Summer 2014
The Cost of New York
Steven Malanga
Government overreach is to blame for Bill de Blasio’s tale of two cities.
What the Rich Give to New York
Nicole Gelinas
The city’s private wealth pays for its vast public assets—which benefit everyone, especially the poor.
America’s Opportunity City
Joel Kotkin and Tory Gattis
Lots of new jobs and a low cost of living make Houston a middle-class magnet.
Prosecution Gets Smart
Heather Mac Donald
Intelligence-driven crime-fighting comes to the D.A.’s office.
It’s Not Your Founding Fathers’ Republic Any More
Myron Magnet
Presidents, Congresses, and courts are creating an elective despotism.
Uplifting the Cities of the Poor
Edward L. Glaeser
What Kinshasa, Port-au-Prince, and others can learn from Western urbanization
Stress Fractures
Adam White
On market crashes and the arrogance of financial elites
The Plot Against Merit
Dennis Saffran
Seeking racial balance, liberal advocates want to water down admissions standards at New York’s elite high schools.
Slimming the College-Tuition Beast
Judah Bellin
States lead the way on cutting higher-ed costs.
An Unsettling Climate
Rupert Darwall
Global-warming proponents betray science by shutting down debate.


My Father, Fiddler, and the Left
Harry Stein
Joseph Stein’s comic circle and the transformation of American popular culture
Fallen Angel
Ian Penman
The tragic life and enduring influence of critic Walter Benjamin


Photographs by Savannah Spirit
Photograph by Savannah Spirit Photograph by Savannah Spirit Photograph by Savannah Spirit Photograph by Savannah Spirit
Steven Malanga
Across New York State, underfunded pensions are clouding the future.
Steven Greenhut
Tom Steyer spends millions to stop energy exploration.
Guy Sorman
The rest of the world would gladly take our problems.
Judith Miller
Kenneth Lipper brings truth-telling to the Port Authority.
Laura Vanderkam
Some schools are becoming foot soldiers in the battle against childhood obesity.


Brian C. Anderson
Oh, to be in England
The Inexhaustible Hamlet
Theodore Dalrymple
Shakespeare’s tragedy elucidates the paradoxes of human existence.
Washington, D.C. Diarist
Jerry Weinberger
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