
Heather Mac Donald
Longtime Compstat critics Eli Silverman and John Eterno have a problem.
Belt Tightening 101
Aaron M. Renn
Mitch Daniels has helped Purdue keep costs down for students.
Culture and Achievement
Kay S. Hymowitz
Families shape their children’s prospects more profoundly than anything government can do.
In the Name of Progress
Seth Barron
New York City progressives like rhetoric, not details.
What the Numbers Say on Police Use of Force
Steven Malanga
Two decades of data show police interactions with Americans of all races decreasing in number and improving in quality.

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Michael J. Totten
A visit to the dystopian Havana that tourists never see
Spring 2014

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Ben Boychuk in
The Press-Enterprise
| Justice for Bernadette Yuson
Mark Pulliam cited in
National Review Online
| Governor Moonbeam Strikes Again
Mark Pulliam cited in
| Jerry Brown's Supreme Court Appointment Blasted: 'Mind Blower'
Mark Pulliam in
California Political Review
| Gov. Brown's "Mind-blower" of a Nominee
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